Wednesday, May 27, 2015

GX's ending theme title announced

Following up from her previous blog post, details regarding Ayahi's new single have been officially announced.

The title of the song is: "Rebirth-day"

There will be 3 editions available for sale on July 29th.

First-press limited edition - CD + DVD
1,713 yen (about $14)

Regular edition (first-press comes with digipack) - CD only
1,241 yen (about $9)

Anime limited edition - CD only
1,241 yen (about $9)

In other news, Nana also posted that she finished the photo shoot for the opening theme cover.

As usual, I did my best spartan posing! (lol) 
Today was the photo shoot for the jacket cover of my new single. (^o^)/
It will be the opening theme of "Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX," so we chose a cool cyber design to link it with the previous titles, "Synchrogazer" and "Vitalization." ☆
The makeup and outfit I used had a very "adult-like" feel to them and they were able to take many wonderful pictures. Everyone please look forward to when it's finished, okay? (*^^*)

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