Monday, July 22, 2013

Summary of the new keywords from G

New keywords just went up today, I was going to post highlights but these are more or less direct translations.

  • Nephilim is a complete relic that was stolen from the US research institute that Vice Minister Shibata mentioned in episode 2. 6 years ago there was an incident where it was successfully activated, but went out of control. It was then sealed in that pupa-like state. (Presumably this was the scene depicted at the beginning of episode 1 of G.) The reason why Nastassja and co. were in place at the Queens of Music concert was to try and activate Nephilim with the phonic gain produced by the concert, a precedent set by Fine in season 1. This relic is completely different from any others encountered in the series because it has autonomy similar to a living creature. "Nephilim" holds the meaning of "giants who fell from heaven" and is the plural form of "Nephil." In legend, the Nephilim feast repeatedly on each other until they grow larger. The specimen you see in episode 3 "won" over all the other Nephil, becoming one with them, and presumably completing the final form of "Nephilim." 
  • The mysterious red gas that was released by Dr. Ver is something of his own creation. It is odorless (and the hospital was dark) so the Symphogear users couldn't detect it. Its code-name is: ALi_model_K0068_G. It's still in the experimental stages, but it was designed to obstruct the link between relics and the human body and the result was a distinct drop in the compatibility coefficient of the Symphogear users.  However, it's not yet clear what kind of effect this had on the human-relic fusion Hibiki, in comparison to Chris and Tsubasa. When the compatibility coefficient drops, it inhibits the reduction of the backfire created by the Symphogear system. Basically, it takes a huge chunk out of the combat potential of the Symphogear users because they become damaged by their own attacks. However, the weakness of the gas is that if it is not kept within in a closed area and disseminated in a way so that the enemy won't notice, it fails to be effective.
  • Lydian Private Music Academy was reborn after the purchase of new school facilities. However, the student body was reduced about 60% as compared to the previous spring semester. The "Cosmos Flower Festival" was introduced as a means to abate feelings of solitary in the students by making them work together and allow them to create some normal school memories. The staff hope it will alleviate their bewilderment and concern after the events of season 1. The old Lydian was established as a way to find potential Symphogear candidates, but also gather data and measurements on music in relation to the human body. There was an inhumane dark side to this project but currently all of it has been temporarily suspended, however Division 2 is pushing towards its complete abolition.
  • Since Division 2 is still the process of building new headquarters they procured a newly built, next generation Submarine to serve as a temporary base of operations. The Submarine comes equipped with Noise detection equipment and various backups for the Symphogear system. It was built to strengthen Division 2's ability to be mobile and stealthy. Within the ship there are medical facilities, living quarters and recreational facilities. These were added with the ship's crew in mind, as they would be residing within it for extended periods of time. 
  • The House of Ogawa: Descendants of ninjas from the Hida clan. A long time ago, the Ogawa family worked for Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but they disappeared during the Battle of Sekigahara until they reappeared after the Meiji Restoration to work for the government. Since then, they've fought to subvert the country's domestic enemies who work to try and bring down the government. The previous leader of the family, Ogawa Kunimitsu, died and the eldest brother of the siblings, Souji, took over. The second eldest, Shinji, used his abilities to become a direct agent of the government. Suteinu, the youngest brother, was freed from any familial responsibility because he did not want to inherit the old traditions. So he became a host at a hostclub in Kabukichou, Shinjuku known as "Absolute Zero." There he's known as the No.4 host "Aran" and works throughout the nights.  The technique that Tsubasa utilizes, Shadow Weaving, was originally Ogawa Shinji's forte. Tsubasa was attracted to the convenience of the move and mastered it over the course of 3 years. 
  • The abandoned hospital from ep 3 was originally built by an overseas company after the laws were deregulated to allow them access into the domestic medical field. After the hospital opened, however, they didn't get many patients and suffered from an overall drop in health care costs in the medial field. It was eventually closed due to frequent medical errors, and after the director,  Hamasaki Amadeus Akatsutomu, killed a patient and attempted to disguise it as an accident. It has been abandoned for a long time since, and there are rumors that mysterious people are often seen nearby and suddenly disappear like ghosts. Young couples and new members of gangs often go there as a test of courage.



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