Thursday, July 4, 2013

Episode 1 premieres! Videos and summary!

Episode 1 of Symphogear G made it's debut on Japanese TV this morning. Check out some of the highlights here!

Hibiki's new transformation scene:

Hibiki's new Rocket Punch attack:

Maria's transformation scene:

Episode summary:

The episode begins with a flashback in which Serena, who is revealed to be Maria's older sister, was part of an experiment to activate an unknown relic that went awry. Serena is shown with blood coming out of her eyes and mouth (very similar to Tsubasa's post-swan song in season 1) before an explosion consumes the room. Nastassja pushes a young Maria out of harm's way as a large chunk of the ceiling falls on top of her (presumably causing her use of a wheelchair in the current day). Skip forward to current day where Maria is a successful singer.

We join Hibiki and Chris as they accompany Aoi and Dr. Ver on a train transporting Sacrist S (Solomon's Cane) to a U.S. Military base. While in transport the train comes under attack by a large flood of Noise. At Division 2's base Genjuurou speculates that the Noise's movements imply that someone is controlling them in an attempt to steal Solomon's Cane, but wonders how this is possible without use of the cane itself. Hibiki and Chris successfully defend the train from the Noise attacks and eventually reach the base safely. Dr. Ver comments that Hibiki and Chris really demonstrated to him that they are the "great heroes" that defend the Earth from the Luna Attack. He says that he will definitely keep Solomon's Cane safe as he is escorted away by U.S. Military personnel.

Hibiki and Chris prepare to leave to go see Tsubasa at a concert in Tokyo, but just before they leave the base comes under attack by yet another flood of Noise. This confirms Genjuurou's suspicion that someone is targeting Solomon's Cane. Genjuurou informs Ogawa of the current happenings and he inquires if Tsubasa's assistance will be necessary, but is instructed to let her take part in the concert. Tsubasa realizes that something is up but agrees to go on with the performance and demands an update on current events when she is done. Back at the base, numerous American soldiers have fallen to the Noise. As they clean up the bodies, Aoi reports to Genjuurou that Dr. Ver is among the missing and Solomon's Cane has disappeared. Hibiki, Chris and Aoi board a helicopter and head back to Tokyo.

At the concert, Tsubasa and Maria perform live on stage a duet song in front of cameras that are airing the event all over the world. Miku along with Hibiki's three friends from Lydian, are attending the concert after being invited by Tsubasa. One of the girl's comments that Hibiki has not shown up yet, prompting a worried look from Miku as she wonders what's keeping her. The concert continues and Maria and Tsubasa finish their performance, after some remarks to the crowd both signers shake hands and remark that they both wish to spread the power of song across the world. It's at this point that Maria steps forward and waves her hand, summing a large number of Noise into the concert hall. The Noise keep the crowd at bay as Maria demands silence and proclaims she is part of a group that can control the Noise. Tsubasa, shocked at this revelation, demands to know who Maria is as she prepares her pendant to transform. Maria comments that she knows the Japanese government is trying to keep the Symphogear a secret and advises Tsubasa that it might not be wise to transform in front of the cameras that are airing the footage across the entire world.

As Tsubasa struggles with what to do, Maria sings her activation song and summons her black Gungnir armor. Hibiki, Chris and Aoi watch this event unfolding on cameras in the helicopter and Aoi surmises that the Noise's appearance at the concert and the attack at the U.S. base are connected. Meanwhile in the Division 2 base, Genjuurou and the others are surprised at the wavelength Maria's armor gives off matches Gungnir exactly. Maria steps forward in her armor and proclaims that "we are Fine, a name that means the end!" before the episode ends.


  1. This episode was everything that was expected and then some!

  2. Hey Zoid, wanted to ask you something.
    Do you know of any fansub group, besides Commie, that might pick this awesomeness up?

    1. As far as I know, Commie is the only group that's stated they are working on it. I know GetWet did season 1, so they might do it? But I can tell you from episode 1 Commie's subs are solid, aside from 1 minor miss the subs are accurate.

    2. Well, I watched the raw since after Commie's TV and BD versions I got too pissed at them.
      What was the minor miss?

    3. I'll be trying to keep posting decent summaries of the episodes on here for people who watch the raws, hopefully that helps!

      During the scene where Hibiki is talking about Genjuurou's strategy manual, Chris remarks that it's actually just comprised of "interesting movies" (in keeping with Genjuurou's character). But Commie had her say "Is that manual for real?" instead.

    4. I see.

      Hmm I don't think there's a need to change the way you write a summary because of that. After all, the episode is still the same.

      Thank you!

  3. I don't know why Commie gets so much flak but I'm really thankful. Animes with songs are hard enough. And Symphogear-G having 4-5 songs in it right of the bat is rally taxing it.

    1. Commie made a lot of mistakes with the s1 subs, but they were fixed when they did the BD version. In any case, the people they have working on G are clearly more dedicated and the results show.