Saturday, July 20, 2013

Translation Corner #38

Skipping ahead here but, a kind anon sent me an email with his own translation of keyword 38. I took a look at it on the official site and tweaked it to my own version.


Lurking in the genes of people throughout the world, Fine's true form is a revived Priestess from a prehistoric civilization who is awakened by the aufwachen waveform. 

Many of Fine's descendants exist throughout the world, however, when she exists
simultaneously within one of them, she only maintains that single soul.

In order to communicate her true feelings to her love, she sought out the unified language obtained by releasing the Curse of Balal. She has appeared at multiple points in human history, across thousands of years, until she finally reached the current era where fullfillment of her goal was close at hand.

Fine herself has access to different special abilities. She can summon Noise (although not control them) and bring forth a force field. However, her fighting strength when compared to the Symphoger users is vastly inferior, much to her annoyance.

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