Wednesday, September 11, 2013

More merch updates

Updates posted to the site in regards to store specials included with CD purchases, and also new publications.

Symphogear G Character & Voice Book announced. Planned for November release.

New art to be included in October issue of Newtype (on sale Sept 10) includes interview with Aoi Yuuki.

Interview with head writer Akifumi Kaneko in October issue of Animedia (Sept 10)

Interview with Ayahi Takagaki in the October issue of Seiyuu animedia (Sept 10)

Animate's CD box

Gamer's CD box

Tora no Ana's CD binder


  1. Say I was wondering if you had gotten a hold of the 3rd Volume of the manga version of Symphogear yet as well as when you are going to change what is posted in "This Month's Releases"?

    1. I do have a copy of the 3rd manga volume, but since I moved I don't have access to a scanner anymore so the translation project is delayed for now. If you know anyone that has access to raws please let me know!

      Also I will update the release calendar, I forgot it existed haha.