Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BD vol 1 Limited Edition: Scans and Rips

I bought vol 1 of the BD since I wanted to snag the limited edition that comes with Kanade's CD before it sold out. I actually had pre-ordered it at CD Japan and it arrived a few days after the Japanese release date, but I've only now had time to scan the booklet and rip the CD. Anyway I'm including download links here for you guys. Please share these links at other forums or wherever people talk about Symphogear! - Booklet and advertisement scans.

Also included a high res scan of the cover, one of the rare official images of Kanade being badass. - Kanade's Character CD

It only includes 2 tracks. Kanade's song and then an off-vocal (lyric-less) version.

Fun fact: Kanade's song is an alternate version of the second song on Hibiki's Character CD.

Kanade's song is called:
Kimi to Iu Oto Kanade Tsukirumade (The sound called "you" plays until it dies out)

Hibiki's song is called:
Watashi to Iu Oto Hibiki Sono Saki ni (The sound called "I" echoes beyond that point)

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