Saturday, October 13, 2012

Translation Corner #9

I was going to get back to these at some point, might as well start up again. This keyword deals with information about countermeasures against the Noise.

Noise Countermeasures

Within a certain dictatorship there were rumors that political offenders who had been sentenced to death were forced to deal with the Noise.

In yet another country, they attempted to destroy the Noise by utilizing powerful energy sources to overpower and eliminate their physical presence. Bombing exercises were run for over an hour at a time, which resulted in changes in the topography of nearby mountains. Afterwards, landslides occurred due to subsequent rain. All of this was said to have resulted in serious damage to everything but the Noise. 

If you ignore the Symphogear system, there are no effective measures against the Noise. When faced with an outbreak the general method of opposing them is simply to "run." 

For that reason, within the heart of Japan's urban areas, evacuation alarms and shelters were established. However, as expected, in situations where these methods were measured against the Noise's special characteristics, their effectiveness was brought into question. 

Although the Government was derided for simply choosing the most appealing policies, against the Noise "we have no other choice" is the reality. 

Currently, a complete evacuation from the center of the cities is being considered, however the amount of money to be used as a subsidy for the evacuations is stuck in debate.

It's definitely interesting to hear some of the methods that other countries used against the Noise attacks, I guess they pretty much had to do whatever they could to survive. It would be interesting to see a more international approach taken in season 2, since Japan still is the only country with the Symphogear system.

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  1. I always thought it was a bit unfair that out of the whole world only Japan has the Symphogear units.

    Not to mention that the relics are relatively rare and require a candidate with good sync or we have another Kanade incident.