Saturday, October 6, 2012

Season 2 confirmed

Way too tired for a real post right now but the Symphogear concert just ended in Japan and a second season was announced along with a nendoroid of Chris. More details later if I'm not dead tired.


  1. Symphogear Season 2 in 2013 I LIKE More Music Battles,More Comedy,More Chris-chan Moe!!!!!

    And to Complete a Yukine Chris nendoroid hauuu kawaiii!!!!!! I wait from Figma version from her and a PSP GAME from the ANIME!

  2. Awesome to hear! Chris will make a great Nendoroid.

  3. And a Figma too!!!!
    Im going be waiting Yukine Chris in Figma and nendoroid and the same from Miku,Ryoko(Fine) and the rest of the cast in Nendoroid Nendoroid Puchi and Figma Figures!

  4. Well, Chris nendo hopefully means Chris figma :D

    Also pretty excited the concert stuff hit the international site, even if I don't particularly want any of it... haha..