Monday, July 3, 2017

General weekly update #1

So you may have noticed that Symphogear has exploded in the past few days. It's hard to keep up with everything going on and I am personally trying to stay focused on a few things as we move forward. Since today is Monday I've decided to begin a weekly update post to keep track of a number of things going on such as merchandise releases and XD Missions/Events.

Weekly Missions for XD
Song Stones x 15 - Complete all weekly missions
4* Song sheet x 5 - Defeat 50 Crawl Noise during quests
4* Song sheet x 5 - Awaken a Symphogear card twice
4* Song sheet x 5 - Enhance a Symphogear card 10 times
Awaken Gems x 15 - Limit Break a Symphogear card once
Awaken Gems x 10 - Limit Break a Memoria card once
Gold x 3 - Using Hibiki and Kirika in your party clear 30 quests
Gold x 3 - Use plus materials on Symphogear cards 5 times
1* Score book x 3 - Get 30 cards from the gacha (including friend)
2* Score book x 3 - Win in the battle arena 50 times

Monthly Magazine Release Info
July 10th - Newtype August Issue: New original art and interview with Aoi Yuki
July 10th - Animedia August Issue: New original pinup art and interview with series director Ono
July 19th - CUT Magazine August Issue: Interview and photospread with entire main cast
July 19th - Anican Special Issue: Interview with animation producer Kazuya Sasaki
July 26th - Pick-Up Voice Magazine vol 114: Interview and photospread with Aoi, Nana and Ayahi

Blu-ray Release Info
Vol 1 - Sept 27
Includes: Episode 1 premiere talk show, CD w/ "Resounding Infinity" and "Melodic Sorority"
Vol 2 - Oct 25
Vol 3 - Nov 22
Vol 4 - Dec 27
Vol 5 - Jan 24
Vol 6 - Feb 21

Upcoming Releases
July 5 - AXZ Character CD 1: Hibiki
July 7 - Symphogear GX Anthology Manga
July 7 - Symphogear Radio Episode 3 (Special Guest Ayahi)
July 8 - Symphogear AXZ Episode 2
July 12 - AXZ Character CD 2: Maria

Upcoming Birthdays 
Yuka Iguchi (Miku) - July 11
Nanjo Yoshino (Shirabe) - July 12
Yoko Hikasa (Maria) - July 16

XD Resources
A complete overview of the XD menus with accompanying english text is available here!
Credit to Arbitor on Twitter!

Visit the in-progress wiki for info on the current event.
If you have experience editing wiki or making templates contact me to join the project!


  1. in your youtube video i heard you talk about special themed gachas like ninja hibiki from datamines do you have a link to that?

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  3. Do you have a link to kanade's unreleased song?

  4. Apparently, according to the link below, the official CN stream gave us the Japanese lyrics for the SONG trio song "Gekisho Infinity" and Hibiki's "Makenai Ai ga Koko ni Aru" (no info on the FIS trio "Senritsu Sorority" and the Bavarian trio "Shitou Ewigkait"). Do you know if anyone is planning to translate them?

  5. I just noticed there is one song in the Song Missions in XD that says Unreleased. Do you know what the requirement for it is?

    1. Use Kanade in your party and clear 50 quests. It's her new song exclusive to the game, "Backlit Resolve"

  6. I thought you were going to stop supporting crack shit? I addressed everything you said back in the comments of your other blog update, and you're still spreading about crack shit that degrades and demeans the characters on twitter.

    Really, stop damaging the fan base by propagating low quality content that bastardizes the characters.

  7. Really, what will it take to convince that you're wrong for liking images of crack pairs and Hibiki getting fucked by random faceless men.
    You claim you're an "obsessed fan", but anyone with a brain just sees you as a shallow self serving tool. Because all your actions reflect you shitting on the characters and degrading them.

  8. Also, you're clearly a lair, which is another negative character trait.
    You said you would address what I said if I kept it off the blog and spoke to you through e-mails.
    Clearly that was a lie, because I sent that e-mail two month ago.

    1. Boy, am I glad to see you! I've really wanted to ask your advice, but it's hard to find you when you go anonymous 😉. When I'm watching a show, any show, can I objectively know which pairs are canon and which ones are crack? I've always admired your conviction as you told everyone else what degrades the characters, and I just wish I knew how to do it myself! And most of all, it is so cool how you are so knowledgeable about what all the other fans think, that you are qualified to speak for the entire fan base and call out things that damage it. Please, how can I do what you do?!? Please don't let me down, I know you wouldn't be this cool and confident if you didn't have the answer!

    2. Leaving aside your blatant sarcasm and ignorance.
      How can you honestly not tell what is and isn't a crack or canon pair? A crack pairs means there are literally no romantic feelings between the characters portrayed in the image, and a canon pair is when they have explicit romantic feelings for each other. Not exactly hard to figure out.

      And what else is not hard to figure out is how you're not actually a fan of the series, thus not a part of the fan base. Just because you claim to like the series doesn't mean you actually do, and it doesn't mean that you actually like the series, you just like the self gratification you get from it. Like a pedophile saying he "loves" children.

      What does and does not damage the fan base is not up to personal view points. That's like saying it's a personal view point whether a tree is on fire or not. The fan base is an object, and you can observe what happens to that object, then judge its state of quality.

      Say the fan base is like a public part. And then you have hoodlums come into said part and spray paint everything. Sure, they "like" the park as a place to go and destroy, but they don't actually like the park. Because you're slow in the head, in this analogy, obvious spray paint is crack images, and hoodlums are crack shippers.

    3. No! I'm so sorry I sounded sarcastic! It's just that, with a small English-speaking fandom like Symphogear has, it's not a guarantee there'll be anybody with an opinion worth a shit, you know? Much less an opportunity to actually talk to them. Thanks, by the way, for getting back to me so quickly. Anyway, I got a little excited and blurted out what I thought sounded polite and again, I'm really sorry I upset you.
      So, I understand the basics of semiotics and communicating intent, but clarity isn't always a priority for some creators. A key component of audience engagement is unpredictability, which means a show will try to mislead the audience. If there's romantic or relationship drama, viewers will keep watching to see the resolution of the will-they-won't-they tension, or love triangle, or whatever. Thus, it is in the creators' best interest to maintain that ambiguity, because that's what gets ratings. With that in mind, finding a canon pairing requires seeing through all the bullshit of a creator who is trying with all their might to convince you it could be anyone, because this is their job, they have to make money, and they know if they cynically tease a certain pairing, it will get ratings. It's the essence of capitalism.
      So I'll ask again: how do you tell a real pairing, explicitly supported by the text, from a fake one, also explicitly supported by the text because the creators are filthy liars who manipulate people's feelings for profit?

    4. It's extremely obvious what you're trying to do when you say things like "so knowledgeable about what all the other fans think, that you are qualified to speak for the entire fan base " that you are being very hyperbolic and sarcastic.

      Anyway, your argument in this case of symphogear is totally void, because the characters don't have any sort of romantic interaction with anyone other than their respective partner. And they sure as fuck don't have romantic interest in gangs of faceless men that Zoid loves to retweet and spread around the fan base.

      Also, the most successful and long standard series in Japanese mediums don't have any of that "will they, won't they" nonsense. Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, etc etc. They make it clear right from the start who the MC will end up with. And looking at the medium in a meta sense, there's never any "will they, won't they" in any stories, because it's always obvious who's going to win based on who the cover girl is. First girl wins is a long standing thing in anime/manga. That said, things that do have the "will they won't they" nonsense tend be generic dime a dozen harem series, they always flop in blu rays sales or get their manga canceled.

      Lastly, read Death of The Author, and learn how a story exists in an of itself. While the author may be the one making the story, once a story is told, it's its own entity. If the director made a tweet saying "Hibiki's hair is green" would her hair be green if you went back and watched season 1 again? Of course not. You can assess which pairs have mutual romantic attraction for each other based on the events of the story alone, regardless of what the author might be trying to subvert.

    5. I told you I flubbed it. I said, "you're qualified to speak for the fan base," when I should have said "speak about." I'm pretty sure you agree with that statement, since you say a person can observe what happens to a fan base as an object, then assess its state of quality. Assuming you include yourself as someone who can do that, you are declaring yourself capable of judging the fan base as a whole - along with the effects individuals have on it, I infer - while I lack that confidence. Hardly a hyperbolic statement, though I again admit fault for communicating it poorly.
      Now then, romantic interactions. Like getting naked together in the bath? Holding hands, locking eyes, and blushing? Going on dates? Obviously not, as those aren't exclusive to the "canon" pairings. Sharing a bed? If you accept that, you can pin down HibiMiku. Saying "Love" outside of a song? I think that nets you DMJii, or was that "Love you and everybody?" Saying "Love" within a song adds TsubaMari oh shit back up. Of course, if you've watched any anime at all you know that the word "Love" by itself means jack shit. No, they can yuribait all day long but they'll never confirm anything because that would deprive the virgin otaku crowd of their waifus and the show would lose its core demographic - the same people that time in for Chris's bouncing tits and "Hibiki's butt is her charm point," and the same people that buy faceless old man doujins. I'm sure this isn't news to you, though - you're certainly aware of those viewers. We just seem to disagree on their numbers compared to more wholesome viewers. Unfortunately, there's at least enough demand for that shit that it keeps getting made. Not that I like it one bit, but the market has spoken.
      (Would you like to pick some different examples? I don't think poster girls Rukia, Sakura, and Bulma actually support your argument.)
      I'm actually really glad you brought up death of the author because believe me, I am in a constant state of author assassination, so to speak. Unfortunately, they're still making the show. Additional content is being produced as we speak, and I know from experience that new revelations or developments can, to put it mildly, "recontextualize" our understanding of the canon. This includes pushing back the timetable in relationship progress. The longer we go without any meaningful developments, the more hollow the facade becomes.

    6. Fine, I agree. If you did mean "about" that is a totally different meaning than "for".

      Anyway. If we're going to discuss Symphogear specifically, it's stated in canon that songs are a reflection of what's in a person's heart. So, saying it in a song is what the character truly means. That said, if you genuinely can't see writing on the wall, there have been multiple cases where official sources have referred to Miku as Hibiki's wife. Hell, I don't even like it, because it felt out of character and crass, but in the new mobage game it's inferred that Miku feels up Hibiki and gropes her "down there". But then just slightly later she does the usual "I'll always belong by your side" line. Which just seems out of place. Either way, the romantic implications between them are very obvious.

      As for doujin content. Doujin are made of expense of the artist. There is no real "market" for it. Doujin artists make what they do because they like it. There is no actual profit in it. You can read about it here.

      But, like I stated before. They're not actually fans of the series, they're the pedophiles and hoodlums from the analogies I made before.

      Rukia, Sakura and Bulma are not "first girls". The cover character on all of those series are their respective protagonists, Ichigo, Naruto and Goku. For example of the "first girl effect" look at a series like Toradora, Love Hina, Oh My Goddess!, Kareshi Kanojo, etc etc. Just google "anime first girl" and you'll get results talking about it.

      Pushing back the time table of meaningful events doesn't mean previous events become invalidated. The characters still have a mutual attraction to each other. Those other main stream series that I mentioned before. They all dragged things out. Doesn't make the pairs any less canon.

    7. I hope you're not suggesting that viewers with unwholesome intentions are not true fans because Symphogear is fundamentally wholesome. I also hope you're not saying you have a moral imperative to fight the porn community. But I'll give you credit and assume you aren't. Correct me if I'm wrong.
      I'm curious what you think of the dakimakuras and oppai mousepads, though. I would argue that Symphogear primes its audience to mistreat the characters by objectifying and sexualizing them itself in a manner that is at odds with their own sexuality i.e. in a way they would find uncomfortable were they aware of it. This is a tacit acknowledgment - or even approval - of deviant activities such as OOC porn. The show itself considers them fans, like it or not.
      Finally, the "romantic two girl friendship" trope has made me extremely distrustful of yuri in more mainstream fare. I'm constantly aware that at any time they could decide to upend everything and have everyone hook up with guys, unless there's the kind of proof that would hold up in court. And I honestly believe that having that proof would completely change the dynamic; that there are places the show won't go with their relationship until it's ready to directly state that they are a couple, rather than just imply.

    8. That's what I've been saying since the very start. It's clear you totally failed to understand the analogy about pedophiles "loving" children. To be a fan of something means to appreciate it. To appreciate something means to recognize its full worth. In this case, the full worth of the characters in Symphogear does not include being low brow sex tools, or mindless shipping fodder and interchangeable parts. How can you be certain of that claim? Because it doesn't happen within the series itself. You don't see Hibiki fucking faceless guys in the series, nor do you see shipping garbage in the series itself. Thus, you objectively claim, based on the definition of words, that they are not fans.

      As for the dakimakuras and mousepads, they are joke items, and until you see the characters mindlessly having sex with faceless dudes on them, they don't really support your argument. Even more so when you have daki like Hibiki and Miku's that fit together like two halves of a puzzle.

      The concept romantic two girl friendship is used when the girls actually have a real male romantic interest. Like is stories such as Marimite or Angelic Layer (or pretty much anything by CLAMP).
      And like I said before, the writer himself called Miku Hibiki's wife. The director drew Miku kissing Hibiki, in the radio show Miku said she was Hibiki's wife, in the OVAs Miku shows direct romantic attraction to Hibiki, Hibiki says she can't wait to sleep with Miku. etc etc. I could go on, but you should be able to understand the point by now. There's no chance of them just throwing a random male love interest in there to break them up.

    9. Oh dear. No, I quite agree that objectifying the characters is seriously at odds with a genuine, deep appreciation for the work. But I have to draw the line here. I ignored your pedophile analogy because the rest of your arguments have merit and are worth discussing. It, however, does not. Even with your bizarrely puritanical approach to fictional characters, you cannot possibly be ignorant of how much porn there is. You also understand, doubtless, that porn takes recognizable elements of reality and presents them in an inherently unrealistic, sexualized form. Every frame of porn, live and animated, ever created is a sexually-charged misrepresentation of its source. From sexy librarians and sexy maids to Kirk/Spock fanfiction, this pattern has repeated itself across more content than you could possibly consume in your entire life. If you insist on equating sexual fantasy with child rape, then child rape is the most common activity in the history of human civilization. And you have to equate them to make your point, because if you don't your entire criticism is reduced to a tautological "No True Scotsman" fallacy - bigger fans respect the characters more. I don't know if Zoid uses those faceless old man doujins himself, but the moral reprehensibility of his signal boosting them is predicated on the morally reprehensible "fakeness" of any fan who finds them acceptable. Thing is, there's a sexual component to most fans' relationship with a work. How many "true" Star Wars fans do you think there would there be if we excluded the ones who were turned on by Princess Leia's slave bikini? And Return of the Jedi was rated PG. Meanwhile, we regularly see the underage girls of Symphogear completely naked. You mentioned death of the author because although something wasn't made explicit in the text it was nonetheless easily inferred from available information. So then, what can we infer from the existence of official "ready for lovemaking" body pillows? A work doesn't need to explicitly depict sex with faceless men to sexualize its characters, and indeed it won't, because then it would just be porn. I said I hoped you didn't think Symphogear is wholesome, because it isn't. It really fucking isn't. Good God, it isn't. All those things you deny it has, like low brow sex tools, mindless shipping fodder, and interchangeable parts? Those are the main draw, after the singing + action combo. You didn't think the main cast were gorgeous high school maybe-lesbians to be progressive, did you? You didn't think there was any other reason that the Symphogears were all so, I believe the term is, "stripperiffic," did you? You didn't think they went to the beach because volleyball was essential to Maria's character arc, did you? They're in a goddamn Skinner Box, and the faceless dudes are the viewers, gathered around and drooling as the camera lingers on their tits and ass. You may be blind to this because you avoid thinking of them that way yourself, but the foundation for faceless man sex fantasies is very clearly present in the work itself, in how it treats its characters. Nobody else is watching it for its nuanced exploration of same-sex relationships.

    10. It really is a hassle having to explain the basics of critical thinking to people over the course of an argument. You don't understand how to think in terms of concepts rather than literally. In the analogy of comparing crack shippers to pedophiles I am showing the difference between liking something for what it is, and liking something for what you get out of it. A pedophile does not love children, they love the sexual pleasure they get from children. But obviously, the concept of children does not actually include sexuality. This CONCEPT can be applied to nearly anything in which the third party does not actually appreciate the subject, but what they derive from the subject. And I've already explained how this applies to Symphogear. I used pedophiles for this analogy because it's a very stark contrast, so that makes it easy to understand. Yet somehow, you failed to understand it anyway.

      So, like was already explained to you, seeing as how neither you nor Zoid actually appreciate the characters for what they are, rather than what you get out of them, it's a given that you're not actually fans.

      > I don't know if Zoid uses those faceless old man doujins himself
      Considering he buys them, blogs about them, retweets the artists selling them, and the likes, you can take a pretty good guess that he doesn't give a shit about the real characters.

      Death of the Author doesn't mean anything at all is valid. It means what is told with in the story itself is valid. You're trying to use it as a cover all excuse for "anything you think you can imply is valid". Which is just outright retarded. You do realize that a work having sexual content in it does not instantly mean "being fucked by faceless old fat men", right? Sexual attraction is one of the key elements that separates platonic love from romantic love.

      Either way, let's see you find anything in the series that supports you claim there is omnipandering shipping fodder. Because, in reality, the characters are all pretty well established in their pairs.

      Also, fan service and named transformation scenes does not at all mean the creators are attempting to give viewers a set up for faceless man gang rape doujin. Take the Nanoha series for example. Tons of fan service, yet NanoFate is one of the longest starting yuri pairs, and even the creators talk about them being married and having kids.

    11. Oh, I understand. The analogy makes perfect sense if you're right about everything else. If you got the definition of "fan" right ("an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc."). If there were only ever one perfect way to appreciate a work. If fictional characters were real people, instead of products being sold. If doujins affected anyone besides the person reading them. If "but he doesn't appreciate you like I do!" weren't such a pathetic complaint. If any of it, at all, depended on what you thought.
      I'm disappointed. I played devil's advocate, but I agree with you on just about everything - sexualizing the characters is awful, there are official pairings that should be respected, death of the author in the proper places, etc. I wanted you to convince me. But you couldn't. You have the burden of proof, to justify harassing and bullying everyone who isn't a fan the way you wanted, and you can't convince anybody.
      I know you won't learn anything from this, because you're impervious to new ideas. But I learned something. At the one thing you want to do, you're a failure. Good luck cleansing the fandom with insufferable demands and petty insults.
      (In accordance with the sentiment expressed above, that I have nothing more to gain from this exchange, I will not be reading future messages.)

    12. I like how obvious it is that you're getting more and more upset the more you're proven wrong. You failed to understand even basic analogies yet you try to pretend you're actually the smart one here. Hell, you don't even understand your own words, like the term "burden of proof" which doesn't mean even close to what you think it means.

      I knew from the start exactly who you were, and how you are shipping cancer, from your very first "typo" it was a given.

      And you're not a fan "in the way I want you to be", you're not a fan at all. And I'm not the one bullying or harassing people. That's all on you. Here, just read this, some high lights of your posts.

      And I don't really need to convince a lot of people, considering what I say is common sense to most.
      It's funny how you try to pretend I'm not open to new idea, but why the hell should I listen to someone who's wrong about literally everything they say?

  9. the connection error in this game is CRAZY

    error over error over error over error

  10. Can you explain what plus materials are and where to get them, please?

    1. They are datachips that permanently raise the stats of a character. You can get them from the friend gacha or buy them from the event shop.

  11. Hey Zoid, why are you not replying to what people said to you before?
    If he's telling the truth, you are a lair and no matter what, that makes you in the wrong.