Thursday, October 3, 2013

Was going to translate keywords but...

This came in the mail yesterday.  I will get to the new keywords later this week, hopefully tonight actually. In the mean time here's a breakdown of the highlights from BD 1.

The release set up is much the same as season 1. The first press BD comes with a box that fits the case, the case includes BD disk with 2 episodes and then a CD. (The Hibiki photo print is a store bonus only.) The 1st BD includes eps 1 + 2 and the first OST CD which has 13 tracks. 

The on-disk features are much improved from season 1, however! All the BDs will include storyboards of the on-disk episodes. Each episode has about 80+ pages of storyboards which you can view directly on your TV (unfortunately there is no zoom feature). All the BDs will also include exclusive next episodes previews that were never included in the TV airing. This first BD includes episode previews for eps 1-3. They are voiced by Natassja and contain the dialog/poems that were written in the episode previews on the official website. Finally, the first BD includes a digest of the talkshow event that occurred at the special premiere of episode 1! This means you can watch Nana Mizuki, Aoi Yuuki and Ayahi Takagaki talk about Symphogear and their respective characters. It's quite cool!

Also if you want to see TV/BD comparisons check out my tumblr.


  1. So are you planning on re-releasing your subbed versions of 1-2 with the BD format, and 3 and the rest once they come out?

    1. Depends on what my partner who does the actual releasing thinks. At the very least I think I can release scripts to be used with the BD raws.