Saturday, September 15, 2012

Complete BD/TV comparisons

Awhile back I browsed the old 2ch threads looking for the sources of the BD/TV comparison images that I had seen previously, most blogs stopped reposting them after episode 4 so I had to find them on my own. Fortunately I was able to gather them all (with the exception of episode 10 orz), and put them into an imgur album for easy viewing.

Album link:

All the images are organized according to episode, hopefully I didn't mislabel anything!

Personally, I think these are important to take a look at since a lot of the changes you wouldn't notice unless you were comparing them side by side. Fixes like changing the infamous cup/walk animation aren't as obvious in these comparison shots, but overall they are an interesting look into the choices the director made when cleaning up  for the BD release. It's good to know that they cleaned up all the Noise colors (you'll notice they change when in the presence of a Symphogear user) and I always find their adjustments to explosion colors quite fascinating, haha. Anyway - enjoy!

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