Friday, July 21, 2017

AXZ Keywords #3 and website update

It's Friday which means it's time for a new dump of info from the official site. They actually included a special interview with Yuka and Aoi too this week, but unfortunately I won't have time to TL that right now. Hopefully sometime next week.

Episode Preview

Symphogear AXZ Episode 4 -Golden Training-

A moment of conflict occurs unexpectedly. However, it's conclusion is inevitable. 
Sparks fly at the verge of death, but that light is also a ray of hope. 
And so one punch will be thrown with a light that brings the dawn. 
That which was put into the corpse of passion, shall vanish and leave it empty again.
The words stained into the heart, reveal their meaning upon reflection. 

New Character Profiles


Long ago... created by the Director, Adam Weishaupt, Tiki is an Auto-Scorer designed to record and observe planetary motion. As a one-off created for a unique purpose she was never given a specific designation. However, at some point she began referring to herself as "Tiki." The name carries the meaning of "the first man on earth," which is a meaning shared with "Adam" and demonstrates her desire to stand next to him.

New Character Song Info

AXZ Single #6 - Shirabe Tsukuyomi

1 - Melodious Moonlight
2 - Draft Folder


Summer Homework - Update

The second semester has already begun, yet as per usual her homework remains unfinished. The staff of Lydian Music Academy are aware of Hibiki's special circumstances and have simply granted her an extension, never an exemption. This is not the result of strict rules, but rather the result of their kindness. Despite her unique situation, they treat her the same as all the other students. (Whether this comes across or not to Hibiki herself seems largely doubtful however...)

Tiki Statue - Update

Revived from her dormant state by the power of the Antikythera Mechanism, Tiki has resumed her duties as a recorder of planetary motion by updating her star charts. She does not possess any direct offensive abilities. In order to achieve the goals of the Bavarian Illuminati, she has joined Saint Germain. She has the personality of a girl who is in love with love, and always wants to see the object of her affection. She has a dream that by having such a passionate romance, she will one day be more than just a doll. Perhaps its for that reason, but since she has awoken she's become obsessed with reading shojo manga. 

Curse of Balal 

A "curse" that hinders humanity's ability to communicate and reach mutual understanding. In the distant past the rulers of humanity, known as the Custodians, remodeled Earth's moon into a device that emitted the Curse of Balal and blocked our shared language. Ever since the loss of the Unified Language, humanity has suffered through numerous conflicts. 

Adam Weishaupt

The person who exists at the top of the hierarchy of the Bavarian Illuminati that the Alchemists belong to, he is the Director of the organization. He himself is a super high-class alchemist and can utilize all of the alchemy that his subordinates use, but even better. 


One of the Alchemists means of communication, which utilizes an exchange of sympathy force. It enables communication between subjects that are far apart. Normally, both the sender and receiver are required to be telepaths for it to work. However, high-class practitioners (Telepath Mages) are able to convert the mind's thought signals into a physical form, which allows communication with individuals who are not telepaths. For Director Adam Weishaupt, his thoughts when given physical form turned into an old-fashioned phone. It not only made it possible for him to communicate with Tiki, who is not a telepath, but it also functions as a highly encrypted communication signal that is very difficult for third parties to intercept. 

Ignite Module

A combat booster that was developed after the analysis of the "berserk" mechanism that was only previously observed in a very rare case of human/sacrist fusion. It was added into the Symphogear system after it suffered damaged from the Alca-Noise. The mechanism that triggers it utilizes a fragment of the cursed sword Dáinsleif. The command word necessary to activate it is "Unsheathe." The Ignite Module grants the user a high increase in energy output and durability for a short period of time. Because the threats that accompany the berserk form are still present, the module is furnished with 3 different levels of safeties to ensure that the Adaptor will not lose their mind when using it. Each time a safety is released, the berserk energy is more purely focused into the user’s combat potential. However there is a time limit attached (a count of 999), that starts from when the first stage of Unsheathe (Nigendo) is activated. From there if the user proceeds to the second grade (Albedo) or beyond (Rubedo), the energy gets used up at an even faster rate and upon use will naturally exhaust the count faster. When the count becomes 0 the system will forcibly cancel the Symphogear, even if the user is in the middle of a battle, and therefore depending on the circumstances may expose the Adaptor to even further danger.


A chemical that does the opposite of LiNKER by forcibly reducing the Adaptor's link coefficients. When their link coefficient is reduced it increases the affect of the gear's backfire upon them, which drastically limits their combat potential and is effectively a deadly poison to them. 


  1. Are you going to translate Chris' second character song title? It's the only Japanese character song that hasn't been translated yet.

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