Saturday, October 13, 2012

Translation Corner #10

This entry talks about the tragedy that occurred at the concert in episode 1, it details a lot information that was never mentioned in the anime. This is a pretty depressing read, since it goes over the number of people in attendance and how many died.

The Tragedy at the Concert Hall

2 years prior to the main story.

This matter refers to the incident that occurred during a public performance by Zwei Wing, which happened after an outbreak of Noise in large quantities. 

In this case, counting the spectators and officials, there were over 100,000 people in attendance. The number of those who died or went missing was 12,874, a truly horrible disaster. (However only 1/3 of those deaths was actually caused by the Noise themselves, the rest resulted from people who fell or were crushed to death during the rush to escape, or were killed in violent altercations that occurred at the entrances of the evacuation shelters.) 

Among the deceased was one of the members of Zwei Wing, Amou Kanade. As a result, after this incident Zwei Wing was officially disbanded. 

Presently, there are many people who remain with wounded hearts as a result of the tragedy. 

Wow. In hindsight it seems smart that Hibiki didn't run away and stayed in her seat, since a lot of people were killed simply trying to escape. I didn't think the casualty numbers would be that high, it kind of gives episode 1 a different impression to me now...


  1. Eu vi o episodio 1 da 1 temporada de Symphogear e vi tal evento do episodio do anime foi trágico mas Kanade Amou sacrificou-se pra salvar Hibiki e metade do público no concerto.

    Foi um ato Heroíco da parceira da Tsubasa ao mesmo tempo uma perda incuravel da Tsubasa ter perdido sua melhor amiga e parceira de canto mas ganhou Hibiki Tachibana como sua nova amiga e parceira junto com Yukine Chris(Kurisu),mas Tsubasa Kazanari naum esquecerá as lembraças dela com ex-parceira e amiga Kanade Amou.

    U_U que lindo isso que eu escrevi pareçe um poema!

    1. Obrigado por seu comentário! Foi muito triste quando Kanade morreu, mas eu estou contente que Hibiki sobreviveu. Talvez a gente vai ver mais de Kanade na segunda temporada.

  2. This is something I've wanted put in perspective for a while. I originally just came here for the XD translations, but I'm glad I'm starting to go over everything else you've done.

    There really is no way to express how grateful I am that you're doing all of this.

    1. Thanks for reading through! It makes me really glad to know people are still out there reading all the old content.