Saturday, September 15, 2012

A quick look at merchandise

With the last BD now released and my collection now complete, I figured I'd share a few pics of what everything looks like put together and also show what some of the store exclusives are.

The contents of volume 4

The contents of volume 5

Volume 6 with Neowing bonus + Character/Voice Book

Volume 6 contents

Production sketches from the book

The seiyuu dressed to match their characters!

A look at Hibiki's character page from the book

All the BD volumes put together

This is what they look like from the side

Now the unfortunate part about buying BDs from CDJapan is that you only get the Neowing bonuses, which are just photoprints of scenes from the show. Nothing special. However, if you order all the volumes from popular anime stores like Gamers and Toranoana, you get stuff like boxes and wall scrolls. However, that requires you to buy through a proxy which is often more expensive than the alternatives. I tried to bid on a few of the exclusive items via Yahoo Japan Auctions but I haven't had any luck - they go for a lot of money!

That being said, I have to settle for pictures instead, here's a look: 

Size A3 wall scroll (Animate Exclusive)

Disc File Box (JBook Exclusive) 

Size B3 wall scroll (Softmap Exclusive) 

Bed sheet (Toranoana Exclusive)

BD Complete Box (Gamers Exclusive)

BDs in box

BDs in box with character song box

These were CD cases + art for the character songs that came with the BDs
They were exclusive to Toranoana if you preordered the BDs

Example of the bedsheets on a bed


  1. That Zwei Wing wallscroll is amazing, probably way out of my price range though!

    Loving how nice all the art on this stuff is, much better than the art that was in magazines at the time.

  2. Hauuu i want the artbook and the dakimura of Hibiki&Miku kawaaiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So what exactly do we need to buy from Tora no Ana to get them bedsheets? The BD set or which volume?

    1. The campaign has long since ended so it's no longer possible to get them from Tora anymore. For reference, you had to buy all 6 volumes of the BDs at the same time to get them.

      However, you might be able to get your hands on them if you check Mandarake and Yahoo Auctions Japan. I've seen them up on there every so often.

    2. Yeah, I've guessed it's long gone.
      Thanks for the information.