Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Listen carefully, these words are key

Less keywords than usual this week, perhaps because the series is drawing to a close and they want to keep us in the dark about the grand finale that is to come.


In the far off past, this was one of the interstellar cruise ships utilized by the Custodians who arrived on Earth from a different universe.

"Frontier" is a code name provided by Fine during her time collaborating with the F.I.S. It's official name is "Tori no iwaku sufune no kami" (otherwise known as: "Ame no Torifune"), the soaring ship god that appears in Japanese mythology.

By the use of LiNKER on his left arm, Dr. Ver was able to obtain priority control over Frontier when he made contact with the panel. Any attempts to control Frontier from other locations within it have to pass through Dr. Ver's approval first. He can accept or reject any other control inputs at will and has now become the defacto commander of the Frontier.

Frontier Plan (Update)

Fine, who sought to remove the Curse of Balal emitted from the moon in order to revive the true language and return mutual understanding to the world, prepared the mirror relic, Shen Shou Jing, and the energy reactor, Nephilim, ahead of time in order to remove the seal upon Frontier which she planned to use to counter the gravity imbalance that would result from the moon's destruction.

While the shot from Kadingir did gouge out a big chunk of the moon, which disabled one of its functions, it was not completely destroyed as according to plan. Regardless, this set the stage for the far future where it is expected to fall upon the Earth. The American government and its leaders once again planned to utilize the Frontier by taking control of its interstellar navigation system to attempt to flee the planet.

However, although this disaster which was brought upon us by the black art technology, Nastassja was determined to put the same technology to use to save as many lives as possible, spurred on by the selfishness of the aristocrats and privileged class who sought to monopolize any escape routes.

This is what became known as the "Frontier Plan."

But, even if her intentions are pure and just, the reality that righteousness coexists with evil and depravity in this world means that her ideal is bound to fail as just a dream.

Still, Nastassja proceeded forward grasping on to a single gleam of hope:  the ability to access the extensive database of black art technology that lies aboard the Frontier.

At this point her ideal has certainly fallen to pieces, but at the end of this path is more than just illusions. Utilizing the black art technology that she places her faith in,  she is waging the last of her life on overturning the reality of the situation to save humanity.


  1. It's nice to know that Fine had some sort of plan to deal with the gravity imbalance, that was the main thing that always bothered me about her "blow up the moon" plan.

  2. The idea of the Frontier being an interstellar cruise ship greatly appeals to me for some reason, it's quite exciting as a concept.