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Brace yourselves, keywords are coming

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Armor Purge

Anti_LiNKER causes a forced drop in the user's link coefficient. Not only does this lower the effectiveness of the Symphogear's battle strength, but it also brings about damage to the user from the backfire created by an imbalance in the gear's output. Therefore, it is an effective weapon to utilize against gear users.

Furthermore, Anti_LiNKER's effects effectively reverse the predominance that the Symphogear has over the Noise, and that, combined with Solomon's Cane, was supposed to be Dr. Ver's trump card, however...

Chris, stuck in the middle of this critical situation, decided to try using her equipped gear as a buckshot, shooting it over a wide area after forcibly releasing it from her body. 

Although this is a technique that can only be used once, and is a gamble with high risk for the user, Chris boldly used it with little regard for the potential fallback which resulted in not only avoiding any damage she would have to endure from the backfire, but also instantly obliterating numerous Noise in the vicinity. 

Early Silhouette 

With numerous Noise still present on the battlefield and Anti_LiNKER's effects in play, Tsubasa attempted a technique that utilized breathing regulation (the zen technique "chousoku") to intentionally lower her link coefficient and equip her old gear, thereby allowing her to withstand the backfire and still be able to fight. 

Compared with Chris's Armor Purge, this technique does include the ability to fight continuously however, there is still a limit to the amount of damage that Tsubasa's body can accrue before she gives out. In that respect, this technique can only be performed without making any mistakes and carries and equally high risk factor that makes it a big gamble for the user. 

These two techniques: Chris's Armor Purge, a buckshot attack that eliminated a large number of Noise in a single blow, and the Early Silhouette, which enabled Tsubasa to access her gear and weapons, required both users to put their lives on the line. But as a result, they were able to successfully retrieve Solomon's Cane. 

The Armor Purge and Early Silhouette are both special attacks that Chris and Tsubasa devised to use after suffering the effects of Anti_LiNKER the first time.  They require a high level of skill and talent to be able to perform, and are perhaps the first application of the Symphogear to be considered a "underhanded trick." 

Composite Construction Hull

One of the special characteristics of the interstellar cruise ship, Frontier. The main point is that various parts of the ship are separated into blocks and can function independently, but when they are in a combined state they form a single enormous structure.

The benefit of this construction is that the blocks can be easily expanded or moved when necessary, or alternatively, easily detached. On long journeys through space, if trouble occurred in one of the blocks it was easy to separate it from the main body as if performing surgery. 

Nastassja, in Frontier's energy control room, discovered a counter-plan to prevent the moon from falling. The ruins of the moon, damaged by the lunar attack, had part of its functions halted. But if it were to be rebooted then it's possible it will adjust its orbit back to a proper trajectory. 

Using Maria's song as the base, the plan was to focus phonic gain from all over the world and converge it on Frontier until it reached a level that would break orbit and restart the moon. However, with things not proceeding as he wanted, once Dr. Ver became aware of the situation he forcibly intervened.

Despite the fact that the energy control room was in the process of being exposed to high levels of phonic gain, it was forcibly separated from Frontier and ejected into space. 

The ejected control room, although unsuited to deal with high Gs, was shot with enough force to instantly break through the atmosphere and suffered from the pressure of a tremendous amount of acceleration. Despite the fact it is part of the huge relic known as Frontier, there is no doubt that it will not be able to escape partial, if not complete destruction.

The one drawback of the composite construction is that the parts within are noticeably more frail and weak compared to the structure of the outer casing. Therefore the survival of a living being within (in this case someone very ill), like Nastassja, the situation appears absolutely hopeless and grim.

They really want us to think Nastassja is dead.


  1. Thanks for your hard work as always!
    I wonder if Nastassja's 80 km/h wheelchair would have allowed her to get out of the control room in time...

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  4. So I was wondering since the BD vol 1 is released are you planning of re-releasing the sub versions of Symphogear G.