Saturday, July 20, 2013

Translation Corner #31

I forgot I had this sitting as a draft! I was going to add another keyword before I posted it, but seeing as how I don't have time at the moment there's no reason to keep this unposted.

Dummy Company

A general term for the group of companies that were created by the Special Disaster Response Team Division 2 for convenient use and coordination during operations.

The total number of them easily surpasses more than a few dozen, for example the Lydian Private Music Academy that Hibiki and her friends attend can be counted as one of them.

The founder of the school, “Kyouei Education Company Incorporated,” is a dummy company and the current director of Lydian, Arima Chikaho, doesn't actually exist.

In addition to that example, the name of the public entertainment office on the business card that Ogawa gave to Hibiki in episode 3 (season 1), “Cascade Industries” is also a dummy company and the head representative, Nasu Eiji, isn't actually a person.  


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