Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nico ratings and etc.

Took a glance at 4chan tonight and found some interesting statistics regarding the ratings and comments on the Niconico streams for Symphogear, among other information. In other news, /a/ cannot into happy endings.

For those that don't know, Niconico is a Japanese streaming website similar to youtube. They often air anime at a certain time and viewers can tune in just like watching on TV. Nico is known for it's unique comment system where users can post comments during the episode and they will scroll across the screen with others. Finally, when the episode ends Nico will poll the viewers asking them to rate the episode either as "Very Good," "So-So," "Not Very Good" or "Bad." The following information shows you the break down of votes on episodes 1 and 13.

【Episode 1】 Awakening Heartbeat (1/10/2012)
  • Very Good: 48.8%
  • So-so: 35.7%
  • Not very good: 8.7%
  • Bad: 6.8%
  • Viewers: 28,396 
  • Comments: 32,877
【Episode 13】 Meteoroid-falling, burning and disappear, then... (4/3/2012)
  • Very Good: 90.7%
  • So-so: 6.0%
  • Not very good: 1.4%
  • Bad: 1.9%
  • Viewers: 14,185 
  • Comments: 29,181

Here are number of viewers/comments and % of votes for "Very Good" for the entire series:
  • 【Episode 1】48.8% | Viewers:28,396 | Comments:32,877
  • 【Episode 2】52.6% | Viewers:11,900 | Comments:21,873
  • 【Episode 3】57.7% | Viewers:16,016 | Comments:21,925
  • 【Episode 4】66.6% | Viewers:11,376 | Comments:20,703
  • 【Episode 5】69.1% | Viewers:12,677 | Comments:18,127
  • 【Episode 6】70.1% | Viewers:9,455 | Comments:23,719
  • 【Episode 7】75.7% | Viewers:12,121 | Comments:16,260
  • 【Episode 8】85.4% | Viewers:11,246 | Comments:24,406
  • 【Episode 9】86.8% | Viewers:11,851 | Comments:25,760
  • 【Episode 10】90.2% | Viewers:13,206 | Comments:24,834
  • 【Episode 11】84.6% | Viewers:17,235 | Comments:32,535
  • 【Episode 12】89.7% | Viewers:10,939 | Comments:18,144
  • 【Episode 13】90.7% | Viewers:14,185 | Comments:29,181

You can see viewership dipped in half after the first episode, which likely explains the subsequent rise in % for "Very Good" as only the people who liked the show decided to keep watching. In the end though, the numbers are still pretty impressive and it shows that even the reception of the show at the very beginning wasn't overtly bad. Overall it improved over time and the fans enjoyed it, which is about all we can take from this information, but it's interesting nonetheless.

One final piece of information is from the Akiba Research Institute's Top-10 Anime Ranking.

For the week of March 18 - March 24: (source)

2:A Letter to Momo
3:Hiiro no Kakera
4:Smile Precure
6:Moretsu Space Pirates
9:Guilty Crown

For the week of March 25 - March 31: (source)

1:Guilty Crown
5:A Letter to Momo
7:Space Brothers
8:Hiiro no Kakera
9:Moretsu Space Pirates
10:Arashi no Yoru ni

Not sure how this information is obtained, but Symphogear jumped in popularity in the final week among those who were polled. It did not appear on any of the "female" lists, which honestly is no surprise to me since it doesn't seem like a show that would be particularly popular with them. Anyway, there's no real significance to this information other than episode 12 and 13 seemed to create a burst of interest from fans in Japan, which hopefully may result in slightly higher sales (or at least consistent sales) when vol 2 hits at the end of the month. More to come on that later.

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