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The Symphogear AXZ Keyword Compendium

A collection of the keywords posted to the Symphogear AXZ website, translated into English.

An abbreviation of “Squad of Nexus Guardians.”

Once a secret branch of the Japanese Government known as the “Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Division 2,” it is now under the direct command of the United Nations. The organization has been reformed into an Anti-riot taskforce that deals in supernatural and paranormal disasters. In accordance with this the Japanese Security Council drafted a new set of protocols that allow the group to act overseas.

On the surface the reason for the creation of this taskforce was in order to deal with large-scale disasters that were the result of sacrists or other paranormal phenomena. However, behind the scenes, the decision was coordinated by each country in an effort to keep watch over the black arts technology owned by the Japanese Government. The Tactical Commander, Genjuro Kazanari, along with the majority of the members from Div 2 were moved and appointed as members of the taskforce. As a result, it remains a specialized and highly-skilled organization.

The Symphogear System
Based on the "Sakurai Theory" established by the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Division 2's former technology expert, Sakurai Ryoko, "Symphogear" is the name of a special counter-measure FG-type armor that was created using sacrists as a base.

The individuals who utilize this system are referred to as "Adaptors."

The Symphogear's greatest trait is its internal function that plays a melody derived from the Adaptor's thoughts and emotions via sympathetic vibration. By synchronizing that melody with the Adaptor through singing, the Symphogear displays an incredibly high level of battle potential.

The Symphogear system has 301,655,722 different varieties of locks applied to it. Depending on the Adaptor's level of skill and personal battle style, there is a systematic progression of phases that they go through to release the locks.

Adaptor's Pendant
The pendants that the Adaptors keep on them at all times are equipped with a converter function that forms the Symphogear around them, using the energy that is produced by the sacrist at its core. In order to activate the pendant the Adaptor must sing a certain phrase referred to as a “Chant.”

Individuals whose songs resonate with a sacrist are capable of producing the "Chant" necessary to activate the Symphogear - they are called "Harmonizers." Currently there are three categories of Harmonizers.

The first type are individuals like Tsubasa, Chris and Serena. They are born with an innate aptitude which can become stable through proper training.

The second type are individuals like Kanade, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika. Although they are born with an innate aptitude, training alone is not enough and they require doses of drugs in order to temporarily raise their link coefficient.

The third type is unique to a single individual, Hibiki. At first she became an Adaptor as a result of her body fusing with her sacrist after an accident. However, in Earth's eleventh hour, she became a true Harmonizer not through training or drugs, but by forcibly taking the necessary amount of link coefficiency.

Her transformation from a Sacrist Fusion to a Harmonizer is still a complete mystery. Despite attempts to research it, there has been little progress, and currently it is simply considered a miracle.

This is a term which refers to ancient weapons and tools with hidden supernatural powers that appear in myths and folklore from all around the world. Sacrists are impossible to create without the use of black arts technology which is lost in the current era, but they have been successfully excavated throughout various ruins in the world.

Due to the passing of time these artifacts have suffered much deterioration and damage. Even in large-scale excavation projects, finding pieces that are completely intact is incredibly rare. Therefore, in most cases, only "sacrist fragments" have been recovered. Sacrists that are in a grounded state can shift into an active state through the power of song, thereby releasing their inner power.

A control drug that links the power of sacrists and the human body. It was developed by Div 2's technology expert, Sakurai Ryoko (Fine). Normally, individuals who are not natural Harmonizers cannot become a Symphogear Adaptor. However, if an individual has even a small amount of the necessary link coefficient, the LiNKER drug can forcibly raise that amount to the level of a Harmonizer.

Of course the higher the link coefficient must be raised, the greater the strain put upon the body. It is an incredibly dangerous and intense drug. Subjects who used it were often put into a state of shock and lost consciousness, and clinical trials resulted more often in crippling or killing individuals than actually turning them into a Harmonizer. It was for this reason that the drug was changed to put a time limit upon its effectiveness, and also a method developed to cleanse it from the body. Samples of LiNKER along with data taken from the subject Kanade Amou, were leaked by Sakurai Ryoko to the American F.I.S. whose biochemists were tasked with tweaking and manufacturing the drug on a larger scale. Under the charge of Dr. Ver the project proceeded under the theme of "Pleasant for you" and they managed to develop a safer form of LiNKER with a very small physical burden and a more thorough cleansing process.

Maria, Shirabe and Kirika are all individuals who cannot use the Symphogear without the assistance of LiNKER. If they didn't take the drug and attempted to use the gear without raising their link coefficient to the required level, it would have an immediate and direct backfire on their bodies. The backfire produced by the Symphogear becomes worse the lower the Adaptor's link coefficient is, and also the higher the energy output of the gear is raised. In the worst case scenario it is possible for an Adaptor to be killed by the Symphogear. Currently, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika are using the model of LiNKER that was once used by their now deceased predecessor, Kanade. This version of the drug, model_k, is an old version that was produced prior to Dr. Ver's influence and therefore puts a greater burden on the Adaptor's body, as well as having an unstable time limit of effectiveness.

Currently a new version of LiNKER has yet to be successfully produced, and with no scientist around with the necessary knowledge to make it, the stockpile of model_k is slowly being reduced by use in training and battle.

Dr. Ver's Datachip
On the verge of death within the collapsing Château de Tiffauges, Dr. Ver handed this object over to Maria. Behind the various layers of protection that he put on it, a recipe for the development and production of a new LiNKER was successfully recovered. The datachip contains a record of Dr. Ver's studies and research that he put together out of boredom while he was held within the undersea Dragon Palace. Thanks to Elfnein's help, currently a large portion of the LiNKER recipe has been decoded. However, a major component that acts as the core of the drug remains unclear and the new version has yet to be completed.

Bavarian Illuminati
A secret society that originated in Europe. A large number of their members are known as Alchemists, users of black art technology. From ancient times, the group has maneuvered in secret and manipulated history. As a result, they are responsible for the current state of Europe which has led to it being named “the Dark Continent.” They also were deeply involved in the “Frontier Incident” and “Magical Girl Incident” that the Symphogear Adaptor's took part in. The situation has now gotten to the point where direct conflict with the group is unavoidable. The individual who acts as the head and controls all divisions of the group is also its creator, Adam Weishaupt. He is an individual whose lineage is deeply shrouded in mystery.

Also referred to as magic, this is an off-shoot of the ancient black arts technology that evolved separately from modern day science. It originated in Europe and has remained in the shadows as it spread throughout the world up until today. Alchemy is a technical system that has many variations, however its manipulation of energy is very similar to the techniques presented in the Sakurai Theory.

An improved version of the Noise created by Alchemy for the purposes of dissecting and analyzing the world. The recipe to create them has long been passed down through the Bavarian Illuminati. Ever since the Magical Girl Incident, it has ceased to be necessary to keep them a secret and thus the Alca-Noise have been appearing on more and more battlefields around the world. It is possible for non-Alchemists to control and summon them, thanks to a small staff that acts like Solomon's Cane.

It is possible for them to disintegrate any and all objects and they can be tuned to dissolve the composition of any specific target object. Anything that is disintegrated has its organic and inorganic matter reduced to red dust, this once included the Symphogear.

When compared to the original Noise they are slightly inferior defensively because their lack of a phase contrast barrier means they cannot adjust their attenuation with our world. This is because the energy used to create the phase contrast barrier is instead focused on their glowing “dissection point,” which disintegrates anything it touches. However, this doesn't change the fact that they are still an immense threat to humanity.

Summer Homework
While fighting against numerous supernatural forces for the sake of humanity, this is one worry that persistently clings to a small corner of Hibiki's mind. She wants to hurry up and just be done with it.

Episode 3 Update
The second semester has already begun, yet as per usual her homework remains unfinished. The staff of Lydian Music Academy are aware of Hibiki's special circumstances and have simply granted her an extension, never an exemption. This is not the result of strict rules, but rather the result of their kindness. Despite her unique situation, they treat her the same as all the other students. (Whether this comes across or not to Hibiki herself seems largely doubtful however...)

Episode 7 Update

Episode 10 Update
She never looked cool while doing it. Sometimes struggling to her wits end, other times crying like a baby, but thanks to some unconventional assistance she was finally able to finish her summer homework. To Hibiki Tachibana, who lives in the middle of the paranormal, the mundanity of every day life is something important and special. If she was by herself, she might have cracked under the pressure. However, at all times she is surrounded by friends, companions and sunshine.

Europe's Decline
A series of large scale events led to a major economic collapse throughout the continent, leaving its infrastructure crushed and weak. With the exception of Greece, every country's government fell into disarray and are now practically non-existent. The decline has made crime run rampant and unchecked, and many of the occult groups that had been kept in check now freely spread underground, leading to the rise of many old fashioned secret societies. The darkness this situation has created is filled with many mysteries and unknown peculiarities. With Europe in this condition, people have taken to calling it the “Dark Continent” as Africa had once been.

Ever since the end of the Magical Girl Incident, S.O.N.G. has continued to investigate the causes behind it. It was thought that Carol, who was born in Europe, took advantage of America's fall from power and sought to move her plans forward under the backing of some European society, or nation, with its own goals in mind. However, some people still harbor doubt and wonder if the whole thing could still have been in line with America's plans. As of yet, the true details of the situation remain unclear.

Valverde Commonwealth
A small country in South America run by a military regime. It is always in a state of political instability and despite being a small country, has frequently been faced with large crises and threats. The current dictatorship has been in control for a long time, forcing their citizens to live under harsh conditions. Skirmishes with rebel groups have sporadically been repeated over the years without much change. However, when it became proven that the military was using Alca-Noise the United Nations decided upon an armed intervention. As a result, S.O.N.G. was mobilized.

The moral and combat skill of Valverde's troops are incredibly low when compared to the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and are more like “immature soldiers” that are often described in fiction. This gang of delinquents has no regard for rules nor any sort of respect for orders or the chain of command. They were not considered dangerous until they were supplied black art technology which instantly found them as a major threat in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Floating Carrier
A defensive facility of the Valverde Commonwealth that, along with numerous anti-aircraft guns, they used in attempt to stop the invading UN forces. It's official name is the “SFC2 Esperanza.” Originally it was a naval warship that belong to Russia, however after years of use it was marked for scrap and then subsequently sold and laundered through illegal gambling establishments on the high seas before it eventually came into the possession of the rogue nation, the Valverde Commonwealth. Of course, it was not originally equipped for flight or stealth, and it was only after the Bavarian Illuminati offered their black art technology that it became an “unthinkable weapon, a weapon that must not exist.”

Episode 6 Update
A hybrid weapon composed of both modern and black arts technology, it appeared suddenly within the skies of Tokyo. This is the sister ship of the floating carrier that was destroyed by Hibiki and the others in Val Verde. It is suspected that Saint Germain and the Bavarian Illuminati smuggled it into the country. It's formal name is the SFC1 Arius. The General Class SFC2 Esperanza was a ship that prioritized in offensive capabilities and so the President Class SFC1 Arius pales in comparison. It is a flagship primarily designed to hold communication equipment for sending out information and commands.

Barrier of Die Spinne
A mysterious barrier that functions to keep people away by diverting their consciousness, making something appear as if it does not exist. It not only affects human consciousness, but also interferes with direct signals sent by machines. A location protected by this barrier is not only the safest possible place, but it is also a perfect secret flower garden to keep ones valuables and classified materials.

Power of God
The "absolute power" sought by the Bavarian Illuminati. The result of centuries of research performed by those involved with Saint Germain, it has finally reached a completed form. The "Power of God" created through the lives of many sacrifices is a pure high level energy with no true shape or color. However, through the influence of thought it was reformed into a "weapon" designed with a specific goal. In the Valverde experiment, it was given form through the envisionment of the South American god known as Youaltepuztli. As a result it manifested in a terrifying and monstrous form that immediately assaulted Fujitaka and Tomosato as they were on reconnaissance.

It has offensive capabilities that can overwhelm even the Symphogear system, however more than that it has the ability to offset damage done to it by sacrificing one version of itself in a parallel universe. This ability that transcends the realm of logic makes it essentially invincible and therefore is its greatest strength. After it reached its completed form, it became possible for any Alchemist to summon and utilize it. However, in the battle at the Escalon Airport it took Hibiki's punch and was completely obliterated before it could make use of its nearly invincible ability.

Tiki Statue
A female doll trapped within an amber crystal. Several hundred years ago it sunk and was lost to the sea, becoming dormant. However, during the great world war it was discovered and recovered by a U-boat attached to the German Navy. The results of the investigation done at that time determined that it was something developed using unknown technology and techniques and was thus labeled a "sacrist." However nothing regarding how it could be used was determined and became nothing more than something that sat in storage. After the war ended it was taken to the Valverde Commonwealth by a defecting soldier and had remained there until now.

Episode 3 Update
Revived from her dormant state by the power of the Antikythera Mechanism, Tiki has resumed her duties as a recorder of planetary motion by updating her star charts. She does not possess any direct offensive abilities. In order to achieve the goals of the Bavarian Illuminati, she has joined Saint Germain. She has the personality of a girl who is in love with love, and always wants to see the object of her affection. She has a dream that by having such a passionate romance, she will one day be more than just a doll. Perhaps its for that reason, but since she has awoken she's become obsessed with reading shojo manga.

Episode 10 Update
As an Auto-Scorer, Tiki's primary function is to use her data of the stars to determine the exact timing when the Orion constellation matches up with the leyline points on the ground. That is when the ritual must be performed. Furthermore, the concept of love that she impressed upon herself gives her blind devotion to Adam and thus when she obtained the immense power from God's Gate, she became a weapon on par with the strength of a God. As can be surmised from Tiki's behavior, although her words are spiteful, she doesn't actually feel any ill-will. She does not function within the concepts of good and evil, but rather simply "ignorance." To put it in perspective, this attitude is identical to the craze that swept Hibiki Tachibana's junior high school, as the rumors that hurt her were spread with no real reason or intent. With no clear leader or agitator in the school, within the classroom, within the cliques, all that could be seen was a faint outline that looked "human" (doll). The average person is unaware they carry a blade, one that is used whenever they speak wantonly, without thinking of the consequences. And that can kill heroes.

The daily life of the Adaptors. It has been thought that the most important aspect of being able to control the Symphogear's power is not high physical strength or incredible reflexes, but rather stability in ones mental state. However, if that is the case then why do the Adaptors go through such intense training on a regular basis? That is to create a strong belief in themselves. To raise their level of "self-confidence." How much can they love themselves, as they fight to stay true to their beliefs? As long as they believe in themselves, they will always have someone to depend on and can survive even the worst of situations. With that in mind, suitable training menus are prepared for each of them individually. One could simply say that this is just the result of their will-power, but in reality each Adaptor has shown a slight rise in their link coefficient which has improved their fighting strength as well.

Shirabe: "That's why it's not cheating if I use roller blades, Kiri-chan"
Kirika: "That still doesn't sound right to me. It's like they're just blowing smoke!"

The Fundamentals of Cuteness
There are people who like dogs, and people who like cats. Everybody is unique.

Curse of Balal
A "curse" that hinders humanity's ability to communicate and reach mutual understanding. In the distant past the rulers of humanity, known as the Custodians, remodeled Earth's moon into a device that emitted the Curse of Balal and blocked our shared language. Ever since the loss of the Unified Language, humanity has suffered through numerous conflicts.

Adam Weishaupt
The person who exists at the top of the hierarchy of the Bavarian Illuminati that the Alchemists belong to, he is the Director of the organization. He himself is a super high-class alchemist and can utilize all of the alchemy that his subordinates use, but even better.

Episode 11 Update
His true identity is a scrapped human prototype, a doll, created even before the era of prehistoric civilization. The reason he was scrapped was for being too "perfect." He was outfitted with all the abilities and functions that his creators wanted, but only those and nothing else. Eventually it was determined that this caused him to have zero potential for evolution and thus he was passed over as being officially designated as "human." He was scheduled to be expunged, but broke free of his chains and fled. His creators ceased to hold any further interest, leaving him to lurk throughout history. Instead his creators combined the qualities they both liked and disliked into an imperfect being (the human species) which was formally accepted by them. However, Adam realized he surpassed these beings and thus determined to find a way to stand on equal ground with his creators. That was the beginning of the society formed by Alchemists. In order to stand above all else, the Bavarian Illuminati was created under the ideal of seeking perfection. However Adam was already "perfect," yet could not produce any new power or plans on his own. Thus in order to reach his creators he covered for that by leaving it all in the hands of the other Alchemists. The lapis philosophorum, the transmutation of gold, Tiki, his use of the four elements (Aristotle) and even his cool hat were all things laid out before him by someone else's research. The perfect yet incompetent Adam has always progressed toward his goal with a smile on his face, treading paths that had already been forged by others.

Episode 13 Update
Having exhausted a considerable amount of his power to open an alternative God's Gate within the Orion constellation, he planned on the Divine Weapon being able to make up the difference during the final showdown with the Symphogear adaptors. However it was promptly defeated in a single blow from the God Killer. Facing this desperate situation he was left with no choice but to divert the energy he uses to maintain his beauty (quite an enormous amount) and turn it into offensive power instead. Thus he grew horns and took on a final form, which resembled that of a demonic goat. In reality, this is his true form that he has kept hidden behind his pride out of shame. On a related note, in the 19th century there was a sole member of the Bavarian Illuminati who caught a glimpse of Adam's true form and used it as the basis for a painting, in which he also inscribed the words that embody Alchemy (Solve et Coagula).

The true nature of this doll who sought the Power of God to raise himself to the level of his creators, was in fact deeply ugly and demonic.

One of the Alchemists means of communication, which utilizes an exchange of sympathy force. It enables communication between subjects that are far apart. Normally, both the sender and receiver are required to be telepaths for it to work. However, high-class practitioners (Telepath Mages) are able to convert the mind's thought signals into a physical form, which allows communication with individuals who are not telepaths. For Director Adam Weishaupt, his thoughts when given physical form turned into an old-fashioned phone. It not only made it possible for him to communicate with Tiki, who is not a telepath, but it also functions as a highly encrypted communication signal that is very difficult for third parties to intercept.

Episode 13 Update
The sound of a ringing telephone. It's something difficult to resist, pulling people's attention almost like gravity. Even in the midst of battle, reacting to the sound for just a second creates an opening. To a certain extent this shows the level of Adam's cunning, taking advantage of the habits practiced by modern man. This is perhaps the first time in human history that mastery of the telephone could be perceived as threatening.

Ignite Module
A combat booster that was developed after the analysis of the "berserk" mechanism that was only previously observed in a very rare case of human/sacrist fusion. It was added into the Symphogear system after it suffered damaged from the Alca-Noise. The mechanism that triggers it utilizes a fragment of the cursed sword Dáinsleif. The command word necessary to activate it is "Unsheathe." The Ignite Module grants the user a high increase in energy output and durability for a short period of time. Because the threats that accompany the berserk form are still present, the module is furnished with 3 different levels of safeties to ensure that the Adaptor will not lose their mind when using it. Each time a safety is released, the berserk energy is more purely focused into the user’s combat potential. However there is a time limit attached (a count of 999), that starts from when the first stage of Unsheathe (Nigendo) is activated. From there if the user proceeds to the second grade (Albedo) or beyond (Rubedo), the energy gets used up at an even faster rate and upon use will naturally exhaust the count faster. When the count becomes 0 the system will forcibly cancel the Symphogear, even if the user is in the middle of a battle, and therefore depending on the circumstances may expose the Adaptor to even further danger.

A chemical that does the opposite of LiNKER by forcibly reducing the Adaptor's link coefficients. When their link coefficient is reduced it increases the affect of the gear's backfire upon them, which drastically limits their combat potential and is effectively a deadly poison to them.

Episode 12 Update
In the past, Dr. Ver developed Anti_LiNKER and used it to cause a number of serious problems for the Symphogear adaptors. However, this time it played an important role in "Operation: Birthday Party" as a means to separate Hibiki from the energy (the Power of God) that consumed her and gave her a divine form. This particular batch of Anti_LiNKER was improvised by Elfnein, who had completed the LiNKER recipe. However, it's accuracy and effectiveness is quite low and can't compare to the version that is humbly made by Dr. Ver.

Saint Germain's Past
The childhood memories of Saint Germain, who is believed by some to have lived for thousands of years. Born as a slave, she suffered frequent acts of violence and molestation for no given reason. However, she was taught the alphabet at the amusement of one noble who frequently called her to his bed. Ever since then she filled her empty heart with a desire for further knowledge. Time passed. Saint Germain next appeared in the high society of France, wearing the clothes of a man and carrying the air of a sophisticated individual well versed in fine arts and academics. At some point this led to her being given the title of "Count." Over time she amassed many followers and allies which gave her enough financial standing to pursue research into the "Philosopher's Stone" of Alchemy.

The Extraordinary Singin' Hood!
An increasingly popular manga that started publishing in a monthly shojo magazine about half a year ago. Shortly after the release of its first volume, an anime project was announced and is currently underway. The series tagline is "The love song of 3 million girls." Even though the Singular Disaster Anti-Riot Unit Div 2 was reformed into the United Nation's S.O.N.G. unit there is still a need for their activities to be kept confidential. Up until now they had managed to keep things under control with confidentiality agreements and media manipulation, but despite keeping constant tabs on the flow of information online, there is no real defense against people's everyday gossip. And thus, little by little, people began to talk about the "songs of girls" that could be heard "in areas struck by disaster." Of course this spread most quickly among schools through students and so eventually the government tasked an advertisement agency to devise a plan to deal with this. The result was a comic adaptation of the rumors in the form of "The Extraordinary Singin' Hood!" sponsored by a major publisher. Just as the stories of "the Human-Faced Dog" and "the Slit Mouthed Woman" became adapted into various forms of popular media, eventually the idea that the story is "fiction" became accepted by the public and the truth was successfully concealed. Currently the plan has kept the unwanted flow of confidential information at a minimum.

The story takes place in the Happy Song Kingdom, where guardian angels watch over the Earth. In a test to determine the future successor of the Head Archangel, the main character Singin' Hood along with numerous other candidates visit the Earth. There they use their song magic to transform and and bring peace and happiness to humans. The candidate that makes the most amount of humans happy will be chosen as the next Head Archangel. Despite being a bit of a scatterbrain, Singin' Hood is always energetic and tries her best in the competition. Sometimes she finds herself cooperating with the other candidates as she attempts to find the "Fragments of Happiness" and collect them all within a year's time. The first story involves the embezzlement of public utility funds from a local credit union and the lone clerk who is framed for it by a corrupt member of congress. The scandal was supposed to be covered up by a "double suicide" committed by the man and his wife, but thanks to the power of song Singin' Hood resolves the case. This first installment, entitled "The Concealed Account Book," was drafted by a group of government officials with no penchant for compelling storytelling. But despite expectations it was a great success and was somehow met with positive reviews from a broad range of readers. From there, Singin' Hood finds a home with the clerk's family and experiences joy, sorrow, and the awakening feelings of love throughout puberty. It has become a popular magical, heartwarming story, where Singin' Hood learns the true meaning of happiness. It started as a propaganda project that only had funding for a manga, but has since exploded into an anime franchise with a wide range of associated merchandise and toys, that has raked in tons of revenue.

On a related note, there is a story behind the song included on AXZ character CD #4: "Spread happiness ♡ Singin' Hood!" By coincidence Chris came across and began watching the anime adaptation of Singin' Hood. Sometime after AXZ, she was invited to karaoke by her friends where she tried singing the opening song and that's what is featured on the CD. At first Chris didn't really care about the series, as she was aware of its true origins, but at some point as she followed along she became hooked on it.

The Kazanari Agency
The ghost of a special branch of the Japanese army that was established in World War II. Created with the purpose of breaking a foreseen stalemate in the war, the agency cooperated with Germany's Ahnenerbe, the Thule Society, the Vril Society and others to conduct the world's first research on sacrists. A portion of that research was inherited by the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Div 2, and later S.O.N.G. Currently the agency exists as an advisory board to the government on issues of National Security. It exerts a tremendous amount of influence on the political system.

Receptor Children
A generic term for observation subjects who were gathered to become vessels for Fine's soul. The biggest weakpoint of Fine's reincarnation system is that those who hold her seal carved into their genes must be exposed to an aufwachen waveform, it's the only point of the system that is left up to an overwhelming amount of simple chance. Regardless of the fact that her vessels can inherit her paranormal powers and memories, if they are not in an environment where those abilities can revive, then idle time simply passes. Thus, in order to overcome the weakness and prepare an "insurance," Fine began the project with the American government's F.I.S. If she lost the use of her current vessel in the middle of her plans, she wanted to assure she could revive without losing any time and restart her ambitions. Thus the receptor children were her attempt to prepare her next vessel ahead of time. By searching through hospital records and personal information she isolated potential candidates, particularly those with thin ties to society, for example "those with no living relatives" (and in particular "infants and children). Above all, Japan had the highest amount of potential receptor children, and the reason for that is in about 722 BC a branch of a family in the Middle East that held the seal of Fine entered into ancient Japan.

Prelati's stuffed animal
"Essentially, it's a pouch."

Faust Robe
This is a protector armor that is transmuted via alchemic techniques utilizing a large amount of energy. In this sense it can be thought of as a twin of the Symphogear system. The biggest difference between the two, is that a Faust Robe does not require an Activation Chant to be used. The Faust Robes worn by Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Prelati are all sourced from the Lapis Philosophorum, however it has been especially tuned to each of their unique needs and fighting styles. The capabilities of their Faust Robes are beyond impressive and not only surpass a regular Symphogear but can even suppress the power of the Ignite Module which is supposed to be an ace in the hole.

Lapis Philosophorum
One of the secrets of Alchemy. A brilliant red gem also known as "the Philosopher's Stone." Since ancient times it has been the peak of their craft that Alchemists have constantly sought to achieve. However it is also a starting point for further advancement. Similar to a sacrist, it can become the source of a large amount of energy. However it cannot be classified as a sacrist, as it is a modern achievement of the Alchemists that represents their newly obtained knowledge.

Episode 5 Update
Not only can it be used to enable the transmutation of objects, but it has also been said to act as a cure-all for any illness or impurity. In fact it has demonstrated the ability to not only forcibly shut down Dainsleif, the core of the Ignite Module, and reset the Symphogear to its normal state, but also take the feedback of that process and deal it as damage directly to the Adaptors. It could be said that it is the most effective counter, completely ripping out the fangs of the Ignite Module. The Lapis Philosophorum is the magnum opus of alchemy spoken of since ancient times, and its legend was spread to Greece and Egypt during the Hellenistic period by Augurello who wrote "Chrysopoeia." Within in, he described it as "one the all." This phrase was later used by Xenophanes to describe God in a manner similar to Pantheism. Indeed, it is the "Perfection" that the alchemists have long sought after. Currently, there are 3 lapis that have been reborn as Faust Robes which give overwhelming strength and a pure radiance to Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Prelati.

Spell Caster
A converter unit that releases the power of the Lapis Philosophorum and reforms it into an equippable Faust Robe. It has been specially tuned for use with each alchemist. For Saint Germain it takes the form of a gun, for Cagliostro a ring and for Prelati a kendama.

Episode 13 Update
After it converts the light of the Lapis into a Faust Robe, this device acts just like the Symphogear's Armed Gear - as a weapon that is tuned to the user's battle style. In episode 12, it was left behind after the Alchemists brought light upon death to prevent the damage from the nuke. As their perfect bodies disintegrated into the sky, the Spell Caster should have vanished along with them. However the force of their will - their bonds, which surpass even perfection, assured that it stayed in this world for just a little while longer.

Château de Tiffauges
A large device constructed to dissect the world. It is known as a World Destructor. It was mainly utilized by the Alchemist Carol during her involvement in the Magical Girl Incident, however it is believed that Prelati also had a hand in its construction (mainly the design). This is supported by some of what Prelati has said and done in the series thus far, but there is another main reason. In the past, Prelati committed atrocious acts of evil for pleasure in a castle that shares the same name.

Gold Transmutation
A technique to create gold that involves a conversion of chemical elements via nuclear fusion created through incredibly high temperature and pressure. The cold fusion theory commonly referred to in Alchemy was originally discovered and established by the highest level Alchemists in the Bavarian Illuminati. However, in order to make it a reality an unrealistically huge amount of magic power was necessary. The dream of advancing the theory forward was left as nothing more than academic chatter. But, the director Adam Weishaupt has access to magic that goes far beyond unordinary limits and had no problem bringing forth enough power to make the theory a reality. Despite the huge amount of energy he expended to create the "gold" it amounted to no more than a pitiful amount that sat in the palm of his hand. As the name implies, "transmutation" is an act that changes the chemical makeup of an object and the extraordinary amount of energy required makes it a technique with terrible cost performance. However, being able to amass that much energy boasts tremendous power and Adam did not use it simply to create "gold" but rather as a strategic show of his capabilities.

Episode 13 Update
The assistance from Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika combined with the strong wills of Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Prelati took the form of a radiant, golden Symphogear. It is the result of Hibiki Tachibana's blooming courage as it broke the boundaries between friend and enemy. The fruit of her labour: Limited Model_Alchemic Gold. Adam referred to this phenomenon as "gold transmutation," however in reality it is different from the physical creation of gold via cold fusion that he had performed before. This was a more pure form of alchemy, a true "transmutation to gold." It seems that the crushed Spell Caster's energy which normally forms the Faust Robe became active during the violent exchanges of the final battle and acted as the catalyst. The Lapis Philosophorum that was the power source for Saint Germain and the others does more than just cleanse impurities. Legends say it also has the ability to transform base metals into precious metals, or in other words to directly turn imperfect things into their perfect form. In the instant that Hibiki's Symphogear turned completely golden, her body temporarily became a type of living alchemic reactor. And similar to when her body was a sacrist fusion, she demonstrated explosive power far beyond the norm and it completely overwhelmed Adam even in his full powered final form.

Direct Feedback System
Developed by a team that had Dr. Ver at its core, this is a device that enables direct interference into the human brain. Unlike other countries (mainly Japan), America applied its sacrist research mechanically and used black arts tech to develop things such as the "Air Carrier" helicopter that was equipped with "Wizardry Stealth" and the "Remover Ray." The Direct Feedback System is also one of the results of their research. It was once cruelly used to warp the emotions of Miku Kohinata and force her to don the Shen-shou-jing Symphogear. After the end of the Frontier Incident, many items were gathered as evidence and the Direct Feedback System was one of them.

Electric Field Microscope Beatrice
An (in)complete device developed by Elfnein utilizing alchemy and the Direct Feedback System as a base. She developed it with the goal of being able to observe and understand the human brain. The device sends an electric signal into the patient's brain and then develops a virtual version based off the response. On the other end, the observer's consciousness is converted to electric signals and sent into the virtual realm where the "world" of the brain can be viewed from the inside. The most important feature of the device is the mechanism by which it reduces potential damage to the patient's brain. Unlike the case of Miku Kohinata and the Shen-shou-jing Symphogear, the device does not directly interfere with the patient's brain and instead recreates the brain's signals in a fake, virtual realm. However, this does not mean that it is devoid of risk. There are many potential dangers including loss of the subject's personality or fusion with the observer's consciousness. The device is named after "Beatrice" from the works of the Italian Poet, Dante. Just as he met her in hell, the observer must also enter and travel through a "dangerous world," the subject's virtual consciousness. Another reason for the name is that the root of "Beatrice" (Viatrix) comes from the Latin "viare" which means "to travel."

Chocolate pollock roe flavored crêpe
Inspired by the salty-sweetness of chocolate covered potato chips, this is the recommended seasonal flavor created by the shop's owner. The crêpe is filled with a rich pollock roe ordered directly from a famous store in the Hakata region of Fukuoka. Filled to an extravagant amount, this crêpe is a true gem of luxury. The store proudly presents this flavor of adventure to you, the customer who likes to play with fire and isn't held back by preconceptions.

The word shouted by Dr. Ver from within Maria's very soul.

This and that, are probably, definitely so.

(TL note: This is a reference to the song "Love like a flower in water" sung by the actress Keiko Matsuzaka, which was the main theme of a Japanese TV drama from the late 1970s. The lyrics start with: This is love, that is love, probably love, definitely love.)

Moon Ruins
Far in the distant past... A giant structure was created by the mysterious entities known as the Custodians, who formerly ruled over humanity. It is the source of the "Curse of Balal" that prevents humanity from obtaining mutual understanding. As if applying a patch file of dissonance upon the human soul, Saint Germain views the moon as shackles that must be removed to free humanity. Thus she attempts to gain control of it and put an end to the Curse of Balal. For that purpose, she has sacrificed an enormous amount of time and human lives as compensation.

Episode 7 Update
In the past, the Priestess Fine attempted to destroy the moon in its entirety to stop the Curse of Balal. In contrast to that, Saint Germain and the others have planned to overwrite the system to give themselves administrative authority and using that control, end the curse. Fine's reason for wanting to destroy the moon was to recover the Unified Language, but Saint Germain and the others wish to end the Curse of Balal in order to free humanity from its subjugation. Although the actions of both parties may seem to line up with each other, their goals are very different. In order to gain control of the moon, it is thought that power equal to that of the Custodians is necessary. Therefore, they seek "the Power of God" which is said to be overwhelming.

Dr. Ver
Full name: John Wayne Vercingétorix

The developer of LiNKER, a drug which connects the human body and sacrists (Symphogears). Now deceased. A participant in both the Frontier Incident and the Magical Girl Incident, he exists as a stubborn memory within Maria's consciousness. Perhaps due to a weak bone structure in his body, he often fell down. He caused numerous problems for the Symphogear Adaptors as a man who took his goal of becoming a Hero way too far. Unphased by and unsympathetic to the problems of others, his conduct and attitude seems proof of his genius. However, for the ordinary people who have to deal with him he is a calamity given human form. As a student of Yale University, he was able to fully utilize and display his extraordinary intellect. He participated in several secret societies within the University, which eventually lead to an invite directly from the Federal Institute of Sacrists (FIS).

An extensive pipeline of energy that flows around the globe, known by various names such as the Earth Veins, Spirit Veins or Dragon Veins. Previously, they were utilized by the Alchemist Carol together with Chateau de Tiffauges as she attempted to dissect and analyze the world. However, that was stopped thanks to the actions of S.O.N.G. and the Symphogear Adaptors. The Alchemists have stated they need an accumulation of life energy to transmutate the "Power of God" and knowing this S.O.N.G. has theorized they may attempt to use the Leyline to collect the life energy of the very Earth itself. Plans are now being put into motion to hopefully forestall this possibility.

The Perfect Body
In order to don a Faust Robe, the user must have a female body. The male body does not have the necessary biological compatibility with a protector created and affixed through energy, thereby making the female form the most ideal. Cagliostro and Prelati formerly had male bodies, but after they embraced the wisdom and ideals of Saint Germain, she granted them the perfect body. In other words, she reconstructed them into super humans with a base female form. They also all share eternal youth granted by the power of Alchemy. The teachings of Alchemy have long led Alchemists to obtain "perfection" and this has now been found in multiple forms including "the Power of God," the "Lapis Philosophorum" and the "Perfect Body." Even without using the Faust Robe, their physical capabilities have enough power to match the Symphogear and the amount of life energy within them far surpasses that of a normal human. It was for this reason that Adam suggested that "the Perfect Body" be used as a sacrifice in order to make up for the lack of necessary energy to perform the ritual.

Dragon Palace of the Abyss
The nickname of the fortress constructed at the bottom of the sea that was designed to hold dangerous sacrists and other objects related to black arts tech that have yet to be analyzed. It had a reputation similar to the Tamatebako of the Urashima Taro legend, in that if you open it then nothing good will happen. That is the source of its nickname. The Japanese Government in coordination with the United Nations used the fortress to store various confiscated items. However, what was kept there were not items of any actual value, but rather items that were dangerous and difficult to handle. In reality, there were very few items that could actually be considered for practical use. Due to collateral damage from combat with the Auto-Scorer Leiur, the structure collapsed due to the water pressure. Currently the remains are spread across the bottom of the ocean.

The Fool's Stone
The nickname given to the unanalyzed substance that once fell off of Hibiki's chest. Chris Yukine thought up the name. In the past, Hibiki's body was fused with the fragments of Gungnir (the first medical case of a fusion between human and sacrist). As the fusion grew deeper, it gave birth to various supernatural phenomena. One example of this was Spontaneous Combustion - the abnormal rise of Hibiki's body temperature to extreme levels. The inside of her body became like a kiln, creating a substance that eventually grew outside of the body and was collected. The research teams determined the substance had a composition extremely similar to that of the human body and the phase during which it was created was fixed at an imaginary number. Various parts of it differed from the makeup of the human body and it was temporarily filed as an undiscovered substance. Up until this point, it had been stored at a special location along with other unanalyzed objects that are controlled by the Japanese Government in cooperation with the United Nations. When Elfnein read the report about this object she didn't approach it scientifically as the research teams did, but rather applied her own unique approach as an Alchemist. She realized that the identity of the substance was like a "Philosopher's stone set in a negative phase." From there, she began to build her hypothesis.

Episode 8 Update
A fragment of hope, salvaged from sludge and ruins at the bottom of the sea - the only remains of the special storage facility for unanalyzed and dangerous objects. "The Fool's Stone" is identical to the Philosopher's Stone but is set in a negative phase, and so after Elfnein used her alchemy to integrate it into the Symphogear System it became possible for the Adaptors to once again use the Ignite Module. It acts as a "Nullification Barrier Coating" that prevents the Philosopher's Stone from forcibly canceling the Ignite form, and brings their combat potential back on an even level to the Faust Robe.

Normally the integration of such a "foreign material" into the Symphogear System would do nothing but potentially obstruct its normal functions, making it completely useless. However because this material exists in a phase that is the true opposite of the Philosopher's stone, is successfully became a countermeasure to the Lapis Philosophorum which is perhaps its only potential use.

Beef Stroganoff
Just like the Extraordinary Singin' Hood, those who fight while singing certainly do exist. And so do those who know that if you sing while you cook, it could lead to disaster. However this time was no child's play. The recipe was studied ahead of time, the ingredients carefully prepared, and each move executed with precision. In the past, the cooking your mother did may have seemed so effortless you would question whether she was actually trying. However, when you realize that is actually the result of a tremendous amount of experience then it will lead you to a new level of enlightenment and bring your cooking closer to perfection than it ever has been before. One such dish is of course, beef stroganoff. "The name beef doesn't come from the meat" Who exactly was it, that said those words? But of course from the perspective of a high schooler making the dish, that question is completely meaningless. The pot of pure bliss simply simmers upon the stove, embodying the vastness of Russian cuisine.

Miku: "Oh no! I made too much for just the two of us..."
Hibiki: "That's more than okay! Just leave the extra to me~"

Two Symphogears were made from the pair of weapons wielded by the Sumerian Goddess Zababa, the red blade Shul-Shagana and the green blade Igalima. When used at the same time, they have the special effect of amplifying one another's power, a process referred to as Unison. When it comes to battle sense, experience and overall strength - Kirika and Shirabe are lacking in comparison to the other Adaptors. However, the special trait of their gears makes them capable of producing a stronger output than anyone else can if the right conditions are met. In reality, Shirabe and Kirika have overcome numerous enemies who were beyond their strength level as a result of this. Because the Lapis Philosophorum sealed the power of the Ignite Module, Genjuro foresaw that Unison would become a necessary part of their future strategies. However, he also knew that Unison had an easily exploitable weakness in that it becomes unusable if Kirika and Shirabe are separated from each other. So, he proposed new Unison Patterns and began training the Adaptors to use them. In a sense, this was to be a Unison of Friendship. Instead of relying upon the traits of the gears themselves, such as Shul-Shagana and Igalima, they would attempt a "Mock Unison" that used the relationship bonds of the Adaptors themselves as a base.

In past battles there have been multiple instances of the Adaptor's uniting their feelings together, which resulted in a shared melody and song that welled up in all of their hearts. This resonance of Phonic Gain has been confirmed possible, and so the goal of this training was to make that ability more instant and convenient and thereby reliable in battle. Of course it is impossible for this Mock Unison to drive their output as high as the power achieved by Kirika and Shirabe, however for strategic purposes it makes it easier for them work together in different pairs and also raises their performance to a level that covers for their weaknesses. While this idea seems simple, it is not easy to actually execute. However for Chris and Maria who not only have a lot of natural talent but have also come back from the verge of death multiple times, their experiences brought them closer together to the point where it made the miracle of Mock Unison possible.

The balance of Macrocosm and Microcosm
"Macrocosm" is a large scale view of our physical universe as a whole. "Microcosm" is a small scale view of our physical universe as individual pieces. By processing both of these views together, one should be able to analyze the existence and construction of all things and then recreate them. It is the very basis of all thought and study within the field of alchemy. This idea can be seen reflected in many of the symbols left behind by numerous alchemists over the years. Elfnein adopted this approach in her development of the countermeasure to the Lapis Philosophorum. The "Philosopher's Stone" is an object created through the life energy of the entire world. Meanwhile, the "Fool's Stone" was created through the life energy a small, single individual: Hibiki Tachibana. A phrase used to denote the Philosopher's Stone is "the one that is all" and this is yet another representation of "Microcosm" (one) and "Macrocosm" (all) that implies it is perfect existence given form.

Shirabe: "Someone took the time to try and explain it, but..."
Kirika: "It still doesn't make a lick of sense."

Reactive Contamination
A malfunction in the converter unit of the Symphogear system that comes about as a result of the Fool's Stone counteracting the effects of the Philosopher's Stone (lapis philosophorum). With no hard data on the lapis philosophorum readily available, Elfnein's working theory on how to counteract the suppression of the Ignite Module was mainly based on observations and guess work. While the "Nullification Barrier Coating" was a success, the energy output was unstable due to an error in measurement which put stress upon the system and ultimately resulted in a "Logic Error" bug that left the system unable to fully utilize all of its functions properly. While this poses no dire threat to the Symphogear system itself, an adequate overhaul is necessary to debug the process and will take a fair amount of time and effort to complete.

Episode 13 Update
Thanks to Saint Germain and the information she handed over regarding the Lapis Philosophorum, the reactive contamination cleansing process was sped up considerably. When it came time to rescue Hibiki from the Power of God, Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika's converter units had already been decontaminated. Thus "Operation: Birthday Party" was able to begin with all participating members in perfect condition. However, just after they managed to recover Hibiki they were forced into an even more dire situation and eventually found themselves facing down Adam Weishaput for the last time. At this point Hibiki's converter was the only one that had not been decontaminated and that made it like a ticking time-bomb. Unfortunately it exploded with the worst possible timing, right as she went in for the final blow. Her Symphogear instantly became dysfunctional (Gungnir_Status Ailment) and she was unable to rely on its abilities. With its output falling drastically, the gear turned grayscale and became nothing more than shackles upon Hibiki's body. With her unable to even move, Adam prepared to deliver his own final blow. At that moment, Tsubasa and the others converted the armor of their cleansed gears into energy and released it at Hibiki. The outside energy was able to compensate for Gungnir's low output and thanks to that quick thinking, Hibiki was able to escape the impending attack. Although Gungnir remained greyscale, her friend's thoughts and feelings became a rainbow-colored phosphorescence that surrounded her. Further, Hibiki's ability to "connect" gave her limited access to the other gear's attacks and abilities.

Orion and God's Gate
There exist a group of shrines in Saitama Prefecture (Hikawa Shrine, Hikawanyotai Shrine, Nakyama Shrine, Hisaizu Shrine, Tsuki Shrine) that form a pattern incredibly similar to that of the Orion constellation. In fact it is the exact reverse of it, as if reflected in a mirror, and its shape is often likened to a Japanese drum. In ancient Egypt, Osiris was represented in the heavens by Orion and the constellation is said to have been "God's Gate." For that reason legends have passed that this gate either connects to God, or is where God actually resides. For now the details remain unclear, but there is no doubt that this has a connection the plans of the Bavarian Illuminati who seek to put the power of God into a new form. Further, in the Sumerian language the idea of God's Gate is represented by the word "Kadingir." The Bavarian Illuminati and the Pre-historic Priestess Fine. These two sides both strive for the end of the Curse of Balal, and whether by coincidence or otherwise both their plans have involved the use of God's Gate on a grand scale. Could their desires ultimately be the same as well? Or perhaps, possibly...

Hida Ninja Clan
A group of elite ninja that lived hidden among the mountains of Hida. Utilizing thunder, water, earth, wind, fire, metal and flower - through these seven different styles of superhuman techniques they were known not only for their intelligence gathering network, but also for their combat prowess. They served under Toyotomi Hideyoshi until they disappeared after the Battle of Sekigahara (although unofficially there are records of their participation in the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate). After the Meiji Restoration, they were in service to the Japanese Government and continue to do so to this day. This is the history of the Ogawa Family. The previous head of the family, Kunimitsu Ogawa, also fought for the greater good outside of the public eye similar to the Adaptors. He fought against the Taurus Twins who sought greater Westernization, and was a key part of preventing their "Sanctuary Plan" from reaching realization. There are many stories of his battles against evil in the shadows that helped to create the peace of today.

The after school briefing
Based on the lack of any reactions to Genjuro saying it, one can surmise this name has in use for a long time. It adequately represents the stressful lives of the Symphogear Adaptors as they go straight from school into S.O.N.G. missions on a daily basis.

God Killer
Throughout the world there are numerous legends passed down of "God," a being of superior power and status. Likewise, many legends also exist regarding how this being ultimately met its end. Although details remain unclear, talk of a "God Killer" power has been brought up as potential countermeasure to the "Power of God" that the Bavarian Illuminati seek to obtain. Maria believed that Hibiki's Gungnir might be the key based on the fact it defeated the "Power of God" prototype "Youaltepuztli" in episode 2. However, as Tsubasa remarked, there are no generally known legends of Gungnir having that type of power or ability. The key to unlock the secret of this mechanism almost certainly lies within Germany's secret documents from the previous world war. However, all the data that the Kazanari Agency obtained, as well as the documents brought from Valverde, have been reduced to ashes. The Germans struggled with the limits of eugenics as they sought to obtain the "power to kill a god," meanwhile Japan focused its research on the "Mighty Spear Gungnir" that they received from them. Perhaps it is not Gungnir itself, but rather "something" that connects these two threads together is the true "God Killer," or maybe...

Episode 11 Update
In the end, the source was neither Hibiki or Gungnir. Rather it was the concept of Gungnir, its very existence having become warped after thousands of years through the power of words. It's different from the Symphogear, which uses the power of song, and rather is classified as a "Philosophical Armament." It does more than simply overpower the seeming immortality of divine forms. In fact, due to the special property of Hibiki's armed gear, "reach and connect," it can deliver a blow to every target throughout all parallel universes at the same time. This leaves no opportunity for one version to become a scapegoat for another, it is a merciless spearhead that pierces through them all simultaneously.

Blue Three
A member of S.O.N.G.'s "Team Blue" that was dispatched to provide security at the leyline points that formed the inverse Orion constellation which was identified as "God's Gate." His official codename is "BLUE-3." He attempted to get in contact with the other members of his team when he noticed something strange, but before he knew it he met his end at the hand of one of Saint Germain's alchemic bullets.

On a slightly unrelated note, there exists an incredible man with a similar name: "Bruce Lee." He was an actor, producer, writer and talented martial artist. At the same time (although this seems contradictory) he was also one of two people, called the "strongest man on Earth." (TL note: this is reference to Shinobu Kaze's manga "Chijo Saikyo no Otoko: Ryu" in which Bruce Lee and Miyamoto Musashi, both known as "the strongest man on Earth," are resurrected by Jesus to kill the main character, Ryu, before he can awaken as the Antichrist.)

His most famous work, "Enter the Dragon," became a huge hit all over the world and left a deep impression on the genre of action movies after its release. He died at the very young age of 32, and had passed away before the height of the trend that he himself started. For that reason he quickly passed into legend, almost that of a God, and even now there are "men eternally reliving their middle school days" that respectfully refer to him as "Master." On yet another slightly unrelated note, this legendary man will never appear directly in the story of Symphogear. But in reality, a number of famous lines from the movies he starred in have been adapted and made their way into the script at more than one occasion.

The Leyline Blockade Plan
Glittering lights mark the points. If you connect the points, lines begin to form. If you follow the lines, they eventually come together to form a circular pattern. That pattern has form and meaning, and when completed creates a magic circle. The space filled by that magical circle becomes "God's Gate" and it drains the life energy that flows from the points that connect the leylines. Using that energy to transmutate the "Power of God" was the Bavarian Illuminati's plan. For most of the time S.O.N.G. had simply been chasing them, but after their battles with the Alchemists they took the fragments of data they obtained and saw through their intentions. Their counter plan was to use the Keystones that act as the safety valves of the leylines and temporarily block the flow of energy. However, the leylines are an important source of energy that makes the land fertile and stopping the flow might risk inducing a "wasteland effect" that causes the land to wither. It was for this reason that the Director of Cabinet Intelligence, Yatsuhiro Kazanari (a man who works mostly in a gray area), called a meeting with heads of each administrative division of Japan. With various assurances and guarantees, including ample reparation, a vote was cast that successfully put the plan into action. They waited until the spiritual pressure had rose to the limit, then used the keystones to shut down the flow of the leyline energy into God's Gate. They successfully put a stop to the plans of the Bavarian Illuminati.

However, that wasn't the end. In reality, there was more than one of "God's Gate." If you look up into the night sky, the very stars themselves form the shape of yet another gate. Just as Elfnein had utilized the balance of Macrocosm and Microcosm to form a plan to deal with the Lapis Philosophorum, Adam also used the same perspective to deal with this interference. Instead of drawing energy from the life among the stars, he drew enormous power from the very stars themselves into yet another "God's Gate." With the Keystones now useless, the life energy of the stars flowed like a waterfall of light down upon Tiki. Of course the incompetent Adam had not actually foreseen Yatsuhiro's plan, he didn't even consider the idea of anyone outside of the Adaptors actually posing a threat. With the "Power of God" nearly in his grasp, he was shocked when it came to an abrupt halt. He almost threw his back out. Even so, without the need for any tools or preparation, he simply utilized the ridiculous amount of magic energy at his disposal to perform alchemy that forcibly opened the "God's Gate" among the stars - out of the reach of anyone else. Thus, the tables turned once again to where the Bavarian Illuminati's plan was a success and the efforts of Japan and S.O.N.G. had failed. It all stays according to Adam's plan.

Episode 11 Update
It all wasn't in vain.

The long, drawn out monologues weren't in vain. What a relief.

(TL Note: Nobody seems to have any solid idea what this actually refers to. It mostly likely refers to Yatsuhiro working to convince Japanese government officials to back the plan. But it could possibly refer to Kaneko convincing the rest of the staff to go along with his whims...or even the keywords themselves.)

Divine Weapon
The name given to Tiki after she was converted into a weapon by drawing power not from the stars of Earth, but rather the stars of the Heavens. The form Tiki took acts like a protector created from energy and fashioned around her like armor, similar to the Symphogears worn by the Adaptors. The appearance of this form is heavily influenced by her innocent and ridiculous dream of being able to use the Power of God to become human and bear enough children to make a baseball team. At Adam's whim, although she would have done it for his sake regardless, she became a murderous and destructive weapon with not even the slightest show of hesitation. The true potential of this weapon is far beyond human comprehension. It shares the perfect defensive ability previously displayed by the prototype, Youaltepuztli, that negates any damage by sacrificing one of its existences in a parallel world. However, even beyond that it can also sacrifice one of its alternative selves and use the resulting energy as an overwhelming offensive attack that strikes like a storm.

Valverde Documents
A trove of documents created by the German army during the previous war that were held by the Valverde Government. There is no particular order or classification for these documents, they contain a truly wide variety of things. From catalogs of art pieces that were lost or destroyed during the war, to a letter from a lone soldier written to his fiance back home. Part of these documents, a very small part, relate to a subject now considered taboo: the creation of superhumans through eugenics. They also contain research relating to a certain "spear"that was used by a centurion.

Disaster Prevention Mobilization Law
A new law established in an effort to adapt to the recent outbreaks of supernatural disasters. It was recklessly pushed through the Diet so that it could be immediately enforced, and has become the target of attacks brought on by opposition parties. The law allows for the mobilization of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces not only in the event of singular disasters (the Noise), but also any disasters caused by sacrists or black arts tech. It was written so broad interpretations could be made to allow for flexible responses in the event of unforeseen disasters. It's enforcement can be quite ruthless, allowing for a termination (and prompt retreat) order against a target without the need for debate, as was the case for the Symphogear adaptor who was consumed by the Power of God.

Nuclear Weapon
A three-stage megaton bomb launched from a nuclear submarine, the USS Susquehanna. Its codename is "Osterman." It has the force of more than 100 megatons, presumed to be a Super Tsar Bomba Class weapon. It was fired as the first step in creating a New World Order, freeing humanity from an era filled with mystery and uncertainty. In other words, this was yet another "God Killer." It is the magnum opus of human technology. Had it actually exploded it would have not only reduced Kanto to ashes, but also caused irreparable harm to the surrounding area. However, the power of the bullet-type lapis philosophorum combined with the sacrifice of 3 lives and their accompanying perfect bodies, was enough to restrain this huge amount of destruction and completely purify any radioactive pollution that was caused.

Death Light
Just as Carol once said, and as has been inferred throughout history, Alchemy and Song share a deep connection to each another. The song that was sung by the Alchemists is actually a technique which consumes life for transmutation into energy. In episode 1 the Alchemists used it upon their selected sacrifices and took those lives to transmute energy, which they then used to complete Youaltepuztli. However in episode 12 it was used upon their very own lives, 3 forms of perfect beauty. By making the ultimate sacrifice they were able to transmute an even higher level of energy that was strong enough to completely neutralize the eternal pollution of the land that would have resulted from use of the nuclear weapon. A number of mechanisms in this process are nearly identical to that of the "Superb Song," the last resort of the Symphogear adaptors - a song that burns life.

Epimenides Paradox
Promising to never lie again, you became honest with your feelings. And yet, by faking death you found yourself having to lie once again. Now how much trust can be placed, and how much doubt should be held? As far as other people are concerned, the truth will never be known. But for the Alchemists who brought light upon death, their song was free of lies.

Destructor God Hibiki
Separated from its previous host Tiki and transferred to the new vessel of God, Hibiki Tachibana, the Power of God manifested in silver colored mayhem. A giant of light. It's official designation is "Divine Weapon type2_Hibiki" but was also given the "Destructor God Hibiki" name out of convenience. In Tiki's case, her obedient and blind love for Adam created a convenient weapon (woman) for him to use. However in this irregular case, the Power of God was overlaid upon the God Killer curse that was affixed to Gungnir. As a result the manifestation stopped at a level far from even being considered a demigod, and would perhaps be more likened to that of a newborn god. Even so the power of the giant was fearsome, in particular the beams shot from its mouth were more than enough to lay waste to the surrounding area. In fact, analysis revealed that these beams are its voice applied to a directional melody and released with high density and compression. In other words, they were a plasmified "song."

Although the primary cause is unclear, a fraction of the 301,655,722 locks upon the Symphogear system are occasionally rearranged and result in changes to the gears that are attuned to the adaptor's skills, thoughts and battle styles. In the final episode of AXZ the Rebuilt gears had a power output that was equal to that of the X-Drive form, but it only lasted for a short time until Dáinsleif was completely incinerated. The intense aura that encompassed the gears was the energy of Dáinsleif itself as it slowly faded away in real time. When that aura disappeared it signaled the loss of one signature function of the system, the "Ignite Module."

S2CA Hexa-Conversion
A feat that has slaughtered many miracles upon the trails of this tale. It has been repeatedly used to fully unlock the Symphogear and access the X-Drive form. This form grants not only the ability of flight, but also sharply raises the gear's output and power. It was expected that it could be used against Adam in the final battle, but under the circumstances they were unable to acquire the necessary amount of phonic gain. However when Adam heartlessly released the last of the Faust Robe's energy, Hibiki had a drastic thought (or perhaps lack thereof) to use it against him. With the backup provided by her friends and from the bridge, they were able to put that energy to optimal use and partially succeed in the Hexa-Conversion. In this instance the technique was not used to activate the X-Drive form, but rather to simply increase the gear's output and force an instance of Rebuild. This use of the technique was created thanks to Hibiki's flexible and free thinking (or perhaps lack thereof), along with the backup of HQ, and the similarities shared by songs (the Symphogear) and alchemy (the Faust Robe).

"Custodian" a word that means "ruler" and " controller," it refers to those who have been revered as Gods and Creators of the world. Their true identity is a group of deities that appear in the myths of the ancient Sumerians - the Anunnaki. They created humanity's prototype, Adam, and later they cast the Curse of Balal upon all of humanity in order to seal our mutual understanding. However, even now they remain an existence that is largely shrouded in mystery.

The name of the blooming flower at the end of this story.

Up through yesterday, a hand was always reaching for this flower that was blooming in the sunshine.


  1. You have my thanks for this compalation of the translated info. It's gonna be much easier to read through all of it now.

  2. I was wondering if the "Final Ignite" actually meant they wouldn't be able to use it anymore, or if it was just a fancy name for the transformation.

    Of course, now that it's confirmed, all I can think is "Oh yeah, I'm sure that won't be a problem in Season 5!"

    1. I'm not sure if this is actually true or not but I've heard people talking about so called "Azoth Gears" on a Symphogear themed Discord.
      Apparently, concept art for the gear designs in Season 5 was released, which was marked as "Azoth Gears". Not sure where where the fan speculation starts here, but these are supposedly what resulted in the rebuilding they did to their gears in the finale. This wasn't a temporary transformation but had lasting effects, resulting in what I'd assume would be a permanent powerup, like a lasting Ignite without the time limit, black colouration and wub. Seems to contradict the things said in the finale about how they couldn't maintain this long though.

      This would be the art in question, except that, according to the Discord people, this is a later version, with the original, containing the "Azoth Gear" term, having been removed, which conveniently puts this stuff outside of the realm of provability.
      Believe whatever you will, here is the link:

    2. Yeah the "Azoth Gear" term was dropped in the Design Book. Kaneko may have changed his mind about the name or wanted to keep it a secret. Regardless, they should keep the new final episode designs in season 5 I think. The reason they couldn't keep the form stable in the final episode was because they lacked the appropriate amount of energy because they were utilizing the Spell Caster's energy instead of phonic gain. I'm willing to bet Elfnein will have solved that problem by the time season 5 starts, but it might end up being a power up instead. We will see.

    3. I would actually love to have the Final Ignite forms as their new base appearance! They look slick and I love them!

  3. When all hell broke lose, you can always count on Hibiki's OP-ness and quick thinking (or perhaps lack thereof). HYPE FOR SEASON 5!!


  4. Hi, I've been blogging for a long time, I usually speak Spanish, but I needed to ask you a question, in a discussion with a friend, we discussed whether symphogear was truly a science fiction series, I think that despite having such elements, I believe which is more fantasy, because despite the fact that certain elements show a logic of that world there are several others that make references, of a work of fantasy, like FINE, "the power of god", adam, philosophical weapons, etc.
    basically in spite of having elements that have a logic, many times the logic is broken, so symphogear can truly be considered a work of sci-fi,
    you clarified many questions to me if you answered thank you

    1. Interesting question, thanks for asking.

      I agree that if you were to classify Symphogear it would lean more toward fantasy than sci-fi because of the mythological elements. Also more than a few things are explained by the word "miracle" which isn't really a scientific event. However, at the same time, the writer goes out of his way to explain how each system works and many times the characters are held back for technological reasons (for example their inability to create LiNKER until season 5). So there are indeed some science fiction elements being used, however it is not a pure science fiction series.