Friday, April 6, 2012

Fan Art Corner #1: Chris-chan's Adventure

When Genjuuro gave Chris a communicator he mentioned that it could function like a credit card - able to buy from vending machines and pay for public transportation. Here's a short fan art comic translated into English that depicts what Chris does after that encounter. It's pretty cute.

Note: This should be read manga style, right to left. Click for fullsize versions.

The last two panels are a parody of another anime, Rinne no Lagrange, in which there is an episode where a certain character eats at a local cafe and tries to pay for his meal with a credit card. After being told that the store only accepts cash, he ends up working as a maid at the cafe in order to pay off his debt. The man you see in the 7th panel is the owner of the store from Lagrange, he is also the Uncle of the main character, Madoka. 

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