Wednesday, July 19, 2017

XD Translation Corner #1

With the release of 3.5, we have our first canon story being told through XD. It sets up some of the events of AXZ and answers the question of what Maria did in England as well as how the Alchemists got their hands on some of the sacrists we've seen them use. Today I start working to recap the events of the story.

Symphogear 3.5 - Connect Heart Beyond the Time

Episode 1: Warm-up

As per usual, Hibiki has overslept and now she is running late along with Miku. They dash to their destination. They have plans to meet with their 3 friends: Itaba, Ando and Terashima.

Miku: Sorry we’re late everyone.
Ando: It’s okay, Hibiki overslept again didn’t she?
Hibiki: Gah! How did you know? Are you an ESPer??
Ando: It’s not hard to figure out considering your usual routine. 
Terashima: And the fact you’ve still got bed head. 
Hibiki: What!? No way!! 
Itaba: Geez, you really are just like an anime character.

The group goes shopping. Hibiki helps Miku pick out a new outfit for the summer weather. After they make their purchases they see a flyer for a Greece and Egypt exhibit. Itaba is surprised to see that Hibiki is interested in it. Hibiki says the inside of a museum is the perfect, cool place to be in during summer. The exhibit isn’t open until next week, Hibiki encourages the group to go if they have an opportunity. As the day comes to an end the group converses.

Itaba: Sigh…time flies when you’re having fun. Today was about as short as that part of anime that comes before the opening theme. 
Ando: What are we going to do next? Should we grab dinner and head home?
Terashima: How about we head over to Flower for some okonomiyaki? 
Hibiki: Oh, that’s a great idea. We haven’t been there in awhile. 
Itaba: So we’re all agreed? Then let’s go!! 
Hibiki: Oh, wait. I forgot, I actually can’t go today.
And: What’s up Bikki? 
Hibiki: After this I promised to join Chris to help train Shirabe and Kirika.
Miku: Oh, I see…
Hibiki: Sorry everyone.
Terashima: Well it can’t be helped, you made a promise. 
Itaba: So are you still okay on time?
Hibiki: Ahahaha…actually if I don’t go now I won’t make it…
Ando: Then you better get going. Can’t afford too be late twice in one day, Bikki. 
Hibiki: See you later then!

Hibiki meets up with Chris. Shirabe and Kirika are already training. The goal of the training is to raise their link coefficient with the hopes of reducing the burden that LiNKER puts upon them. After the training Chris compliments them on their progress.

Chris: Heh. You did alright in there. 
Kirika: It was nothing! Dealing with these weak ass Noise is a piece of cake!
Shirabe: Kiri-chan, watch your mouth.
Hibiki: …That must be Chris’ influence?
Chris: Hey! What the hell do you mean by that?!
Shirabe: Kiri-chan is looking up to Chris-senpai…
Kirika: You know I only have eyes for you Shirabe!
Shirabe: Kiri-chan…
Kirika: Shirabe…
Chris: Do that stuff at home!!

At Kirika’s insistence Chris raises the difficultly level of the training, however none of it is a challenge for them. Kirika proclaims she is in top form today and is ready to take on any challenge. In response, Chris plans a special opponent for them to face. Of course that is none other than Hibiki and Chris themselves. Despite the odds Kirika and Shirabe win the match. Chris and Hibiki leave, and Kirika remarks that despite their “victory” the fact that the other two didn’t even have to catch their breath is a sign of their monstrous strength. Shirabe says that it's natural given the fact they were holding back and giving them a handicap.

Kirika: Handicap? Whaddya mean?
Shirabe: As Symphogear Adaptors, we sing to gain power from phonic gain while we fight. Right?
Kirika: Of course, isn’t that obvious? What’re you trying to say?
Shirabe: You didn’t notice? Those two hardly sang at all while we were fighting just now. 
Kirika: Are you serious?!
Shirabe: …Yes. 
Kirika: We…we have a long way to go. 

Shirabe and Kirika are disheartened by the fact that despite their link coefficient being raised, they are still unable to use the gear without LiNKER. Hibiki says that at their current level they can handle most opponents without problems, however when faced with overwhelming opponents like the Auto-Scorers Chris warns them not to forcibly raise their phonic gain due to the backfire it could bring upon them. Chris asks them not to act recklessly from here on out, despite it saving them during the fight against Carol. Chris says she doesn’t want to have to face Tsubasa and Maria in the event that something should happen to them under her care.

Seeing the two of them still disheartened, Chris lets them in on a secret. She tells them that she activated Solomon’s Cane, but in order to do so she had to train for 6 months to raise her link coefficient to a level high enough to produce a suitable amount of phonic gain. She tells them that they shouldn’t worry about it and don’t have to rush - it takes time to become strong.

Chris: That’s all I have to say. Got it? From here on out don’t do anything reckless no matter what.
Kirika: Okay, I got it.
Shirabe: We’ll do our best. 
Chris: That’s what I like to hear.
Hibiki: Wow Chris! You’re such a reliable senpai!
Chris: I keep telling you to stop making fun of me! *smack*
Hibiki: Ow! That hurts, Chris… Why won’t you be nicer to me…I’m under your wing too
Chris: Stop being weird! In the first place, if you’re under my wing you should act like it!
Hibiki: Well…Chris is still Chris to me. 
Chris: Okay, enough. Today’s the day I teach you what happens when you make fun your senpai! 
Hibki: Chris?! S-top! T-tickling is unfair! Haha! Hahahahaha! Stooooop!

Episode 2: A New Threat

On the bridge, Genjuro checks on the progress being made on Dr. Ver’s chip. Fujitaka tells him that because of the complicated encryption put upon it they have only been able to figure out fragments of it at this point in time. All they know is that a new recipe for LiNKER is included in the data. Fujitaka complains all of this is causing him to work more and more overtime. Aoi remarks that it means he gets paid more so he should be happy. He responds that he has no free time to put his salary to good use. Genjuro apologizes to the both of them for their extra work. He asks for more details on what they’ve found. Fujitaka tells him they have pretty much nothing. They don’t understand what part of the brain plays a role in connecting the gear to the human body, even with Elfnein’s knowledge.

Elfnein explains that she only understands the more mechanical aspects of the gear - such as the converter and limiter. They plan to cross-reference Ver’s data with the data left behind by Ryoko once they have the full picture, but it will take some time to get there. Genjuro remarks that the loss of Ryoko, Ver and Nastassja is a big blow to humanity as they were some of the rare few who understood how sacrists and black tech works. However, he vows they won’t give up and will push forward no matter what.

Meanwhile, back in the training room Shirabe and Kirka request more time from Chris. Chris agrees but only on the condition they change up the pairs. She remarks that in battle there is no guarantee that Kirika and Shirabe will always be working together, so they should learn to work with everyone in order to be strong. Hibiki is impressed Chris puts that much thought into it. Chris responds by saying Hibiki never puts thought into anything. They agree to split into teams consisting of 1 long-range and 1 close-range fighter: Hibiki/Shirabe and Kirika/Chris. The battle ends in favor of Kirika/Chris. Hibiki and Shirabe apologize to each other for not being able to adequately support the other.

Chris: Well, I might have raised the difficultly level too high in asking you to support an idiot like this. 
Hibiki: Eh?! Is it really that much of a hassle to be on a team with me??
Chris: Isn’t that obvious? You’re always running off and never think about what its like to be in my shoes!
Hibiki: That’s harsh…lately you’ve been nothing but hard on me Chris. Even though I’m one of your cute juniors too…
Chris: I just don’t give any breaks to those that don’t respect me. 
Hibiki: Oh come on…just look at me, what if I get up real close like this? 
Chris: B-back off! Don’t cling on to me! It’s gross! 

Suddenly an alarm goes off. They hurry to the bridge and find out that 10 minutes ago an accident occurred on the Alexandria cruise ship in Tokyo harbor. An investigation request was dispatched to SONG in this regard. Genjuro explains they don’t know the details but a paranormal form was sighted on the scene and can’t be ignored. They agree to head there despite it not being clear if there are enemies like the Alca-NOISE present or not. Elfnein asks them to be careful because she has a bad feeling about it.

They reach the cruise ship and meet up with SONG agents already on the scene. They explain that because of the panic caused aboard the ship they haven’t been able to get any clear information about what the mysterious paranormal figure was, but they finished evacuating the ship. Chris, Hibiki, Shirabe and Kirika board the ship to investigate.

Hibiki: The storage area of this ship sure is big…
Kirika: It’s dark and creepy…seems like something could jump out at any time…
Chris: Y-You idiot! Don’t jinx us! 
Hibiki: Oh? Chris? Are you afraid of ghosts or something?
Chris: W-w-w-what are you saying?! M-me? N-n-n-never! 
Hibiki: (Hahaha, her voice is totally giving the truth away…)
Shirabe: Not only is it dark, but there’s a lot of stuff in here. We should proceed carefully.
Hibiki: Is it just me…or is there some mist floating around in here?
Kirika: You’re right…it’s hard to see further ahead 
Kirika: DESS! S-s-s-shirabe! O-o-o-over there!
Shirabe: What’s wrong Kiri-chan?
Kirika: You didn’t see it?! Over there! Something floated above the boxes!
Chris: Eek! Y-you idiot! S-stop saying stuff like that! Y-your eyes are just playing tricks!
Hibiki: Chris you look like you’re about to cry. 
Chris: N-no I’m not. I just got some dust in my eye, that’s all. 

Suddenly a mysterious black ghost figure floats through the room.

Chris: Something’s hereeeeee!!
Kirika: Eeeek! 
Hibiki: H-hold on, what’re you doing Chris?!
Shirabe: If you grab on to me like that I can’t move!
Shirabe: Ah, Hibiki! Over there!
Hibiki: Shirabe, you too? Are you trying to say there’s a ghost….oh my god there is!
Shirabe: No, it’s not a ghost. It seems to be some sort of paranormal existence given form.
Hibiki: It kinda looked like a balloon, but as long as its not a ghost!
Chris: What’re you planning on doing, you can’t be…?
Hibiki: Exactly what you think!
Chris: You idiot! Don’t! You’ll curse us all!
Hibiki: HIYAAA! 

Hibiki: It’s okay! Attacks work on them!
Shirabe: Even though we didn’t know anything you just went straight in…
Hibiki: Wait…there wasn’t just one? We’re surrounded! 
Chris: See! I told you! You cursed us!
Kirika: Don’t come closer!! 
Shirabe: Do you two still think they’re ghosts? 
Hibiki: I don’t know what their deal is, but if they attack us then I’ll deal with them!
Shirabe: I’ve got your back! 

After the battle with the mysterious enemy, Shirabe and Hibiki find themselves alone. Chris and Kirika had ran out of the room. Despite calling for them, they don’t reply and they can’t contact HQ on their comms either. They decide to search the rest of the ship, assuming they will join back up with the other two eventually. Meanwhile Chris and Kirika are on their own.

Chris: I need to find some wood to knock on…
Kirika: C-Chris-senpai, are you afraid of ghosts? 
Chris: ………….
Chris: Listen, everybody has at least 1 or 2 things they can’t deal with.
Chris: And actually, look who’s talking? Aren’t you shaking in your boots over there?
Kirika: I’m j-just fine over here. W-where are we anyway? 
Chris: Don’t ask me! I just ran over here randomly like you did!
Kirika: Huh?! I ran over here after you thinking you had an idea!
Kirika: And now we don’t know where Hibiki and Shirabe are even! What are we gonna do!?
Chris: Shut up! Don’t think you can just rely on me for everything-

More black phantoms appear in front of them.

Chris: Wah! 
Kirika: What’s wrong, don’t tell me-
Chris: T-they’re here! 
Kirika/Chris: G-G-GHOOOOOOSTS!
Chris: Don’t come any closer!! *shoots*
Chris: Huh? They took the hit and vanished? These…aren’t ghosts!
Kirika: Oh yeah…it looked like Hibiki did the same earlier. I’ll give it a try too!
Kirika: Take this!
Kirika: Yeah! We can hit them! They can’t scare us now!

They successfully fight them off. Meanwhile Hibiki and Shirabe are still searching for the other two. Hibiki notices that some of the luggage in the hold hasn’t been secured properly, Shirabe guesses that the crew might have abandoned it while doing an inspection. The contents are mostly paintings and other works of art. They come across a strange stone that looks similar to a cog wheel. Hibiki remembers it from the flyer for the Greece/Egypt exhibit she saw earlier in the day. They get attacked by another group of black phantoms and fend them off, arriving at the ship’s giant central hall. There they meet up again with Chris and Kirika who remark they also saw similar cargo in other parts of the ship, but Chris thought it was simply junk. They realize that none of their communication equipment is working and they can’t get in touch with Genjuro. They wonder if the black phantoms have something to do with this.

Kirika suggests they retreat and make contact with HQ before proceeding forward. Chris is hesitant to do so because it means going through the ship all over again. Suddenly Chris shoots into the darkness and the others leap in surprise. Chris claims she sensed something very strange and Hibiki notices that the black phantoms are swirling together into a larger form. Chris notices a strange mark appear before it changes shape into a large cat like monster: the Sphinx.

It attacks them with force and they fight it off. It fades into a mist like substance and vanishes, however Hibiki notices a shining crystal like object at its center which flies away. They give chase and watch as the light source gets absorbed into one of the exhibit pieces. It’s Tutankhamun’s death mask. Shirabe and Kirika lose their strength and collapse. Chris and Hibiki also feel their power being sucked away by something and fall to the floor as well.



  1. Lmao that training scene between the girls was hilarious. Of course Kirika picked up Chris foul language and I'm just imagining Hibiki trying to hug Chris while she's shoving at her face to get away from her XD. Also wow Elfnien is looking more and more like Carol and its interesting to hear about Chris needing 6 months to train to activate Solomon's Cane. Didn't they mention somehwere that it took her a year to activate? So I guess 6 months to train and another 6 to activate perhaps? If anything we can be thankful for is that XDU helps give us more background info and trivia.

    1. Which mean there are 50-50 chance we get Genocide!!! Or Faust Robe Carol Version to say