Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Translation Corner: Kaneko's April Fools

Kaneko posted about GX on his company's blog yesterday. He talks a bit about the reason behind why it was named GX, and also the dark nature of the story. Of course, he also posted it on April Fools it's hard to say we can take it at face value. It's an interesting read none the less. The title of the post, and the mention of "Go" and "Shin" at the beginning, are all references to Getter Robo.

“The reason to fight with your life on the line lies within yourself, my friend.” 

And with that…

The title of season 3 has been announced as Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX!

Unlike many of you had guessed, it’s not “Go” or “Shin”! Too bad!

…That's what I had planned to write 2 weeks ago, but due to various adult reasons (mainly my own procrastination), I ended up updating the blog today of all days. Forgive me.

I would be happy if all you kind people could read this post with the same feelings in mind that you had right when the G marathon ended two weeks ago. (A selfish request)

Looking at the silhouette behind the logo and the slogan, it may seem far from suitable for Symphogear, but the truth is that the story will develop in that way.

It will be a happy and fun Symphogear! Because it’s summer!

…To the people expecting something like that I must profusely apologize. I can guarantee that it will be like summer in the sense that it will be burning hot. At least that’s what I’m absent-mindedly thinking as I try to ignore the suffering of my allergies.

At the current moment I can’t make any solid references to things that will happen, so my writing is becoming incredibly vague but for those of you interested in what GX’s story will contain I highly suggest taking a look at the report manga in the G Key Animation Note.

Although that was released awhile ago, and we did the interviews for it over half a year ago, ever since then we’ve proceeded to work on GX without any major transitions or changes.

Of course Nozaki-san, who wrote the report manga, put in a lot of jokes and often times the subject matter discussed was vague. Not to mention that the sequence of our conversations were shuffled slightly. Overall though, if we look back on it after GX has finished airing I’m sure we can say “See? We didn’t lie about anything, right?”

If you haven’t read it yet, please take the opportunity to do so. (Salesman smile)

Finally I have one more thing to add.

The title for season 3, “GX” is something I selfishly decided to add myself. With the story continuing on from G, the intention is that we will “reach the end of episode G.”

So that’s the real reason an “X” was added after the “G” but…

In baseball there is a mercy rule, when the teams have played at least seven innings and one team is ahead by over 10 points, the game ends with that team as the victor. At that time an × is displayed on the scoreboard, isn’t it?

Well we took that × and made it into an“X” for “GX.”

Of course right now we are still in the middle of working on the series, so the meaning of GX may end up expanding or changing, but at the outset it is intended as being “the end of episode G.”

What exactly I mean by that, well, you’ll find out if you watch GX when it begins airing in July, but…

What’s bothering all of you now is that this post is being published on April Fools Day.

Normally I’m not capable of joking when it comes to discussing the reasons behind my work, but the timing of this post makes it impossible to seem not suspicious.

Within today’s post, there certainly could be a lie mixed in somewhere, or the entire thing could be lie, or it could be the complete truth.

(It also seems like I procrastinated long enough to aim to publish this on April 1st)
To those of you who won’t be fooled by a tricky adult,
To those of you who can perceive the actual truth,
I leave you with this last piece of information. 

I’ll do my best while we work on the rest of the series! (<- This shouldn’t be a lie)

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