Sunday, September 1, 2013

Keywords Redux

Hey everybody, long time no see. I'm alive. Here's new stuff.

I'm super busy so I can't guarantee a steady stream of content, but I'm trying to at least get through keywords so I can get back to editing the sub scripts for SymphoSubs.

As they say, knowledge is power!

F.I.S: Stands for "Federal Institute of Sacrist." It existed prior to the Japanese Government's reveal of the Symphogear system because it was established by Ryoko during her coordination with the US. While both F.I.S. and Division 2 specialized in relic research, the difference between them is that F.I.S. did not rely on a user's latent ability (or song) to activate the system. Instead they spent a lot of time and money developing a mechanically stable activation method that could be streamlined. Although the research met with some success it was scaled back after they discovered it was too difficult to control and without the use of song the relic's power output was considerably lower. However, they were able to develop a technical system that no one else has access to, for example equipping a fragment of the mirror relic (Shen Shou Jin) into a large "Air Carrier." Nastassja and Dr. Ver were originally research members of F.I.S. while Maria, Shirabe and Kirika were members of their "Receptor Children" project. Because F.I.S. was kept as such a top secret institution, they only had to answer directly to the heads of U.S. Government. However, this organization developed into more of a secret society and as a result, had many like-minded, ardent "believers" that eventually led the organization into separating from the US and becoming it's own Armed Organization. Defense Minister Hiroki acted as the "light" for Section 2, keeping them within the law and held accountable if they acted in the public eye. Meanwhile F.I.S. was run entirely within itself, and ignored many dangers in order to achieve results, becoming more of a "shadow." In that respect, it can be said that F.I.S. was in control of other special U.S. equipment other than just the Symphogear system. 

LiNKER: A drug originally developed by Ryoko (Fine) as a means to join the power of relics and the human body. Even with this not just anyone can become a Symphogear user, provided that the subject a certain degree of compatibility, LiNKER can force that rate higher and bring them to the status of acquired candidacy. Of course this process takes a large toll on the human body and it's not uncommon for subjects to receive a shock to their system which results in unconsciousness. Before the drug started producing results it left a lot of dead, or crippled subjects that demonstrated the dangers of the intense medicinal process. It was for this purpose that LiNKER was further developed with an active time limit and method in which it was cleansed from the body. However these techniques were only obtained by data that Ryoko gained through leaking LiNKER into the black market, and by using it on the test subject Amou Kanade. F.I.S. has a large biochemistry research division that progressed this even further. Under the charge of Dr. Ver the project proceeded under the theme of "Pleasant for you" and managed to develop a safer form of LiNKER with a very small physical burden and a more thorough cleansing process. Maria, Shirabe and Kirika are all acquired candidates that use LiNKER. Originally they were part of the "Receptor Children" project that was designed to take orphans and use them as vessels for Fine's soul. However one day, Serena demonstrated a remarkably high compatibility rate with the Symphogear and it was hurriedly decided to put all the children through a patch test to isolate those with compatibility. Thus in the end when the Receptor Children project was scrapped, they were able to become candidates for the Symphogear system instead. In terms of numerical value, the compatibility rate put out by the three is higher than anything Kanade could have obtained, in large thanks to Dr. Ver who has continued to develop LiNKER all this time. They can obtain fighting strength on nearly equal terms to Tsubasa and Chris who are natural candidates. 

Shen Shou Jin: A fragment of a mirror relic that Fine left in the care of the US Government. Using mechanical methods that were derived from the Symphogear system they were able to equip it to their large scale helicopter the "Air Carrier." Like all mirrors, it's special properties are based on its ability to reflect light. One of those properties, "Wizardry Stealth" can not only make the helicopter invisible but also give off oscillations that cut off its signal from any enemy monitoring equipment. In ancient times the mirror was said to have the properties of driving away curses and purifying bad luck. As a mirror, its most potent and basic ability is projecting a brilliant radiance and reflecting back an "ideal form." The mirror's most important role is releasing the sealed Frontier that lies in the middle of the ocean. However that is not an easy task, as mechanically amplifying its power is an imperfect implementation of the relic and has already been confirmed not to work. 

Serena's Superb Song: The special property of Serena's Superb Song is the ability to manipulate energy vectors. It's categorized the same as Hibiki's song, since their abilities are very similar to each other. Six years ago, using a mechanical devise the Albino Nephilim was awakened and rampantly discharged massive amounts of energy. Serena manipulated the energy and used it to energize the Nephilim, bringing it back to its ground state and saving the lives of Maria, Nastassja and the F.I.S. personnel. However, the burden of taking on the Nephilim's enormous energy, coupled with the backfire from using the Superb Song, left the inside of Serena's body in shreds. As her song has absolutely no offensive capabilities or uses whatsoever, one could say that it was a special song intended solely for the purpose of saving others. 

The Broken Pendant: The pendant left behind by Maria's sister, Serena. She died after the F.I.S. facility caved in as a result of her use of the Superb Song to subdue the Nephilim. She was 13 years old at the time of her death. The pendant was recovered afterwards, but Nastassja diagnosed that it was rendered unusable from the damage it sustained and thus now is held by Maria as a momento of her sister. 

First Medial Case of Fusion: The title given to Tachibana Hibiki as an observation specimen. About 2 years ago, at the concert tragedy, the fragments of Gungnir were left in the region near Hibiki's heart as they were deemed surgically impossible to remove. As a result of repeatedly breaking down the relic and reforming it into a Symphogear, it has adhered to the inside of her body and created a case of fusion. Just like cancer cells, the fragments have spread and corroded throughout her body, altering her very flesh itself and granting her an abnormally high level of energy output and extreme resilience to damage. It is the source of her power that makes her stand far apart from ordinary humans. The gigantic energy output from Gungnir also explosively speeds up Hibiki's metabolism, thus she was able to regenerate the left arm that she lost. However, the result is an even deeper, more accelerated fusion between her body and the relic. 

Hibiki's Armed Gear: The main weapon of the Symphogear system, it generally forms based on the original design of the relic modified by the user's mental image of it. Although since she first received the gear Hibiki has constantly tried to summon her Armed Gear, but has met with failure despite being able to manifest the proper amount of energy. This is due to the fact that in the innermost depths of Hibiki's heart she wished "I don't want to hold a weapon with these hands," but rather "I want to join my hands with others." This is what created her state of having an empty-handed Armed Gear. However, when the Nephilim ate her left arm, even though she was in a state of derangement, her wish of "being able to join hands with others" unexpectedly manifested her Armed Gear into the shape of her arm itself, thereby regenerating the arm. But not only that, another part of her body that had become entirely fused with the relic (her right arm) was able to transform into a weapon itself. This application of the Armed Gear is entirely different from anything demonstrated thus far. And this incident speak volumes in regards to the reality that Hibiki herself has become a Symphogear.