Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Translation Corner #4

Someone's still reading these, right? Nah, I'm just kidding myself. Tonight I have another short keyword translation for you, this one relating to the pendants that Tsubasa and Kanade have around their necks (and Chris too, although she isn't mentioned by name).

Keyword #4: Kanade and Tsubasa's Pendants 

The pendants that Kanade and Tsubasa keep on hand were created from their respective relic fragments (of Gugnir and Ame no Habakiri). The compatible candidates can be endowed with the power and abilities from the relic fragments by using the power of their song in coordination with the pendant's ability to function as a sound amplifying microphone. Activated relic fragments can be temporarily reconfigured into their Symphogear form once their energy reaches a stable level. 

Nothing too unexpected, though it's not clear to me whether the pendants were discovered in that form, or if they were created by Ryoko. I still need to translate the character bios, but I believe that Ryoko was an expert in the forbidden arts (aka black magic) that was mentioned in the description of the relics. Basically I think Ryoko is the one who took the relic fragments and created the pendants with the additional microphone functionality in order to grant Tsubasa and Kanade access to their armor. I'm assuming the only practical reason why the pendants "transform" is to show that they have been "activated." Furthermore, if the armor is reconfigured from the pendant itself, it makes sense that the shards in Hibiki's chest would contain the same power. Initially I was confused because the shards in Hibiki couldn't have come from Kanade's pendant (she still had it on her chest when she died) and I assumed that was the source of their power. While that seems to still be accurate, the armor shards originated from the pendant and therefore carry the same function.

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