Saturday, September 15, 2012

Complete BD/TV comparisons

Awhile back I browsed the old 2ch threads looking for the sources of the BD/TV comparison images that I had seen previously, most blogs stopped reposting them after episode 4 so I had to find them on my own. Fortunately I was able to gather them all (with the exception of episode 10 orz), and put them into an imgur album for easy viewing.

Doujin releases of c82 - from the staff!

In Japan there is an event known as Comiket (short for Comic Market) where fan artists bring doujinshi (fan magazines/manga) and other goods to sell to other fans. There are also a fair amount of official merchandise releases and also some unofficial releases from artists who are staffed on anime. This year the event included some Symphogear goodies.

A quick look at merchandise

With the last BD now released and my collection now complete, I figured I'd share a few pics of what everything looks like put together and also show what some of the store exclusives are.

Scans, scans, scans

I promised these a long time ago and failed to deliver, but I finally got off my lazy ass and scanned them. The box covers and booklets included with BD volumes 3, 4, 5 and 6. These include the official lyrics for Hidamari Memoria (vol 4) and also FIRST LOVE SONG (vol 6).

Hibiki Birthday Gallery

Yes that's right, just a few days ago on September 13th it was Hibiki's birthday! As typical of character birthdays, the pixiv and twitter communities flooded with new art to celebrate - including one from the Symphogear character designer himself! I drew this image with my meager art skills, it turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. See the others after the jump.