Monday, April 9, 2012

Symphogear Manga?

Did you know there was a Symphogear manga that runs in Japan's Newype Ace magazine? Well there is! I've managed to find a raw for chapter 1 that I intend to scanlate, but it will take time since I am a slowpoke at translating stuff if you couldn't tell already. However, even if I get this done I don't have a chapter 2 raw to work with if I want to continue. So if anyone out there in internet land knows where I can get my hands on a raw for the remaining chapters I'd sure appreciate it.

For those interested you can get a raw of chapter 1 here:

UPDATE: I've translated chapter 1, you can view my post about it here:


  1. Thank u very much!!! Do you have the whole volume? :)

  2. Thanks for commenting! Sadly, I do not have a raw for any other chapters, there haven't been any online since chapter 1. However the first volume comes out later this month in Japan so hopefully I will have more soon!

  3. I hope, you'll translate it)))
    I think I saw somewhere Volume 4... I'll try to find it))