Thursday, April 26, 2012

Volume 2 BD/TV Comparisons

The second Blu Ray volume was recently released in Japan. My copy is unfortunately still on it's way, but when it arrives I'll be sure to put up scans a rip of the OST. For now, here's some comparison shots between the broadcast and BD versions of episodes 3 & 4.

Much like the last volume, there are a lot of color and minor placement fixes on the BD. Most notably, Tsubasa's ultimate song scene has been colored similarly to Kanade's from episode 1, which a much more abstract and intense color and thicker outlines on the characters. Beyond that, there are mostly aesthetic changes. You'll notice they gave Genjuuro a bigger bicycle during his training with Hibiki, which is funny because I always thought it was weird he was riding what looked like a tricycle before.

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