Thursday, July 11, 2013

Episode 2 Airs! Opening and Ending premiered!

Recap of the episode will be included in this post later, for now hit the jump to see the videos!



Tsubasa transformation scene:


Picking up from the last episode, Maria makes demands on stage to the whole world threatening them with Noise attacks if they do not succeed their territory to her armed organization, Fine, within 24 hours. Genjuurou gets a report from Minister Shibata that informs him the American research base was attacked and had all their data stolen and the relics they had are now missing. Genjuurou realizes this is all a coordinated attack. Shibata laughs at the idea of Maria being an "idol president" in charge of a single, united country. Tsubasa remarks she's unsure how serious Maria is, to which Maria remarks that she has gone down a dark path in order to live. Tsubasa prepares to fight Maria by singing her activation song but Ogawa stops her, reminding her that she will reveal her identity as a Symphogear user to the whole world. He reminds her that her songs are not just for fighting, but also a way to cure the wounded hearts of people.

Maria declares that she will let the audience members free, without any interference from the Noise. Both Tsubasa and Nastassja (through Maria's communicator) both question her actions. Maria remarks that keeping hostages is not a hobby of hers, and Nastassja remarks that she should proceed without having a fear of harming people. She then tells her that Kirika and Shirabe are moving to her position and that she must accomplish their intended goal. Maria thanks her and the audience beings to evacuate. Ogawa reports to Genjuurou that the civilians are evacuating to safety and he will do something to help Tsubasa. Meanwhile, Miku is hesitant to leave but her friends convince her that Hibiki will certainly show up and resolve the situation and being there will only get in her way.

On board the helicopter, Hibiki is glad to know that no casualties have occurred. Fujitaka tells her that they're still investigating the waveform to determine if the Gungnir Maria holds is real or fake. Hibiki clutches at her chest, remarking that it doesn't seem that the Gungnir in her chest has disappeared. Genjuurou says that this must mean there are two might spears of Gungnir. Meanwhile, Kirika and Shirabe are backstage trying to make their way to Maria when they run into Ogawa, who is trying to assist Tsubasa. Kirika says that Shirabe had to suddenly go to the bathroom and they were separated from the rest of the crowd. Ogawa offers to escort them to the exit but Kirika says that they will be fine on their own. Ogawa tells them to be careful before leaving. Kirika remarks that although her job is to protect Shirabe, it's starting to wear her out. Shirabe offers her thanks to Kirika before they move on.

Maria stands on stage with the stadium now empty, commenting on how nice it must be for people to have a place to return to. She turns to Tsubasa and proclaims that now that the civilians are gone Tsubasa has no reason not to fight her unless she's refuses to do so for her own protection. Maria attacks Tsubasa with the microphone from the concert, and Tsubasa defends with hers. But then Maria's cape, as if sentient, attacks Tsubasa and cuts her microphone in half leaving her defenseless. Hibiki and Chris are worried because Tsubasa can't activate her gear as long as the cameras are rolling and they are still 10 minutes away by helicopter. Tsubasa tries to take the fight outside the stage, where no cameras are present, but her heel breaks and she stumbles letting Maria kick her back out to where the Noise are. Hibiki begins crying thinking that Tsubasa will let herself die without ever singing her activation song.

Suddenly the signal from the broadcast stops, leaving all the TVs blank. Tsubasa sings her song and dons her Symphogear, taking on Maria along with numerous numbers of Noise. Maria is surprised that the broadcast was shut down, only for it to be revealed that Ogawa made it to the control panel and stopped it. Tsubasa and Maria fight head on. Nastassja contacts Maria and informs her that the level of phonic gain is currently only 22 percent, Maria is shocked that they still need another 78% to reach the maximum. Tsubasa takes advantage of Maria's distraction and hits her with a strong attack. As Tsubasa turns to finish her off, Kirika and Shirabe appear and unleash a dual assault on Tsubasa which leaves her nearly defeated. Tsubasa and Ogawa are surprised at the appearance of two new Symphogear users, but before anyone has time to attack again Hibiki and Chris appear rescuing Tsubasa from being outnumbered.

Hibiki tries to reason with the 3 girls, claiming that they have no reason to fight. Shirabe and Kirika counter this by saying that an enemy who is being attacked shouldn't be offering such courtesy to her attackers. Hibiki says that if they talk things out, they should be able to get along. But Shirabe gets angry and claims that Hibiki is one of many hypocrites in the world  and then attacks her. Tsubasa defends a confused Hibiki as Maria and Kirika go on the offensive. The 3-on-3 fighting begins and Shirabe goes after Hibiki, who continues to try and reason with her by claiming she just wants to save people. Shirabe doesn't stop and attacks Hibiki head-on, but Hibiki doesn't defend herself until Chris and Tsubasa show up to save her yelling that she should stop spacing out and reinforce her feelings. Meanwhile, Nastassja is shown looking at a screen and saying that at this level of growth they won't be able to meet their goals, so she proceeds into the final phase of the plan. A large Noise is summoned into the stadium. Hibiki and co. are surprised and Kirika claims that she never knew this was planned to happen. Nastassja orders the three to pull out. Maria summons her armed gear (a black spear) and shoots the Noise with it, causing it fall apart. The girls then retreat, leaving Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris very confused.

However the Noise that was attacked was only separated and begins multiplying around them, getting even bigger than before. Despite all attempts to destroy it the girls cannot hold back it's growth. Ogawa informs them that the audience members are still just outside the stadium and if that the Noise escape it will cause causalities. Hibiki, knowing her friends are outside, tells the others that she thinks they should use the swan song. Chris proclaims that the combination attack isn't complete yet, but Tsubasa thinks they should go ahead with it. The three girls join hands and sing their swan songs, initiating the S2-CA Tri-Burst attack. Ogawa explains that this attack takes the three swan songs and puts them in harmony, which is something only Hibiki can do but it focuses all the power into her individually. Hibiki screams and Tsubasa and Chris tell her to hold on. Eventually Hibiki becomes powered up, her gear expanding and her fist parts coming together on one hand. She takes all the energy and focuses it in one punch, her gear extends out and begins to spin on impact creating a tornado of rainbow colors that blows the Noise away completely.

Standing away from the battle, Maria proclaims that monsters like these will once again be their enemy. Nastassja calls the light from Hibiki's attack "the light of dawn." Hibiki falls down slumped, crying and asking Chris and Tsubasa if what she's done is hypocritical. They flash back to scenes from Hibiki's past before panning up to Dr. Ver standing in the shadows holding Solomon's Cane. The credits roll.


  1. Tsubasa´Attack Reverse Rakshasa has evolved make powerful and sexy kick!!!!!!!!

    Now the Awaited Battle on Hibiki&Cia vs Maria Team has Begun!!!!!!!

  2. I be waiting for The FIGMAS and NENDOROID from This Season Hibiki Tsubasa & Chris-chan and your rivals(Maria Shirabe and Kirika)