Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keyword Updates

Back into the groove of things, here's this week's set of keywords fresh from the website. Of course these pertain to episode 9 so if by chance you haven't seen it yet please don't read them!

Shen Shou Jing (Updated)

The mirror relic, Shen Shou Jing, was originally developed under the assumption it would be worn by a user. But with the absence of a linked user and the fact that it could be utilized by the F.I.S.'s mechanical control process, it was led to being equipped to the Air Carrier where it enabled stealth capabilities in addition to acting as the source of power for the Remover Ray that can invalidate the power of relics.

However, now that the Frontier Plan has moved into its final stages it has been removed from the Air Carrier and now encases the mind and body of Hibiki's best friend, Kohinata Miku, where it will function as a Symphogear of supreme evil.


LiNKER is a drug that temporary raises the link coefficient of a user. It has become an invaluable part of this world and was further researched and developed by Dr. Ver.

The gas from episode 3, which when released inside the hospital and inhaled by the users caused them pain due to a lower link coefficient, was taken and repeatedly developed, primarily to raise it to the point of immediate effectiveness. 

The code name of this product was ALi_model_K0074_L.

"model_K" named after the girl who was used as the first test of the drug, and now being used against Shirabe is the 74th improved version, a fluid type.


A song handed down through generations in Serena and Maria's hometown.

Born in a remote region of Eastern Europe, Maria and Serena were constantly put at risk by the flames of war fanned by territorial and ethnic disputes in the region. Eventually they were made into refugees who wandered vagrantly.

Having lost the home they were born in, and their country too, they became sisters who huddled together just to stay alive. They invoked the warm memories of time with their family by singing the children's song they had heard from their grandmother at a young age.

The calm and gentle melody of the song communicates the bare and true feelings of Maria, as she sings it absent-mindedly, enraptured its mysterious charm.

F.I.S.'s Symphogear units

The "Gungnir" worn by Maria, along with the "Shul Shagaha" and "Igalima" worn by Shirabe and Kirika, and now the "Shen Shou Jing" worn by Miku after it was taken out of the Air Carrier. These, along with the now broken silver coin Symphogear once worn by Serena, make up the F.I.S.'s symphogear units. In terms of simple numbers, these 5 Symphogears exceed the amount maintained by the Special Disaster Assistance Unit Division 2.

Just as Fujitaka surmised in episode 5, the Symphogears held by F.I.S. were developed by Fine personally from relics she had gathered, including Gungnir of which she took a fragment of directly from Division 2. It is not an exaggeration to consider these two groups of Symphogears direct "sisters."

Having placed a lot of expectations upon the development of the project, F.I.S. was pushed forward with an abundance of funding and without consideration of inhuman conduct, separating from the control of the American Government and eventually developing the Symphogears in complete secrecy.

Hero Story

The theme song of a movie, but also a great hymn of mankind, packed with the necessary strength and kindness that allows people to live as people. 

Always growing an urge to listen when you're upside down, it is the most valuable asset to a well balanced moral and and intelligent society, crossing all international borders.

Having already brought happiness to numerous people, and surely to encourage many other people in the future, it is so large and unbelievable that it is comparable to the sun itself.

Furthermore, these statements are not just thoughtless words or illusions.

This song, without any doubt, exists.


  1. Thank you for your hard work!

  2. So 'Apple' is in Japanese despite Maria and Serena being from Eastern Europe, and a significant enough amount of Fine's descendents came to Japan for there to be enough candidates for her reincarnation, considering it's population density compared to other countries...

    The unified language was Japanese, wasn't it? Even with the activation songs and suberb songs being could be justified as the use of ancient Custodial relic tech.