Monday, July 8, 2013

So many keywords, so little time

So new keywords are appearing on the Symphogear G site and unfortunately I don't have the time to translate the entirety of them (I'm still working on terms from season 1!), but I'll be reading through them and adding the important details on here when I can. Here's what I gleamed from the first set.

  • Solomon's Cane was recovered by Division 2 from the ruins of Kadingir (which left a big hole in the ground that's been blockaded from the public). Also they reconfirmed that as an activated complete relic it can be used by anyone to summon and control the Noise.
  • As a means of soothing diplomatic relations and because of pro-American members in the Japanese Diet, the Japanese government began working with America on the relic research. However, Russia and China made a joint declaration against Japan saying that they will never be allowed to gain a monopoly over the relics.
  • When Fine was hit by Synchrogazer the Nehushtan armor she was fused with malfunctioned and didn't regenerate, thus causing her (and it) to decay. However Descendants of Fine still exist in the world (both male and female) and if any of them come in contact with an aufwachen waveform then Fine will revive.
  • A long time ago the Custodians remodeled the moon into a device that emits the "Curse of Balal," in order to steal away the unified language of humanity. But the moon was also put in place as a means to manage and observe humanity. In prehistoric terms the Lulu Amelu were the word used to describe "humanity," they existed face to face with the Custodians who were more or less are equivalent to the "creator" or "god."
  • In the past the Lulu Amelu were equal to the Custodians, but they found a way to make themselves stronger which the Custodians saw as at threat and sign of disrespect. After the Custodians used the Curse of Balal to steal the unified language, the Lulu Amelu felt hostile to beings that they could not understand. So, the weapons known as "Noise" were developed as a way to kill only the hostile Lulu Amelu without bringing harm to the planet's environment.

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  1. Now all I got to do is ask one of my Assyriology professors what Lulu Amelu really were.