Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi, I'm not dead. This blog is still alive. I have no news about season 2 because nothing has been announced yet! In the meantime, however, I come bearing translated fan comics to make you laugh. Also manga volume 2 gets released on February 9th, I've pre-ordered two copies so one will be used for scanning and translating. Expect more posts soon-ish?

Here's some fun comics I've found around the internet and translated for your enjoyment!

When Chris needs a place to stay:

How Hibiki and Miku came to sleep in one bed:

My Fair Chris: 

Hibiki tries to make up with Miku using her tactics from ep 6:

A very Symphogear Christmas: 

Miku is a pervert: 

Tsubasa and Chris get to know each other:

What's up with Tsubasa's hair?: 

How to check how close of friends you are in Symphogear: 

Tsubasa really likes Kanade: 

Symphogear Concert Lottery (part 1+2): 

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