Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And I just keep on keywordin'

A-yup. Four new keywords, plus an update to an older keyword that I missed during my last few batches.


With the development of the Nephilim coming along, but suffering from a lack of proper food sources of sacred relics (or fragments of), Dr. Ver targeted the Symphogear users.

By absorbing the residual energy left by Kadingir at the former site where it stood, the Nephilim became bigger and even stronger than before, driving it to attack the Symphogear users and suddenly prey upon Hibiki's Gungnir.

From the viewpoint of F.I.S., at this point the specimen was to also prey upon Ame no Habikiri and Ichaival in order to progress to the next stage of development. But at the time that it ate Gungnir, it actually consumed a part of a human body fused with the relic (Hibiki's left arm), which accelerated it's growth even more than original hypothesized.

A fully grown Nephilim acts as an autonomous energy breeder reactor, an absolutely vital part of the F.I.S. Frontier plan. If it had been able to consume the Symphogears worn by Tsubasa and Chris then the plan would have proceeded unhindered with no resistance.

However, Hibiki, who was in a berserk state and unable to control her power, successfully took the Nephilim's nuclear reactor core and dismantled it. Thereby bringing Dr. Ver's dreams crashing down.

Shen Shou Jing (Update)

The special function of the Shen Shou Jing Symphogear is its Direct Feedback System. Functioning similarly to a mirror, this system has the ability to project images and information directly into the brain of its user.

If you take a previously prepared program and install it, even a user with a very weak battle sense will mechanically have their potential upgraded and for a short time be enabled to fight rationally with their battle power significantly enhanced.

However, this ability to directly project images and information into the brain is controlled by a third-party. They can enter in whatever information they like, overriding the user's own personality and utilizing the Symphogear as a brainwashing tool, thereby making it significantly dangerous to use normally.

Compared to Ame no Habakiri, Ichaival, Shul Shagaha and Igalima, it was created from a sacred relic that it several levels inferior to the others and thereby, inevitably, part of its characteristics are lower specs.

It was for this reason that it was integrated into the Air Carrier to function as the power source for Wizardry Stealth, however the free-thinking Dr. Ver once again led it on the path of a Symphogear that encases the mind and body of its user.

The strong feelings of Miku who wanted to "prevent her precious friend Hibiki from fighting, so that the fusion with Gungnir will not spread any further" were warped by the mirror's property of reflecting an ideal form by utilizing "exorcism of curses," and amplified its manifestation to the point where it became able to eradicate the base power of relics themselves. Furthermore, the electromagnetic force of the light brought forth by the mirror's ability to emit an overwhelming radiance, combined with the Biefield-Brown effect, granted the Symphogear the ability of flight implemented as an ionocraft.

Even with its low specs, having abilities which deviate from its mirror base, including others that have been omitted at this point, makes it so when fighting against other relics it has an overwhelming killing potential and a flight ability that is unmatched. Despite being the weakest, it is the Symphogear utilized as a supreme evil, literally a "distorted mirror."

Impact Hike

This is a special ability of the Power Jacks that are attached to the legs of Tachibana Hibiki's Gungnir Symphogear. 

Mainly the Power Jack is used when falling from high altitudes as a damper to alleviate damage from impact,  however it can also be used to create a burst of acceleration or amplify the power of kicking attacks. The shockwave it produces can also be used to "kick in" the air which allows the user to move through the air in a limited capacity. 

The energy consumption of this move is much larger than it appears, however, and considering the cost and risk involved it was never sanctioned as a proper usage of the equipment.

In episode 10, by channeling the energy created through pushing the depth of her fusion to the limit, Hibiki was able to use this technique consecutively in coordination with her vernier thrusters to raise her maneuverability to equal terms with the Shen Shou Jing Symphogear's ionocraft ability, thereby unfolding a faux dog fight in the skies.

The Frontier Plan (updated) 

In the past, F.I.S. had failed to release the seal upon the frontier when utilizing the Shen Shou Jing's "Remover Ray" on a mechanically amplified level. 

This time, however, they attempted to release the seal of Frontier through the increased energy of the radiant, "Meteor," brought forth by the phonic gain of a human.

Although things did not progress exactly as planned, they deployed the Shen Shou Jing Symphogear within the area of the seal and proceeded to try and force the situation in their favor. It was thought that this might be difficult to achieve while the "Meteor" was being constantly fired throughout the hostilities with Chris and Hibiki, however...

Thanks to Maria's quick thinking, numerous Shuttle Markers were released into the area and taking the various radiant "flashes" that had been emitted, and by the use of a Mirror Device, the diffused "chaotic" beams were refocused into a straight lines that were able to move 3-dimentionally forming a Multi-Angle Attack that took advantage of Hibiki's blind spots and drove her into a corner.

But that's not the full extent of it. Joining the small bursts of energy and focusing them together, this impromptu stunt was able to fully utilize the might of the relic slayer, meeting the full energy levels of the "Meteor" itself. With this the seal was finally released. 

The path to Frontier's revival was literally brought forth by the light. 


The very "mystery" that has eluded experts and researchers in various fields, and complete understanding of it continues to evade even modern-day science. 

It is an emotional pattern viewable within the human brain through electrical signals and chemical action, often associated with particularly noticeable and incredibly strong reactions. 

In the past, despite having a low link coefficient, through the use of LiNKER Amou Kanade was able to become a Symphogear user. The primary reason for this is the "hatred" she harbored toward the Noise that killed her father, mother and younger sister. Her will was brought to life by her thoughts of "it this will let me massacre those bastards!" 

In this way, the chemicals secreted by the human brain, in addition to the explosive electrical signals they send, are occasionally able to exhibit effects similar to that of LiNKER. "Love" is much the same, when build up it can bring forth results comparable to that of miracles. 

The feelings of Kohinata Miku, mainly her desperate wish of not wanting to lose Tachibana Hibiki, were warped by Dr. Ver and used to equip her with the Shen Shou Jing Symphogear.

"Love." A poetic word that can describe things which are precious and beautiful as well as people who embody kindness. However, just as it was the underlying cause of the Lunar Attack that occurred 3 months ago, love has bared fangs against humanity, even the entire world, countless times.


  1. Thanks for your hard work, as always!

  2. Did they actually use the term “nuclear” in regard to the Nephilim?

    1. Yes. They used the Japanese word "炉心" (Roshin) which is the term used to refer to the core of a nuclear reactor, where nuclear fission takes place.

  3. Thanks for the update! Hoping to see translations for volume 3 of the manga soon! (It would be good to have the raw version too)

    1. I don't have a scanner right now or else I'd be hard at work on it. :( If you find any raws please let me know.

  4. The one about Love is deep.

    Thank you zoid.

  5. Naze soko de ai?

    Probably my favorite line in all of Symphogear!