Monday, May 18, 2015

Nana Mizuki talks about Symphogear GX's story

This week on her radio program "Smile Gang," Nana Mizuki talked with her co-host, Misato Fukuen, about her work on Symphogear GX. She had a few comments about her experience writing the lyrics for the opening theme and how it related to the story.

At the beginning of the show, Nana talked a bit about the 1-week period it took her to write the lyrics for the GX opening. She said that before she started to write she read the entire scenario for GX. While the story carries on the spirit of the previous seasons, she said that this time it is particularly heavy. After she first read it, she felt the need to go for a drive as a change of pace to clear her head. She mentioned that when she wrote the lyrics for "Vitalization" it only took her a total of 2 days, but this time around it took a full 7. She spent a lot of time worrying about it and it was very difficult, although she couldn't reveal the specific details of why. Overall she said that the story, while hot-blooded like the previous seasons, is fairly more sordid than before. When she first read the scenario it hit her pretty hard emotionally and although she intended to start writing the lyrics that day, she found herself unable to and feel asleep early. She spent the whole week sleeping on her sofa. On a related note she mentioned that when Kaneko finished writing the script, he was affected by a mysterious illness and had him bedridden for the following 3 weeks. Further, Agematsu also took a far longer time than normal to finish the songs for GX. Luckily, Nana didn't find herself sick after the end of it all, but it seems that the developments of GX are taking their toll on the staff...

What exactly will happen in GX remains unclear, but it seems obvious we should start bracing ourselves now.


  1. My body is ready! I really want to see what happens with Maria.

    1. The hell with Maria, I want the bersek Hibiki back *-*

    2. But.. but... muh Airgetlam!

    3. If the logo is any indication, berserk Biki will make a return. It's actually somewhat concerning because I suspect the others will likely end up fighting her in that form.

      I'm excited about Maria too though. I've never understood while a large section of the fandom consistently rags on her for being "useless" when she was responsible for moving the F.I.S. plot forward many times in G. I feel like many people felt betrayed when her tough exterior actually had a fragile woman underneath, but that depth made me like her more. I'm hoping she gets a chance in the spotlight during GX and to show up the haters.

    4. If the concert in episode one is any indication, I think something bad will happen during it (again). In which she'll probably get to fight alongside Tsubasa, getting the spotlight from the start. I sure hope so.