Friday, April 20, 2012

Figma / Nendoroid update

Good Smile Company has an online stream they do every so often where they showcase new products. Hibiki's figures made an appearance recently and as you can see, the figma (and the nendo) will be coming with a berserk face. They also showed off some neat accessories.

The figma will have a "singing" face with her eyes closed. 
I hope this means we'll get a school uniform version eventually.

Effect part for her punch! Really cool looking. 

Yelling face, which looks pretty good.

This is her standard smiling face that we've seen already. 

Here's a picture of the nendoroid and figma together, to give you an idea of scale.

The nendoroid is going to come with some mini-Noise figures, which look neat.

It doesn't look like the Noise figures will have any articulation, though. 

And finally here is a shot of the nendoroid with the berserk face.

In these pictures you can also see that the nendo will come with a mini-Durandal for her to wield.

Overall these both look very good and I am planning to buy them when they get released. The accessory count is higher than I was expecting, particularly with the mini-Noise and effect parts. I do hope that the figma will also come with a Durandal for Hibiki to wield, since that's the only weapon she gets in the series. I also hope they'll release a school uniform version so you can use the singing face to make it look like she's performing her transformation sequence. But...I'm skeptical as to whether they will actually do a school uniform version, since that would need to be an exclusive and as far as I know none of the BDs will come with a figure and there's been no announcement of a Symphogear video game. It's possible they might do one for the next Good Smile event, but I have my doubts. Anyway, here's hoping that we see a prototype for figma Tsubasa in the coming weeks! 

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