Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Translation Corner #5

Rolling on with the next keyword translation. I also edited 6 pages of chapter 1 of the manga today, so progress is slow but it is definitely happening! Hopefully I'll have it done within the next week. Also enjoy one of my favorite fan art images of the manly men of Symphogear.

Keyword #5: Compatible Candidate

It is not possible to activate the power of relics with just any song, sung by any person. In order to activate the relic fragments through song, individuals who are compatible with wearing the Anti-Noise Protector (aka "Symphogear") armor must be found.

At present, there are 4 people who have been confirmed as compatible candidates:
  • Kazanari Tsubasa, with the ability to activate Ame no Habakiri from a young age.
  • Amou Kanade, with the ability to activate Gungnir under certain conditions.
  • Tachibana Hibiki, having inherited control of Gungnir from Kanade after the accident. 
  • Yukine Chris, the potential candidate who disappeared 10 years ago and reappeared in control of Ichii-bal. 
Officially, the Japanese Government has only categorized Tsubasa as an actual compatible candidate. Both Kanade and Hibiki's compatibility were created through irregular or forcibly acquired factors.  Chris has not been under the supervision of the Japanese Government, so it is not known whether her compatibility is natural or not. However, she is suspected to be the 2nd true candidate after Tsubasa. 

Currently the Japanese Government continues the candidate selection process behind closed doors, but because the number of true candidates is likely very small and the Symphogear system is highly classified information, it is a considerably slow process that has yet to bear much fruit. 

I think it's interesting that the Symphogear armor is designated as a "protector" instead of simply an anti-noise "weapon." I also like the fact that they acknowledge Kanade's compatibility was largely possibly only because of the drugs and continued tests they ran with her - Tsubasa seems to be compatible with the relics just by her nature. It also makes sense that Hibiki's is not considered a natural candidate since she merged directly with the relic as opposed to activating it herself. The last part about the continued selection process makes me wonder if they could do a spin-off or sequel with a new cast and new armors. Honestly, Symphogear seems like an idea that could easily be expanded upon, especially with the level of detail they put into it. I wouldn't mind seeing it continue in that fashion - perhaps years down the road a set of new candidates arises to take the place of the old ones (or maybe even perform missions in a new country)!

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