Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A brief thanks

A kind soul uploaded the translated chapter of the manga to Batoto and sourced the group to this blog. I didn't want to deal with any credit pages or slap the URL on the translation, because I'm not necessarily interested in driving traffic here. However it's nice to be credited for what I did and I'm really glad that some fans are finding this place.

To that end, I just want to say that if anyone has any Symphogear-related questions or translation requests (something specific from the official site or a piece of fanart, whatever), don't hesitate to leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter. As much as I maintain the blog for my own benefit, I also do it for the fans. Thanks for reading. And if anyone's curious I get all the fanart pictures I use on here from pixiv, just search for the term "シンフォギア"

I also want to mention that if you have Twitter consider following the official site, director, creator and character designer of Symphogear. Sometimes they post interesting things. For example, here are two sketches from the character designer, Satoshi Koike, of Chris and Kanade in the Lydian school outfit:

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