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The Complete Symphogear G Keyword Compendium - WIP

A (work in progress) complete collection of all 62 translated keywords from Symphogear season 2!
When watching, read the associated keywords only after completing the listed episodes.

Season 2
Background - Episode 0
Symphogear System
Based on the "Sakurai theory" proposed by the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Division 2's former technology expert, Sakurai Ryouko, "Symphogear" is the name of a special, counter-measure FG-type armor that was created using sacred relics as a base.

It is the only existing weapon know to stop the singular disaster known as the "Noise," however to avoid conflict with current constitutional laws its existence had been completely hidden to the public. But as a result of the Lunar Attack caused by Fine, information regarding the system has now been disclosed to the public.

Responding to the synthetic vibration resonance created by the fighting spirit of the user, the Symphogear's greatest trait is its internal functionality to play a certain melody. By synchronizing that melody with the user through song, the Symphogear displays an incredibly high level of battle potential.

In fact, the Symphogear system has 301,655,722 different varieties of locks applied to it. Depending on the user's level of ability and their personal battle style, there is a systematic progression of phases that the user will go through to release the locks.

The purpose of this setup is to adjust the Symphogear to the user's individual preferences, however it is also in place to reduce the strain put on the user's body as much as feasibly possible. In order to achieve this, and give the user a greater mastery of the system itself, it is essential that the user be trained with the device at an increasing difficulty and learn to operate it proficiently.

Although the armor is able to absorb damage during battle, any sort of disruption of the song will result in a temporary dampening of its combat potential. At the moment, this is the only weakness that has been observed in the Symphogear system.

13 Years ago at the United Nations General Assembly, the Noise were officially recognized under the classification of "singular disaster." The Noise have been observed to take form in various shapes and sizes, but all of them are equipped with a means of attack. Each form shares certain attributes specific to the purpose of functioning as a weapon:

They only target human beings, any person who comes in direct contact with them is immediately decomposed into carbon.

The laws of nature regarding energy loss and consumption do not apply to them.

They typically appear without warning, appearing out of thin air and multiplying instantly.

There are no valid means of repelling their attacks. Aside from sacrificing an equal number of human bodies that would reduce the Noise to lumps of carbon, the only other option is to wait and stall for a period of time after their emergence, until the Noise decompose on their own.

Because they look similar to other living creatures, past experiments had attempted to communicate with them, but these were unable to proceed due to numerous failures. Ultimately, communicating and controlling the Noise is impossible because they likely have no capacity for free thought.

This is the data that has been recorded thus far.

Further, after the Noise had been classified at the United Nations General Assembly, private research agencies began an investigation into the outbreak occurrence rates.

Taking data from central Tokyo's population density, the state of public affairs and status of the economy, it was calculated that throughout their entire lives the current residents of Tokyo had a smaller chance of encountering the Noise than being involved in an incident with a random (human) attacker.

In order to stem the flow of information regarding the Noise, the statistics were left unconfirmed, and remain the only numbers that shape public perceptions about the number of Noise outbreaks.

Phase Contrast Barrier
One of the special characteristics of the Noise.

By shifting between different planes of existence, the Noise have the ability to dampen or negate energy that falls under the normal laws of physics.

According to records of past battles against the Noise there have been instances where they were successfully repelled by attacks that were made in the instant they increased their existence ratio with our world, and also cases where efficiency was disregarded and a constant barrage of attacks were made until they were successfully destroyed. However, it is difficult to say that either of these options can be considered an effective method to deal with the Noise, primarily because they remain an overwhelming threat due to the fact they can reduce the human body to carbon in a matter of seconds.

The most effective way to deal a decisive blow to Noise equipped with the phase contrast barrier is through the use of Division 2's Symphogear System. At the moment of impact, an attack from the Symphogear System will multiply across various worlds and essentially "tune" the Noise, forcibly dragging them into our world and making them susceptible to the normal laws of physics. This effectively nullifies the phase contrast barrier, allowing the Symphogear user to deal direct damage without suffering any negation or reduction.

Currently, only the Symphogear System is capable of nullifying the phase contrast barrier.

The phase contrast barrier is the only thing beyond the present understanding of researchers in foreign countries, however, needless to say, the Sakurai theory has already successfully analyzed this property and remains the most advanced intelligence relating to the Noise.

Other parts of the world deal with the Noise in different ways. Such as in a certain dictatorship, there were rumors that political offenders who had been sentenced to death were forced to face the Noise. In yet another country, they attempted to destroy the Noise by utilizing powerful energy sources to overpower and eliminate their physical presence. Bombing exercises were run for over an hour at a time, which resulted in changes in the topography of nearby mountains. Afterwards, landslides occurred due to subsequent rain. All of this was said to have resulted in serious damage to everything but the Noise.

Barrier Coating
A barrier created from vibrations emitted by the Symphogear System in the form of sound waves. In other words, the coating forms from oscillations created through music, establishing a barrier that can negate the Noise's special ability to reduce the human body to carbon.

As a so-called "musical barrier," it will surround the Symphogear user and reduce the carbon conversion ratio to 0. When combined with the Symphogear Systems's ability to nullify the phase contrast barrier, it enables the user can act freely without fear of the Noise's offensive or defensive capabilities.

The barrier coating does not function only on a sole individual, rather by using the Symphogear as a base, the barrier effect extends around the vicinity. The range of the coating is dependent upon the reach of the music produced by the Symphogear system and any Noise within that range will suffer an alteration that suppresses their carbon conversion ability.

However, because the barrier is created through music, a weak point is created as the coating is gradually reduced the further one gets from the user. But even though this effect decays over distance, even at the very edge of its range it will not completely disappear, so from a tactical standpoint it is possible to safely position auxiliary support.

The Tragedy at the Concert Hall
An incident that occurred roughly 2 years prior to the main story. This occurred during a public performance by Zwei Wing, and was a result of an outbreak of Noise in large quantities.

In this case, counting the spectators and officials, there were over 100,000 people in attendance. The number of those who died or went missing was 12,874, a truly horrible disaster. However only 1/3 of those deaths was actually caused by the Noise themselves, the rest resulted from people who fell or were crushed to death during the rush to escape, or were killed in violent altercations that occurred at the entrances of the evacuation shelters.

Among the deceased was one of the members of Zwei Wing, Amou Kanade. As a result, after this incident Zwei Wing was officially disbanded. Presently, there are many people who remain with wounded hearts as a result of the tragedy.

Unbeknownst to the public, underneath the stage of this concert the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit was performing an experiment under orders of their superior. Utilizing the song of Zwei Wing, Division 2 aimed to produce enough phonic gain from the audience to activate the “Nehushtan Armor.”

Although the experiment ended in success with the activation of the armor, immediately after there was a large outbreak of Noise moving under Fine’s command. They invaded the concert hall and during the ensuing chaos the activated Nehushtan armor was stolen.

Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit
A government agency created to mobilize in response to any appearance of the classified singular disaster: "Noise." The primary directives of Division 1 are: providing guidance for evacuating citizens, diverting and distracting the Noise, and disposing of the wreckage from attacks. Normally when a person hears the name "Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit" this is what they think of, Division 1 is the public face of the agency in the mass media.

Division 2 functions very similarly to Division 1, it also carries out missions to help minimize the damage from Noise attacks. However there is one fundamental difference between them: Division 2 is in possession of the Symphogear System.

During the time of World War II, Division 2's predecessor was founded by ex-military forces. Operating from within special facilities, the "Kazanari Agency" was the birthplace of research for methods and tactics used to exterminate the Noise. Currently, Division 2 is the organization on the leading edge of anti-Noise tactics and function on a global basis to protect humanity.

Linked User
It is not possible to activate relics with just any song sung by any person. In order to utilize the relic fragments, individuals who are compatible with wearing the Anti-Noise Protector Symphogear armor must be found. Officially, the only two people who are classified as linked users are Kazanari Tsubasa and Yukine Chris only.

In the past, the user who fought alongside Tsubasa, Amou Kanade, was able to wear the gear by having her link coefficient forcibly raised by a dosage of drugs. Hibiki, who inherited Kanade’s gear, was fused together with the relic itself as a result of the concert incident. At the moment she is classified as an irregular user.

Lunar Attack
Roughly 3 months ago the world was shocked by an attack on the moon by the Priestess Fine. In order to regain the language of the past, the “unified language,” Fine sought to destroy the surveillance device known as “the moon” to prevent it from stealing humanity’s mutual understanding via the “Curse of Balal.” However, due to the efforts of the three Symphogear users, her plan was thwarted.

Sacred Relic
Various myths and folklore from all around the world have often spoken of ancient weapons with hidden supernatural powers. Impossible to produce with today's technology, they exist as crystallized forms of heretical technology (black arts) that are being excavated from ruins and other locations.

Due to the passing of time these artifacts have been exposed to much deterioration and damage. Even through large excavation projects, finding pieces that are completely intact is incredibly rare. Therefore, in most cases, only "relic fragments" have been recovered.

Relics that are in a grounded state can shift into an active state through the power of song, thereby releasing their inner power.

User's Pendant
The pendants worn by all Symphogear users other than Hibiki were created from their respective relic fragments. They function as a sound amplifying microphone which allows the linked users to be endowed with the power of the relic when they sing. Activated relic fragments can be temporarily reconfigured into their Symphogear form once their energy reaches a stable level.

Ame no Habakiri
The first relic which provides the base of the “Ame no Habakiri” Symphogear worn by Kazanari Tsubasa. The gear was made from a fragment of a sword which in Japanese mythology was wielded by the god Susasnoo in the story of his fight against Orochi.

The second relic which provides the base of the “Ichaival” Symphogear worn by Yukine Chris. The gear was made from a fragment of a bow which in Norse mythology was wielded by the hunting god Ullr.

The third relic which provides the base of the “Gungnir” Symphogear worn by Tachibana Hibiki. The gear was made from a fragment of a mighty spear which in Norse mythology was wielded by the god Odin.

Current World Affairs
There had long been rumors of it behind closed doors, but as a result of the destruction to the moon one of the world’s biggest political fireworks shows occurred when the Japanese government’s “Anti-Noise Weapon” was revealed to the public.

Several years prior, as a result of Fine’s research into “relic activation,” the American government became aware of a “new potential energy source” that surpassed fossil fuels and nuclear technology. Although at that time Fine held the advantage and was manipulating the government at her will, the Americans saw this is as an opportunity to reclaim their lost national prestige and resorted to covert, illegal actions. Beyond the hacking Division 2’s headquarters, they also utilized private armed forces who carried unmarked equipment and weaponry to prevent being traced back to the source. These troops were responsible for the assassination of Defense Minister Hiroki, which was performed at the order of Fine.

However, when the Symphogear’s existence was revealed, the American government was quick to turn a sharp tongue to Japan. They were the first country to openly criticize and begin fanning the flames of public opinion. After that, when a contract of “bilateral cooperation” was incorporated into the US-Japan Security Treaty, they did a complete 180 and began strongly proposing cooperative maneuvers.

Even though it was revealed as an “Anti-Noise Weapon,” since it had been used to destroy the falling moon fragment it became apparent that it was capable of producing a tremendous amount of destructive energy, which, to the Asian countries surrounding Japan, became an immediate concern. The subsequent months of criticism was only amplified within Japan itself by domestic opposition and citizen groups that rose up decrying its clear “unconstitutionality.” At this point the Japanese government began to accept the proposals of the American government, changing their course in a big appeal to working for international peace.

Within that time, a new auxiliary cabinet member was shifted into the position left by Hiroki Taketsugu, and now the current Defense Minister, Ishida Yoshimune, is gaining a large amount of merit for his actions.

Ishida was originally a member of the Japanese diet who was part of the pro-American faction. He had called for cooperation and reconciliation between the two countries for some time. Thus in his new position as Defense Minister he made diplomatic maneuvers by stepping over the Prime Minister and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although this was heavily frowned upon. Despite the fact that recent events had many militaristic implications, he saw no choice put to proceed forward despite the truth remaining hazy.

The fact that the Japanese government had been in possession of the Symphogear system was a reality that had a tremendous impact on the status quo of the world.

However, this impact was not solely due to the fact that it was a means of attacking the Noise, but also due to the advent of “relic activation” there were expectations built around them providing a new source of energy, among various other promising avenues of development.

The two large export powers of the world, Russia and China, drafted a joint declaration aimed at Japan that stated: “Not only is the Japanese government creating a monopoly on the technology and engineering surrounding relics, but they also have a monopoly on all of the benefits that come as a result of the relics being in their possession. This should not be allowed to stand.” This comment, which was directed with an air of audacity, only served to raise existing tensions, which rippled further in other directions.

Despite that the threat of the Noise yet persists, the conflict that exists between people also fails to cease, continuing on…

That is the present state of the world.

Lurking in the genes of people throughout the world, Fine's is a revived Priestess from a prehistoric civilization who is awakened by the aufwachen wave pattern.

Her name means “the end.”

Many of Fine's descendants exist throughout the world, and although she technically exists at the same time that they do – they’re all equivalent to a single soul.

Roughly 3 months ago, after her plan to destroy the moon failed, Fine fought against the Symphogear users. Fine’s body, which was fused with the Nehushtan armor, was incapable of activating its regenerative ability after taking the blow of Synchrogazer and thus broke apart.

However, this does not equate to “Fine’s death.”

Fine’s descendants exist throughout the world, and a new Fine will be born if any should come in contact with the aufwachen wave pattern that emits from an awakening relic. She can continue to exist as long as those opportunities continue to occur.

It is not clear how much is left up to “chance” in the likelihood of this event actually occurring, but Fine continues to exist with an eternal moment regardless.

Episodes 1 - ?
The mysterious armed organization

Solomon’s Cane

The moon

Lulu Amelu and the Custodians

Black Gungnir

Shul Shagna


Armed Gear

Superb Song

Hibiki and co. repeatedly trained their S2CA combination in order to control it properly, it was based off the combo attack they did at the end of s1 to destroy the moon fragment. The center of the combo is Hibiki, who uses her "Armed Gear" to join with the others and allow them to amplify their energy while Hibiki suppresses the backfire so it doesn't damage their bodies. However, the process of this puts the entire burden on Hibiki and even though she's fused with the relic it doesn't completely neutralize the damage. This attack is also very dangerous because, like when Hibiki touched Durandal, the resonance created by Gungnir being in direct contact with other relics (such as Ichiavial and Ame no Habakiri) can result in the power going out of control (possibly directing it at someone unintended).

There are 2 variations of the S2CA attack.

Hibiki + Chris: S2CA Twin Break type-A (arrow) Hibiki + Tsubasa: S2CA Twin Break type-B (blade)

The weakpoints of the S2CA are: The force exerted upon Hibiki's body during the process, and the amount of time it takes for them to charge the energy while singing. However the biggest drawback is that they must be careful when using it, as the amount of destructive power it unleashes cannot be held back (and thereby may damage the surrounding).

Hamasaki Hospital
The abandoned hospital from ep 3 was originally built by an overseas company after the laws were deregulated to allow them access into the domestic medical field. After the hospital opened, however, they didn't get many patients and suffered from an overall drop in health care costs in the medial field. It was eventually closed due to frequent medical errors, and after the director, Hamasaki Amadeus Akatsutomu, killed a patient and attempted to disguise it as an accident. It has been abandoned for a long time since, and there are rumors that mysterious people are often seen nearby and suddenly disappear like ghosts. Young couples and new members of gangs often go there as a test of courage.

Nephilim is a complete relic that was stolen from the US research institute that Vice Minister Shibata mentioned in episode 2. 6 years ago there was an incident where it was successfully activated, but went out of control. It was then sealed in that pupa-like state. (Presumably this was the scene depicted at the beginning of episode 1 of G.) The reason why Nastassja and co. were in place at the Queens of Music concert was to try and activate Nephilim with the phonic gain produced by the concert, a precedent set by Fine in season 1. This relic is completely different from any others encountered in the series because it has autonomy similar to a living creature. "Nephilim" holds the meaning of "giants who fell from heaven" and is the plural form of "Nephil." In legend, the Nephilim feast repeatedly on each other until they grow larger. The specimen you see in episode 3 "won" over all the other Nephil, becoming one with them, and presumably completing the final form of "Nephilim."

With the development of the Nephilim coming along, but suffering from a lack of proper food sources of sacred relics (or fragments of), Dr. Ver targeted the Symphogear users.

By absorbing the residual energy left by Kadingir at the former site where it stood, the Nephilim became bigger and even stronger than before, driving it to attack the Symphogear users and suddenly prey upon Hibiki's Gungnir.

From the viewpoint of F.I.S., at this point the specimen was to also prey upon Ame no Habikiri and Ichaival in order to progress to the next stage of development. But at the time that it ate Gungnir, it actually consumed a part of a human body fused with the relic (Hibiki's left arm), which accelerated it's growth even more than original hypothesized.

A fully grown Nephilim acts as an autonomous energy breeder reactor, an absolutely vital part of the F.I.S. Frontier plan. If it had been able to consume the Symphogears worn by Tsubasa and Chris then the plan would have proceeded unhindered with no resistance.

However, Hibiki, who was in a berserk state and unable to control her power, successfully took the Nephilim's nuclear reactor core and dismantled it. Thereby bringing Dr. Ver's dreams crashing down.

Mysterious gas
The mysterious red gas that was released by Dr. Ver is something of his own creation. It is odorless (and the hospital was dark) so the Symphogear users couldn't detect it. Its code-name is: ALi_model_K0068_G. It's still in the experimental stages, but it was designed to obstruct the link between relics and the human body and the result was a distinct drop in the compatibility coefficient of the Symphogear users. However, it's not yet clear what kind of effect this had on the human-relic fusion Hibiki, in comparison to Chris and Tsubasa. When the compatibility coefficient drops, it inhibits the reduction of the backfire created by the Symphogear system. Basically, it takes a huge chunk out of the combat potential of the Symphogear users because they become damaged by their own attacks. However, the weakness of the gas is that if it is not kept within in a closed area and disseminated in a way so that the enemy won't notice, it fails to be effective.

Lydian Music Academy
Lydian Music Academy was reborn after the purchase of new school facilities. However, the student body was reduced about 60% as compared to the previous spring semester. The "Cosmos Flower Festival" was introduced as a means to abate feelings of solitary in the students by making them work together and allow them to create some normal school memories. The staff hope it will alleviate their bewilderment and concern after the events of season 1. The old Lydian was established as a way to find potential Symphogear candidates, but also gather data and measurements on music in relation to the human body. There was an inhumane dark side to this project but currently all of it has been temporarily suspended, however Division 2 is pushing towards its complete abolition.

Division 2 Temporary Headquarters
Since Division 2 is still the process of building new headquarters they procured a newly built, next generation Submarine to serve as a temporary base of operations. The Submarine comes equipped with Noise detection equipment and various backups for the Symphogear system. It was built to strengthen Division 2's ability to be mobile and stealthy. Within the ship there are medical facilities, living quarters and recreational facilities. These were added with the ship's crew in mind, as they would be residing within it for extended periods of time.

The House of Ogawa
The House of Ogawa: Descendants of ninjas from the Hida clan. A long time ago, the Ogawa family worked for Toyotomi Hideyoshi, but they disappeared during the Battle of Sekigahara until they reappeared after the Meiji Restoration to work for the government. Since then, they've fought to subvert the country's domestic enemies who work to try and bring down the government. The previous leader of the family, Ogawa Kunimitsu, died and the eldest brother of the siblings, Souji, took over. The second eldest, Shinji, used his abilities to become a direct agent of the government. Suteinu, the youngest brother, was freed from any familial responsibility because he did not want to inherit the old traditions. So he became a host at a hostclub in Kabukichou, Shinjuku known as "Absolute Zero." There he's known as the No.4 host "Alan" and works throughout the nights. The technique that Tsubasa utilizes, Shadow Weaving, was originally Ogawa Shinji's forte. Tsubasa was attracted to the convenience of the move and mastered it over the course of 3 years.



The mirror relic, Shen Shou Jing, was originally developed under the assumption it would be worn by a user. But with the absence of a linked user and the fact that it could be utilized by the F.I.S.'s mechanical control process, it was led to being equipped to the Air Carrier where it enabled stealth capabilities in addition to acting as the source of power for the Remover Ray that can invalidate the power of relics.

However, now that the Frontier Plan has moved into its final stages it has been removed from the Air Carrier and now encases the mind and body of Hibiki's best friend, Kohinata Miku, where it will function as a Symphogear of supreme evil.

The special function of the Shen Shou Jing Symphogear is its Direct Feedback System. Functioning similarly to a mirror, this system has the ability to project images and information directly into the brain of its user.

If you take a previously prepared program and install it, even a user with a very weak battle sense will mechanically have their potential upgraded and for a short time be enabled to fight rationally with their battle power significantly enhanced.

However, this ability to directly project images and information into the brain is controlled by a third-party. They can enter in whatever information they like, overriding the user's own personality and utilizing the Symphogear as a brainwashing tool, thereby making it significantly dangerous to use normally.

Compared to Ame no Habakiri, Ichaival, Shul Shagaha and Igalima, it was created from a sacred relic that it several levels inferior to the others and thereby, inevitably, part of its characteristics are lower specs.

It was for this reason that it was integrated into the Air Carrier to function as the power source for Wizardry Stealth, however the free-thinking Dr. Ver once again led it on the path of a Symphogear that encases the mind and body of its user.

The strong feelings of Miku who wanted to "prevent her precious friend Hibiki from fighting, so that the fusion with Gungnir will not spread any further" were warped by the mirror's property of reflecting an ideal form by utilizing "exorcism of curses," and amplified its manifestation to the point where it became able to eradicate the base power of relics themselves. Furthermore, the electromagnetic force of the light brought forth by the mirror's ability to emit an overwhelming radiance, combined with the Biefield-Brown effect, granted the Symphogear the ability of flight implemented as an ionocraft.

Even with its low specs, having abilities which deviate from its mirror base, including others that have been omitted at this point, makes it so when fighting against other relics it has an overwhelming killing potential and a flight ability that is unmatched. Despite being the weakest, it is the Symphogear utilized as a supreme evil, literally a "distorted mirror."

Lightning Detective Ban

Outer Tokyo Territory – Special Restricted Area


Serena’s Superb Song Characteristic

The broken pendant

The first medical case of fusion

Tachibana Hibiki’s Armed Gear

The Concert Tragedy and the Tachibana Family
2 years prior to the start of Symphogear's main story, the specially classified disaster known as the Noise emerged in the middle of a public performance by Zwei Wing. Combining the numbers of spectators and staff, there were over 100,000 people present at the concert hall. The number of deceased or missing totaled 12,874, a terrible disaster. However despite the fact this occurred on such an unparalleled scale, the tragedy does not end there but continued on.

Of the 12,874 that died approximately 1/3 of them was due to the Noise. The others died as either the result of being crushed by the crowds attempting to flee, or by intense fighting that broke out between attendees trying to secure their escape. This information was published in weekly magazines and quickly set the stage for public opinion. Since the majority of deaths became attributed to other people, the survivors began to experience public bashing. Victims and bereaved families of the deceased also received reparation from the national treasury, and thus the public opinion turned into a harsh debate about one's self-responsibility. Although what had been published and announced in the press was accurate information, a lot of it had been modified to agitate people's emotions, glorifying certain aspects of the story. Using "righteousness" as their guide, many people took to the internet and began to spread their own opinion on the story.

It eventually broiled to the point where even those that were uninvolved or uninterested in the event had begun talking about it passionately, as it distracted them from other problems. Thoughtless slander was thrown around, supported by the majority as having "sound reasoning," not because they had deduced this themselves but rather "because everyone else was saying so." At this point the true nature of the tragedy was lost and had turned into something akin to a witch hunt from the middle ages, or the barbaric persecution of Nazis, fueled by some warped sense of "justice." The goodness of people and their ability to become emotionally attached had been twisted and changed into a drive to hunt down the survivors of the tragedy simply for the reason that "because they survived." Of course at this point there was a faction of individuals who held the opposite opinion, but the majority had already made up their minds and the wave of madness swallowed up any opposition.

Hibiki Tachibana's environment was greatly affected by this. One victim of the tragedy was a boy who attended the same middle school as Hibiki. He was the captain of the soccer team and had a very bright future ahead of himself as a student. Why he had died and Hibiki, who had no redeeming features worth mentioning, had lived was something used to torment her. It all started with a single student, a young girl who had been a fan of the boy, who lashed out at Hibiki yelling in hysterics. It wasn't long before it had consumed the entire school. But that was far from the extent of it.

The daughter of the president of a company that Hibiki's father did business with was also among the list of the deceased. At first her father was incredibly overjoyed that Hibiki had survived the ordeal, but it wasn't long before the news spread around and he found that his contract with the company had been rejected and was removed from the project. Having lost his sense of pride and unable to figure out how to cope with the situation, her father turned to alcohol which eventually led to him yelling and raising his hand against others within the household. Originally her father had married into her mother's family, taking on her name, but one day on his way to work he intentionally went missing, abandoning the family altogether and never returned to the house again.

Be it at school or at home, Hibiki took on an immense amount of unreasonable torment and harassment. The young girl who puts all her efforts into helping others, is also a girl with a past that had been trampled on by those same people.

The darkness in people's hearts, born of a mutual misunderstanding. Having been exposed to this darkness more than most, Hibiki is still capable of believing in others. Surely this is because she knows that in the space between 2 people, there exists sunlight.

The Frontier Plan
Fine, who sought to remove the Curse of Balal emitted from the moon in order to revive the true language and return mutual understanding to the world, prepared the mirror relic, Shen Shou Jing, and the energy reactor, Nephilim, ahead of time in order to remove the seal upon Frontier which she planned to use to counter the gravity imbalance that would result from the moon's destruction.

While the shot from Kadingir did gouge out a big chunk of the moon, which disabled one of its functions, it was not completely destroyed as according to plan. Regardless, this set the stage for the far future where it is expected to fall upon the Earth. The American government and its leaders once again planned to utilize the Frontier by taking control of its interstellar navigation system to attempt to flee the planet.

However, although this disaster which was brought upon us by the black art technology, Nastassja was determined to put the same technology to use to save as many lives as possible, spurred on by the selfishness of the aristocrats and privileged class who sought to monopolize any escape routes.

This is what became known as the "Frontier Plan."

But, even if her intentions are pure and just, the reality that righteousness coexists with evil and depravity in this world means that her ideal is bound to fail as just a dream.

Still, Nastassja proceeded forward grasping on to a single gleam of hope: the ability to access the extensive database of black art technology that lies aboard the Frontier.

At this point her ideal has certainly fallen to pieces, but at the end of this path is more than just illusions. Utilizing the black art technology that she places her faith in, she is waging the last of her life on overturning the reality of the situation to save humanity.

In the past, F.I.S. had failed to release the seal upon the frontier when utilizing the Shen Shou Jing's "Remover Ray" on a mechanically amplified level.

This time, however, they attempted to release the seal of Frontier through the increased energy of the radiant, "Meteor," brought forth by the phonic gain of a human.

Although things did not progress exactly as planned, they deployed the Shen Shou Jing Symphogear within the area of the seal and proceeded to try and force the situation in their favor. It was thought that this might be difficult to achieve while the "Meteor" was being constantly fired throughout the hostilities with Chris and Hibiki, however...

Thanks to Maria's quick thinking, numerous Shuttle Markers were released into the area and taking the various radiant "flashes" that had been emitted, and by the use of a Mirror Device, the diffused "chaotic" beams were refocused into a straight lines that were able to move 3-dimentionally forming a Multi-Angle Attack that took advantage of Hibiki's blind spots and drove her into a corner.

But that's not the full extent of it. Joining the small bursts of energy and focusing them together, this impromptu stunt was able to fully utilize the might of the relic slayer, meeting the full energy levels of the "Meteor" itself. With this the seal was finally released.

The path to Frontier's revival was literally brought forth by the light.


Receptor Children
A generic term for observation subjects who were gathered to become vessels for Fine's soul.

The biggest weakpoint of Fine's reincarnation system is that those who hold her seal carved into their genes must be exposed to an aufwachen waveform, it's the only point of the system that is left up to an overwhelming amount of simple chance. Regardless of the fact that her vessels can inherit her paranormal powers and memories, if they are not in an environment where those abilities can revive, then idle time simply passes. Thus, in order to overcome the weakness and prepare an "insurance," Fine began the project with the American government's F.I.S. If she lost the use of her current vessel in the middle of her plans, she wanted to assure she could revive without losing any time and restart her ambitions. Thus the receptor children were her attempt to prepare her next vessel ahead of time.

By searching through hospital records and personal information she isolated potential candidates, particularly those with thin ties to society, for example "those with no living relatives" (and in particular "infants and children). Above all, Japan had the highest amount of potential receptor children, and the reason for that is in about 722 BC a branch of a family in the Middle East that held the seal of Fine entered into ancient Japan.

The number of observation subjects that F.I.S. kept contained broke more than 1,000 people, however at the time of Fine's death they were unable to determine if she had been newly revived in one of them. At that point there were plans to dispose of the project entirely behind closed doors, but due to an uprising led by Nastassja and others, the existence of the Receptor Children and their confinement was brought to light and in fear of criticism from the international community the US Government quickly changed their tune.

Currently the subjects have been rescued and released of their own will or provided shelter.

A dream which opposes reality

Nastassja’s Wheelchair

LiNKER is a drug that temporary raises the link coefficient of a user. It has become an invaluable part of this world and was further researched and developed by Dr. Ver.

The gas from episode 3, which when released inside the hospital and inhaled by the users caused them pain due to a lower link coefficient, was taken and repeatedly developed, primarily to raise it to the point of immediate effectiveness.

The code name of this product was ALi_model_K0074_L.

"model_K" named after the girl who was used as the first test of the drug, and now being used against Shirabe is the 74th improved version, a fluid type.

Symphogear units of F.I.S.
The "Gungnir" worn by Maria, along with the "Shul Shagaha" and "Igalima" worn by Shirabe and Kirika, and now the "Shen Shou Jing" worn by Miku after it was taken out of the Air Carrier. These, along with the now broken silver coin Symphogear once worn by Serena, make up the F.I.S.'s symphogear units. In terms of simple numbers, these 5 Symphogears exceed the amount maintained by the Special Disaster Assistance Unit Division 2.

Just as Fujitaka surmised in episode 5, the Symphogears held by F.I.S. were developed by Fine personally from relics she had gathered, including Gungnir of which she took a fragment of directly from Division 2. It is not an exaggeration to consider these two groups of Symphogears direct "sisters."

Having placed a lot of expectations upon the development of the project, F.I.S. was pushed forward with an abundance of funding and without consideration of inhuman conduct, separating from the control of the American Government and eventually developing the Symphogears in complete secrecy.

A song handed down through generations in Serena and Maria's hometown.

Born in a remote region of Eastern Europe, Maria and Serena were constantly put at risk by the flames of war fanned by territorial and ethnic disputes in the region. Eventually they were made into refugees who wandered vagrantly.

Having lost the home they were born in, and their country too, they became sisters who huddled together just to stay alive. They invoked the warm memories of time with their family by singing the children's song they had heard from their grandmother at a young age.

The calm and gentle melody of the song communicates the bare and true feelings of Maria, as she sings it absent-mindedly, enraptured its mysterious charm.

Hero Story
The theme song of a movie, but also a great hymn of mankind, packed with the necessary strength and kindness that allows people to live as people.

Always growing an urge to listen when you're upside down, it is the most valuable asset to a well balanced moral and and intelligent society, crossing all international borders.

Having already brought happiness to numerous people, and surely to encourage many other people in the future, it is so large and unbelievable that it is comparable to the sun itself.

Furthermore, these statements are not just thoughtless words or illusions.

This song, without any doubt, exists.

The very "mystery" that has eluded experts and researchers in various fields, and complete understanding of it continues to evade even modern-day science.

It is an emotional pattern viewable within the human brain through electrical signals and chemical action, oftenassociated with particularly noticeable and incredibly strong reactions.

In the past, despite having a low link coefficient, through the use of LiNKER Amou Kanade was able to become a Symphogear user. The primary reason for this is the "hatred" she harbored toward the Noise that killed her father, mother and younger sister. Her will was brought to life by her thoughts of "it this will let me massacre those bastards!"

In this way, the chemicals secreted by the human brain, in addition to the explosive electrical signals they send, are occasionally able to exhibit effects similar to that of LiNKER. "Love" is much the same, when build up it can bring forth results comparable to that of miracles.

The feelings of Kohinata Miku, mainly her desperate wish of not wanting to lose Tachibana Hibiki, were warped by Dr. Ver and used to equip her with the Shen Shou Jing Symphogear.

"Love." A poetic word that can describe things which are precious and beautiful as well as people who embody kindness. However, just as it was the underlying cause of the Lunar Attack that occurred 3 months ago, love has bared fangs against humanity, even the entire world, countless times.

Impact Hike
This is a special ability of the Power Jacks that are attached to the legs of Tachibana Hibiki's Gungnir Symphogear.

Mainly the Power Jack is used when falling from high altitudes as a damper to alleviate damage from impact, however it can also be used to create a burst of acceleration or amplify the power of kicking attacks. The shockwave it produces can also be used to "kick in" the air which allows the user to move through the air in a limited capacity.

The energy consumption of this move is much larger than it appears, however, and considering the cost and risk involved it was never sanctioned as a proper usage of the equipment.

In episode 10, by channeling the energy created through pushing the depth of her fusion to the limit, Hibiki was able to use this technique consecutively in coordination with her vernier thrusters to raise her maneuverability to equal terms with the Shen Shou Jing Symphogear's ionocraft ability, thereby unfolding a faux dog fight in the skies.

In the far off past, this was one of the interstellar cruise ships utilized by the Custodians who arrived on Earth from a different universe.

"Frontier" is a code name provided by Fine during her time collaborating with the F.I.S. It's official name is "Tori no iwaku sufune no kami" (otherwise known as: "Ame no Torifune"), the soaring ship god that appears in Japanese mythology.

By the use of LiNKER on his left arm, Dr. Ver was able to obtain priority control over Frontier when he made contact with the panel. Any attempts to control Frontier from other locations within it have to pass through Dr. Ver's approval first. He can accept or reject any other control inputs at will and has now become the defacto commander of the Frontier.

Armor Purge
Anti_LiNKER causes a forced drop in the user's link coefficient. Not only does this lower the effectiveness of the Symphogear's battle strength, but it also brings about damage to the user from the backfire created by an imbalance in the gear's output. Therefore, it is an effective weapon to utilize against gear users.

Furthermore, Anti_LiNKER's effects effectively reverse the predominance that the Symphogear has over the Noise, and that, combined with Solomon's Cane, was supposed to be Dr. Ver's trump card, however...

Chris, stuck in the middle of this critical situation, decided to try using her equipped gear as a buckshot, shooting it over a wide area after forcibly releasing it from her body.

Although this is a technique that can only be used once, and is a gamble with high risk for the user, Chris boldly used it with little regard for the potential fallback which resulted in not only avoiding any damage she would have to endure from the backfire, but also instantly obliterating numerous Noise in the vicinity.

Early Silhouette
With numerous Noise still present on the battlefield and Anti_LiNKER's effects in play, Tsubasa attempted a technique that utilized breathing regulation (the zen technique "chousoku") to intentionally lower her link coefficient and equip her old gear, thereby allowing her to withstand the backfire and still be able to fight.

Compared with Chris's Armor Purge, this technique does include the ability to fight continuously however, there is still a limit to the amount of damage that Tsubasa's body can accrue before she gives out. In that respect, this technique can only be performed without making any mistakes and carries and equally high risk factor that makes it a big gamble for the user.

These two techniques: Chris's Armor Purge, a buckshot attack that eliminated a large number of Noise in a single blow, and the Early Silhouette, which enabled Tsubasa to access her gear and weapons, required both users to put their lives on the line. But as a result, they were able to successfully retrieve Solomon's Cane.

The Armor Purge and Early Silhouette are both special attacks that Chris and Tsubasa devised to use after suffering the effects of Anti_LiNKER the first time. They require a high level of skill and talent to be able to perform, and are perhaps the first application of the Symphogear to be considered a "underhanded trick."


Composite Construction Hull
One of the special characteristics of the interstellar cruise ship, Frontier. The main point is that various parts of the ship are separated into blocks and can function independently, but when they are in a combined state they form a single enormous structure.

The benefit of this construction is that the blocks can be easily expanded or moved when necessary, or alternatively, easily detached. On long journeys through space, if trouble occurred in one of the blocks it was easy to separate it from the main body as if performing surgery.

Nastassja, in Frontier's energy control room, discovered a counter-plan to prevent the moon from falling. The ruins of the moon, damaged by the lunar attack, had part of its functions halted. But if it were to be rebooted then it's possible it will adjust its orbit back to a proper trajectory.

Using Maria's song as the base, the plan was to focus phonic gain from all over the world and converge it on Frontier until it reached a level that would break orbit and restart the moon. However, with things not proceeding as he wanted, once Dr. Ver became aware of the situation he forcibly intervened.

Despite the fact that the energy control room was in the process of being exposed to high levels of phonic gain, it was forcibly separated from Frontier and ejected into space.

The ejected control room, although unsuited to deal with high Gs, was shot with enough force to instantly break through the atmosphere and suffered from the pressure of a tremendous amount of acceleration. Despite the fact it is part of the huge relic known as Frontier, there is no doubt that it will not be able to escape partial, if not complete destruction.

The one drawback of the composite construction is that the parts within are noticeably more frail and weak compared to the structure of the outer casing. Therefore the survival of a living being within (in this case someone very ill), like Nastassja, the situation appears absolutely hopeless and grim.

The Silver Symphogear

The Treasury of Bablyonia


The Frontier disaster: the details


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