Friday, October 4, 2013

More Symphogoodness

First of all, thanks to the anons who stepped forward and put out sub scripts for use with raws. I know there was more than one of you and I'm sorry this couldn't have been a more coordinated effort. Also big thanks to the one timer who spent time going through and put in lyrics after I finished TL'ing those too. The final product is available here and a Commie consistent script (different terminology, no honorifics) is available here for those that want it.

English dialog translation for ep 13

I have no experience with making actual subs or timing them. Best I can do is translate the dialog and put it up on pastebin. Hopefully this relieves some of the stress for those of you waiting or unsure what was said in the raws.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Was going to translate keywords but...

This came in the mail yesterday.  I will get to the new keywords later this week, hopefully tonight actually. In the mean time here's a breakdown of the highlights from BD 1.