Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blog updates from staff and cast

Kaneko, Nana and Ayahi all updated their blogs with posts relating to GX and the opening of the official site. The site also updated with a list of the magazines from next month that we should look at for new info. As we get closer and closer to the airing date, the info should keep flooding in. I will do my best to keep on top of it, but I'm already feeling overwhelmed!

Upcoming magazine publications with publicity for GX:

On sale: May 30th
Megami Magazine July Issue - Article
NyanType Magazine July Issue - Article

On sale: June 10th
Animedia Magazine July Issue - Includes new pin-up poster and Kaneko Akifumi interview
Newtype Magazine July Issue - Includes new art spread and Kaneko Akifumi interview 
Animage Magazine July Issue - Article

Nana Mizuki's new blog post

Happy Birthday Tsubasa-san~☆☆☆
Today is Tsubasa-san's Birthday!
...And so, I went to another recording session for "Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX" *\(^o^)/*
The details regarding the song we worked on today are still are a secret...
But I will say that it's a very cool song that displays many of the qualities of Tsubasa-san...☆
Anyway, I want everyone to listen to it soon!
That's all I've been able to think about lately. ♪♪♪
So please, please look forward to when it starts airing in July! (≧∇≦)

Ayahi Takagai's new blog post

In High Spirits
Good evening, everyone! Lately I've been doing my best while practicing, but we've also been working hard on the production of my new single ♪
Recently I went to a photoshoot for the cover! The visual style we've chosen is still a secret, but...
It was a challenge to put a new, more cooler look to it than we did with the previous Symphogear singles. However, we successfully completed the shoot, and it's a cool jacket cover that matches the contents of the song!
The outfit and make-up we used was a wonderful new challenge for me, so I got excited and was able to finish the shoot in really high spirits! (lol)
The designer who I've worked with from my very first single gave me a nice compliment, he said "You've really become an adult." ♪
Oh! I really want to hurry and show everyone!!
I also discovered a new side of myself thanks to this! (ノ▽≦*)
I'm planning to unveil the single very soon, so look forward to it! In fact!
This week on my radio program "Takagaki Ayahi's Hallelujah for Tomorrow," the news embrago will officially end so please listen to it!

Kaneko's new blog post

Official Site now open
And with it comes the unbelievable reveal of the character profiles.
Usually I don't like to share this part of the story details unless its absolutely necessary, but there were so many requests that I decided to let it out in the open this time.
I'm really thankful to everyone who worked with me during production.
Actually, there's more that went on behind the scenes, but it's not a big secret.
Originally the site was supposed to open slightly later than when it did.
But if we had done that, it would have been after Tsubasa's birthday.
Although it was a bit unreasonable and reckless, I asked them to work so that we could open the site as early as possible.
I mean. Somehow it just seemed appropriate to open the site so that the first birthday we could celebrate would be that of the user of the first relic.
Of course, after this, the birthday order and relic order don't stay the same.
But I'm incredibly grateful to the website staff for going along with my selfish request.
And I'm very appreciative to all of you out there who celebrated our sentinel's birthday.
The steadily progressing Symphogear GX!
It won't be long before the TV airing begins, so from here on out the official site should be updating more frequently. Please check it so you don't miss out on any of the new information!


  1. Thank you for everything you do Zoid :D Symphogear is one of my all time favourite anime and it is really awesome that there is someone like you who does all these translations.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm glad you enjoy Symphogear ^^