Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Figma & Nendoroid Pre-Orders open!

Good Smile Company officially announced and opened pre-orders for Hibiki's figma and nendoroid figures. As I expected the cost for each runs about $35-$40 depending on who you order from. Both figures are set for release in September of this year!

Yesterday Mika-tan had a blog entry on the nendoroid which you can check out here.

There's also the official pages for the figma and nendoroid from GSC's website.

The official shots of the final products look really amazing! I'm very excited that they've turned out so well. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the figma includes a version of Durandal for Hibiki to hold, but it does include a version of her fist weapon in it's pulled back position that looks awesome! Additionally, if you look closely in the various product images of the figma you'll notice that her heels are actually removable - just like how she broke them off in that one episode of the anime! To many of you that may seem like a trifle, but I love little details like those in my figures. Hopefully we'll get some news on Tsubasa soon - make sure you buy either the figma or nendo if you want to see more characters in the future!

Links for purchase:

HLJ Figma | HLJ Nendo

AmiAmi Figma | AmiAmi Nendo

Hobby Search Figma | Hobby Search Nendo

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