Saturday, May 9, 2015

New GX designs revealed and more

The June issues of Newtype, Animedia and other magazines were just released in Japan today. Inside were some new looks at the designs in Symphogear GX. You can see comparisons of the new gear designs after the jump. Additionally, Nana Mizuki posted on her blog describing some of her experience recording Tsubasa's songs for GX.

New gear design comparison images:




Nana Mizuki's blog post:

The Summer of Superb Songs is coming!

Finally, the day has come for me to step in the shoes of a sentinel for a third time! (lol)
Today I had a character song recording session for the anime "Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX," which begins airing this July. o(^_^)o This time around the already intense story will get even more heated, and all the girls will have a variety of songs! The first song we recorded at today's session put me through the wringer right away! (lol) However, as I stood there getting all covered in sweat I felt empowered! I thought,"This is Symphogear!!" In the end my body and throat were sore and I was at my limit. (lol) We will start the after recording sessions soon. ☆ Myself and everyone at Team Symphogear will pour our hearts and souls into making this the most hot-blooded series!!

The magazines also revealed, to no one's surprise, that episode 1 of GX will feature the Maria/Tsubasa concert scene complete with their new outfits and new song. 

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  1. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Maria x Tsubasa become a duet????????????????? *O*