Thursday, July 4, 2013

Symphogear Live 2013 announced! BD release dates! Magazine info!

Big news was just announced on the Symphogear website! Read all the details here!


Symphogear Live 2013 

Date: 12/14/2013 (start time not yet set)
Location: Makuhari Messe Event Hall
Appearances by: Aoi Yuuki (Tachibana Hibiki), Nana Mizuki (Kazanari Tsubasa), Takagaki Ayahi (Yukine Chris), Hikasa Yoko (Maria Cadenzavna Eve), Kayano Ai (Akatsuki Kirika), Yoshino Nanjou (Tsukuyomi Shirabe), Yuka Iguchi (Kohinata Miku), with others planned. 

You can apply to enter the lottery for a ticket by purchasing the first BD/DVD volume and entering the enclosed serial number online. More details will be announced at a later date, when they've been decided upon. 

Blu ray / DVD

Vol 1: 10/2/2013
Publisher: King Records
Retail: 6,300 yen ($63)
Episode 1 + Episode 2
Special features: Digest of footage from episode 1 premiere + other planned features
Includes: Special booklet + other planned items 
First printing bonus: Original Soundtrack 1, special box designed by character designer Satoru Fujimoto, serial number for lottery into the Symphogear Live 2013 event, 

Vol 2: 11/6/2013
Retail: 6,300 yen ($63)
Episodes 3 + 4

Vol 3: 12/4/2013
Retail: 6,300 yen ($63)
Episodes 5 + 6

Vol 4: 1/8/2014
Retail: 6,300 yen ($63)
Episodes 7 + 8

Vol 5: 2/5/2014
Retail: 6,300 yen ($63)
Episodes 9 + 10

Vol 6: 3/5/2014
Retail: 7,350 yen ($74)
Episodes 11, 12 + 13


August issues (released on 7/10) of:

Newtype Magazine (Nana Mizuki and Hikasa Yoko interview + special art)
Animedia Magazine (Akufumi Kaneko interview)
Newtype Ace (Hikasa Yoko gravure interview) 
Seiyuu Animedia (Aoi Yuuki gravure interview)
Pick-up Voice Special Vpl.2 (Aoi Yuuki x Nana Mizuki back cover + gravure interview)


  1. Can someone clear me something? The first ep barely aired and now a concert (among others) is announced. Is that normal?

    1. Concerts for anime that star popular singers is not unusual, and in Symphogear's case it was expected because there was a concert last year. However, an announcement right after episode 1 came as a surprise because it's really fast! But I think they wanted to keep the fans excited without making them wait until the season was over.