Monday, April 9, 2012

Translation Corner #3

I try to do a little something every day in order to keep the blog updated, but sometimes it can be hard if I get distracted. Today is the translation of the website's third keyword, it's pretty short.

Keyword #3: Aufwachen (German for "Awakening") Waveform

The special waveform pattern emitted by the relics, or relic fragments, upon activation through the power of song. Each time a compatible candidate become clad in their armor it is also emitted. By comparing select variations in the waveform pattern of each relic, it is possible to isolate their particular classification. 

That's it, nothing particularly special. Of course it explains the reason why Ryoko is able to detect which relic is in use (such as the scene at the end of ep 1 when they are surprised to pick up Gungnir's waveform from Hibiki), and it also helps to know that the German actually has a meaning and isn't just some random word they like the use. It makes me laugh since in the original broadcast version of episode 1, I'm pretty sure Ryoko actually pronounced it incorrectly and they fixed in a later version that was broadcast on Nico.

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