Thursday, May 28, 2015

New magazine leaks reveal pajama outfits and interview details

Some lucky bastard got their hands on Megami magazine a full 2 days early. Unfortunately the pics are pretty low quality and all of the information about the interview is hearsay so I can't confirm it. I'm hoping to pick up my own copy very soon, but for now enjoy the spoils of the leak. Based on the school uniforms, GX takes place in Summer.

Snippets from the interview (unconfirmed): GX's story is inseparable from G, if G could be considered the "front" then GX is the "back." In other words, 2 parts of the same whole. Hibiki is the focus of the story, the weight of the plot will fall upon her. There are no new ally characters who will be come gear users, however there are new characters that appear who are a fundamental part of the story. Further, a strong new enemy will appear that, unlike in G, is capable keeping the Symphogear's power in check. 

Finally, there have been some rumors flying around about a new Symphogear-themed panchinko/slot machine that will be available this summer along with Marcoss F and Infinite Stratos...BUT these are only rumors flying around and I have yet to see anything concrete to confirm it. We should know for sure soon. 

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  1. Okay, not to be too weird about this subject but were you kind of hoping in seeing the characters in the swimsuit wear as seen in those official illustrations, as well as Chris's bunny girl outfit in animation format?