Friday, July 14, 2017

AXZ Keywords #2 and website update

It's Friday which means new keywords and new updates to the site. This week we got a few new character pages in addition to the next episode preview. Meanwhile, today also marks the beginning of the 3.5 story quest being available in XD. Expect more info as I find time to play through it.

Episode Preview

Symphogear AXZ Episode 3 -Horoscope of Gears-

Fireworks shoot into the air like a beacon. They rise with the curtain upon the stage.
The silhouette reflected in the eye of the star, drives its feelings toward eternity. 
The throbbing heart that signifies love leaves no doubt in the truth of the dream.
The cursed blade trapped within the cage shall be unsheathed. 
The meaning behind those innocent words of encouragement, only one truly knows. 

New Character Profiles

Sonia Virena

A woman who is a resident of the Valverde Commonwealth. She is the oldest of 9 siblings and currently serves as their mother figure. In the past, she shared the same dream as Chris' parents and supported them through volunteer work. She has a fairly impatient personality and cannot even wait the few minutes required to make cup noodles.

Stephan Virena

A young boy who lives in the Valverde Commonwealth. He is the oldest boy out of 9 siblings. However, he is also the youngest of all his siblings. As a result of being raised around nothing but older sisters, he has a strong sense of justice and is always quick to action. He likes soccer and loves Japanese anime.

New Character Song Info

AXZ Single #5 - Kirika Akatsuki

1 - Dangerous Sunshine
2 - Happy Smile Vacation


Power of God

The "absolute power" sought by the Bavarian Illuminati. The result of centuries of research performed by those involved with Saint Germain, it has finally reached a completed form. The "Power of God" created through the lives of many sacrifices is a pure high level energy with no true shape or color. However, through the influence of thought it was reformed into a "weapon" designed with a specific goal. In the Valverde experiment, it was given form through the envisionment of the South American god known as Youaltepuztli. As a result it manifested in a terrifying and monstrous form that immediately assaulted Fujitaka and Tomosato as they were on reconnaissance.

It has offensive capabilities that can overwhelm even the Symphogear system, however more than that it has the ability to offset damage done to it by sacrificing one version of itself in a parallel universe. This ability that transcends the realm of logic makes it essentially invincible and therefore is its greatest strength. After it reached its completed form, it became possible for any Alchemist to summon and utilize it. However, in the battle at the Escalon Airport it took Hibiki's punch and was completely obliterated before it could make use of its nearly invincible ability.

Tiki Statue

A female doll trapped within an amber crystal. Several hundred years ago it sunk and was lost to the sea, becoming dormant. However, during the great world war it was discovered and recovered by a U-boat attached to the German Navy. The results of the investigation done at that time determined that it was something developed using unknown technology and techniques and was thus labeled a "sacrist." However nothing regarding how it could be used was determined and became nothing more than something that sat in storage. After the war ended it was taken to the Valverde Commonwealth by a defecting soldier and had remained there until now.


The daily life of the Adaptors. It has been thought that the most important aspect of being able to control the Symphogear's power is not high physical strength or incredible reflexes, but rather stability in ones mental state. However, if that is the case then why do the Adaptors go through such intense training on a regular basis? That is to create a strong belief in themselves. To raise their level of "self-confidence." How much can they love themselves, as they fight to stay true to their beliefs? As long as they believe in themselves, they will always have someone to depend on and can survive even the worst of situations. With that in mind, suitable training menus are prepared for each of them individually. One could simply say that this is just the result of their will-power, but in reality each Adaptor has shown a slight rise in their link coefficient which has improved their fighting strength as well.

"That's why it's not cheating if I use roller blades, Kiri-chan"
"That still doesn't sound right to me. It's like they're just blowing smoke!"

The Fundamentals of Cuteness

There are people who like dogs, and people who like cats. Everybody is unique.


  1. Omg finally tsubasa sings!!!

    The symphogear 3.5 is a game! And is so cool
    Thanks for the translate!

  2. Thanks for the translations as always.
    Would you please also translate the Chris's second song? Seems like her album was missed.

  3. Does anyone know what this weeks special AXZ mission is in XD? I can't figure it out.

    1. IDK, got it pretty easily, think it's for bringing Tsubasa.

    2. Not entirely sure myself. It says "use the character(s) who sang second in episode 3" but technically the 2nd song was Tsuba/Hibi/Chris singing their triplet. I cleared it by using those 3 in a team, but it might also just be one of them.

    3. I had Kanade, Tsubasa and Chris when I cleared it, FWIW.

    4. Thanks. I just put Tsubasa, Chris and Hibiki into a team and used that 10 times to complete it.

  4. Anybody know a good easy quest to hunt Millipod Noise? Their the big octopus looking ones with many legs. Need them for the weekly quest. Also bad luck with the Gacha strikes again. That moment you already got a 5* and the gacha gives you another copy instead of one you want/need. Also it looks like that you loose points and start over on your rank if you don't get to the next rank before the weekly ranking ends in VS Mode. I was 4 freaking points away to Rank up to F3 but then it closed and when I looked again I was 1100 inteads of 1396. Ticks me off so much =/. And as much as I like the Ignites its annoying as heck to fight them or any other Unit in VS Mode who can paralyze you. At least poison and burn let you fight and can be dealt with. Paralyze is too OP and takes the fight out of it and makes it unfair =/.

  5. Well the good thing about 3.5 is that it's short and from the looks of it their gonna release an Event for it too so look forward to whenever you decide to translate them. I am veeeery curious about it. Now to work on getting Hajimari no Babel because HNNNNNNNNNG DAT SONG.
    On other notes, does anyone know a good easy quest to hunt Millipod Noise? The ones that look like giant octopus with many legs. Need them for the Weekly Quests.
    Also, that moment in Gacha when you get a 5 star but its already one you have when you were hoping for one you want/need.
    And that other moment when you realize that, if you don't Rank-Up in VS Mode before the weekly ranking ends, the points you had earn will reset to the start of your current Rank. I was at 1396, just 4 points to F3 but then the week ended and when I looked again I was at 1100. So freaking mad about that =/. Also, even though I like the Ignite Units it sure is freaking annoying to deal with them in VS Mode. Them and any Unit with paralysis. Obviously they would come in handy in those pesky story quests but nothing like loosing a fair looking fight because they stun your whole party on the first shot because RNG. Even worse when you awaken/limit break the things because the chances for effects grow higher. At least burn and poison let you fight and can be dealt with. Not so for paralyze/stun. Makes it so freaking unfair =/. For the record people, the last team you use [or set/try to use and click the button but ran out of BP and didn't notice] during VS Mode is probably the team that others will see when they fight you. I would very much like to at least reach those S1-30k points cause I doubt I'll ever Rank 1 but it would be nice to know I can get a solid 50 Gems a week without worry =/.