Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Symphogear BD/DVD volume 1 went on sale 3/28/12 in Japan. Yesterday, sales numbers were posted. Did Symphogear make a profit or did it bomb like most animu? The answer is neither: It did alright. Not bad, not great, but just about average. The surprise is that no one expected this.

The numbers:

DVD sales - 823 | Blu-ray sales - 3631

Total: 4,454 

So what does this mean? Well Symphogear was thankfully released on a rather slow week, meaning that it didn't have many other anime releases to compete with. In the end this probably worked in its favor in addition to the fact that the LE release included Kanade's character CD (which will not be sold individually, makes sense seeing as it only has 2 songs on it). In the end this doesn't mean Symphogear is going to get a 2nd season or any other further productions, but it does bode well for future merchandise. At the very least, Symphogear will be getting a live concert in Japan which I will cover in another post. 

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  1. Huh, and here I thought that Symphogear must have had a huge fanbase in Japan in order to get all these extra seasons, but these numbers make it look like it's just about a niche there as it is in America.

    Makes it feel like all of this was actually planned out from the start! (Which would actually give a lot of credibility to my theory that Symphogear is a giant metaphor for the five stages of grief)