Sunday, July 9, 2017

General Weekly Update #2

Another week, another set of XD missions and release info. 

Weekly Missions for XD
Song Stones x 15 - Complete all weekly missions
4* Song sheet x 5 - Defeat 50 Cell Noise during quests
4* Song sheet x 5 - Awaken a Symphogear card twice
4* Song sheet x 5 - Enhance a Symphogear card 10 times
Awaken Gems x 15 - Limit Break a Symphogear card once
Awaken Gems x 10 - Limit Break a Memoria card once
Awakening gems x 5 - Clear enhancement item quests 14 times
Gold x 3 - Using Hibiki and Maria in your party clear 30 quests
Gold x 3 - Use plus materials on Symphogear cards 5 times
1* Score book x 3 - Get 30 cards from the gacha (including friend)
2* Score book x 3 - Win in the battle arena 50 times
Gold x 3 - Defeat 200 enemies in quests
3* Score book x 3 - Defeat 400 enemies in quests

Special AXZ XD Mission
30 song stones - Use Maria in your party and clear 10 quests

Monthly Magazine Release Info
July 10th - Newtype August Issue: New original art and interview with Aoi Yuki
July 10th - Animedia August Issue: New original pinup art and interview with series director Ono
July 19th - CUT Magazine August Issue: Interview and photospread with entire main cast
July 19th - Anican Special Issue: Interview with animation producer Kazuya Sasaki
July 26th - Pick-Up Voice Magazine vol 114: Interview and photospread with Aoi, Nana and Ayahi

Upcoming Releases
July 12 - AXZ Character CD 2: Maria
July 14 - Symphogear Radio Episode 4 (Special Guest Ayahi)
July 15 - Symphogear AXZ Episode 3
July 19 - TESTAMENT Single
July 19 - AXZ Character CD 3: Tsubasa

Upcoming Birthdays 
Yuka Iguchi (Miku) - July 11
Nanjo Yoshino (Shirabe) - July 12
Yoko Hikasa (Maria) - July 16


  1. The more I see of people posting against Zoid, the more I see how rude and unreasonable he is.
    He's very dismissive and as such, rude. He's so self important he thinks that he doesn't even need to address what other people are saying to him. It's very narcissistic. Just like him claiming he's a fan of Symphogear while shitting on the characters.

    1. Hi,

      There are no "people." Only you, and you're not fooling anyone. I did not lie to you, I read your email. I simply have not yet replied because it is incredibly LOW on my priority list. As you can see, I spent the major of my time working at my job, or translating information for people on this blog. It is how I help to spread information and interest in Symphogear which is a wonderful series that deserves support. I do things for people, because I want to. I don't expect people to praise me or thank me or anything. What I do expect, however, is that people don't harass me. Which is what you are doing. What I do, share and buy in my personal time has no impact on the fandom as a whole nor does it insult the characters in anyway as I show my overwhelming support for them in many different ways. I buy goods, I translate information, I bake cakes with their images on it, I share art and stories that involve them. If this upsets you then all I can say is that I'm sorry to hear that, but you can simply not visit this blog, nor look at any of my social media and live a perfectly happy life devoid of my presence. However you insist on looking at all the things you supposedly hate and trying to get me to stop despite not being the source of it.

      Anyway, if you'll excuse me I have a summer vacation to prepare for and a family to visit. Enjoy the new season.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Nah, it is many people. On top of how it's obvious people have always been against content that shits on the characters here's a screen shot that proves it.

      The top IRC chat is the old mods of 4chan (ones that left years ago) talking about how crack shit is low quality. The threads taken screen shots of are also deleted, meaning there is new moderation staff that also recognizes it as low quality, because they are more recent threads.

      Also, you are extremely self important. You claim you're a fan when you're not. What also makes it obvious you are self important is that you think your time is more valuable thank others.

      You also clearly don't like the characters, considering you shit on them at literally any single given opportunity.

      "no impact on the fandom as a whole"
      "nor does it insult the characters in anyway"
      Wrong and wrong. And I know for a fact it has been explained to you in detail why, multiple times.
      By your logic, if a pedophile gives money to a children's charity, then goes and fucks some children, they did nothing wrong. You are actually stupid enough to think that one thing negates the other. Literally anything you touch is tainted by you.

      This is also not harassment, it's stating facts about how you are damaging to the fan base. Sorry you don't like the fact that people can objectively say you are a negative force in the fan base, but it's true.
      When you try to pretend you aren't the source of it, but that doesn't matter, because you propagate it. You spread art of the characters getting fucked by faceless men, and sleeping around like they are shallow degenerates, be it with the other girls or random faceless man. You think if you retweet literally anything with the symphogear characters in the image you are somehow doing the world a favor. You're not.

      And like you have been told many times before. Ignoring something doesn't make it go away. It's akin to covering up dog shit on the floor with a piece of paper.

    4. Sheesh, that's one hell of a stalker you have there Zoid.
      I don't think I've ever seen such deranged fanboy before.

    5. I wonder how many times you're going to change your name pretending to be different people.
      I wonder how many times you're going to be do stupid you misuse simple words like "stalker".
      You are also so stupid you think just name calling somehow makes you look not wrong.
      Really, how are you not the deranged one?

    6. Sorry bud, I never changed my name. Unlike you, I don't try to use multiple identities.

      Oh I don't know, if constantly harassing people who disagree with you despite them just agreeing to disagree with your opinion, threatening to DDoS them for not responding to you and somehow still think yourself as reasonable despite all that is not deranged then I don't know what is.

      Your extreme stance against crack pairings and your attempt to stop them are certainly pretty impressive and pathetic at the same time. I'm amazed that you can gather that amount of time and energy for such a pitiful goal.

      Stalker:a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention
      I'm pretty sure that describes you perfectly. For someone who doesn't like to be called deranged your actions sure are contradictory.

    7. Yes, you are changing your name. You are also the only person on the internet stupid enough to constantly try to give his word as proof of something. The second you say "I would never do X" over the internet, it's obvious you're lying. Really, small children are taught that trying to give your word as proof of something over the internet is retarded, yet oddly, it seems that "all" crack shitters do it. How strange is that. Oh wait, it's actually just you who does it, while you pretend to be tons of different people.

      Tell me, do you honestly think if you just keep repeating "DURRRRR UR OPINION!!!!!!" that it will actually make this argument about opinions? You don't even know what the word opinion means, it's just your condition reflex to anyone saying something you don't like so you can try and dismiss it without actually addressing what's said. "just agreeing to disagree" does not cut it, because you you are still causing damage, you are still spray painting on the public park. Really, how do you not understand something so god damn simple.

      What's more funny, is that you try to pretend that getting you to stop ruining the fan base is "pitiful", but oddly enough, you don't think that you openly admitting to trying to ruin threads and "cyber bully" people is a pitiful goal.
      Somehow in your world admitting to trying to harass people is fine, but making valid arguments as to how someone is wrong for the certain actions that they take is "actual" harassment, and the worst thing a person could possibly do.

      Also, you can't "harass" trash. You are objectively wrong for what you are doing and the damage you are doing to the fan base, and attempting to clean up is not harassment.

    8. Believe what you like dude, it's pointless trying to explain anything to you at this point. Also, your adamantly accusing me of pretending to be different people for the sake of strengthening my argument is hilariously ironic and hypocritical when you're doing the very thing you're accusing me of in this comment section.

      I'm pretty sure if there's anybody here who doesn't understand what opinion is here, it's you. Which part that I "tried to dismiss it without addressing what said" exactly? And yes, "agreeing to disagree" DOES cut it, because it isn't damaging anything whatsoever. If there's anything damaging the fanbase here, it's people with toxic attitude like you.

      Maybe I should've used "pointless" instead, since like it or not, the crack pairing will still exist regardless of your "effort" to stop it.
      What's with that screenshot? I don't even know what thread or even forum that is. Admitting to harass people? Okay, now you're just mistaking me for someone else here.

      Ah yes, let's add 'Self-Righteous' on top of everything else. You sound more and more 'likeable' by the minutes.

    9. You know, Anonymous, I don't know what your problem is. Hell, I don't know what "crack shipping" is, or why what other people do online gets you so up in arms. I may not like hentai doujins myself--and I have no desire to see any Symphogear ones--but I can just avoid sites where I'm likely to see them, which DO NOT include this site. I come here because it's basically the only decent English-language Symphogear site I've found, not to watch someone throw a hissy fit about something that isn't even on this site. If you have a problem with what someone posts somewhere, maybe you should bring it up THERE, or, better yet, just don't visit those sites. You have a choice. So do other people, and nothing you do can change what other people do or have done. You can only control your own reaction to it.

      Anyway, that's all I have to say, except, thanks zoid for providing this website.
      (And I'm looking forward to Anonymous accusing me of being you and/or Dimas.)

    10. Hey, Dimas AP (aka Godrabbit aka !Akemi).
      Again, the fact you REFUSE to stop trying to give verbal alibis makes it so painfully obvious who you are. Even after you are told they mean nothing and that they are not actually proof, you REFUSE to stop trying to use them.

      Anyway, I don't need to samefag. Because unlike you, my argument actually has proof, details and reasoning in it. As opposed to you who's argument is just 'nuuuuuh uuuuuuhjj!!!!!! urrrr wrong!!!!!"

      Your whole methodology behind "arguments" is you trying to give things random labels, and those labels are nothing but "bad things" in your head. And you think giving them those labels proves the points against you wrong. You never actually explain or validate anything you say. Guess what? If you call something an opinion, you should be able to prove it's an opinion by showing how the definition of opinion applies correctly to what you say it does. Buy literally all you're able to do with your limited thinking skills are label things.

      Also, I'll just point out how you have never once in your entirely life actually made a valid argument about anything. Much less about this subject. If you link me to a place right now where you made a valid argument that has reasoning and explanation in it, I'll stop posting for good. This is a safe bet on my part, because I know you've never done it.

      By the same token, I've explained many times how crack is damaging to the fan base. And your only reply to that is "nuuuuh uuuuh!!!". Okay, prove it. Why isn't it damaging to the fan base. Prove my reasoning for why it IS damaging wrong.

      You know what's actually hilarious? How you are trying to pretend you don't know where that screen shot is from. But you also say it's not worth trying to explain anything to me. How would you know that unless you were basing it on previous experiences with this subject? Hmmm?

      Sure is funny how this "new person" "Godrabbit" straight up ignores everything that's been said about how the fan base is collective whole, and that even if you ignore it, the problem doesn't go away because the damage is still there.

      Godrabbit, my man. Let's set your theory. Go dip your head in oil. Get a lighter. Close your eyes. Light the lighter. Put the lighter in the oil on your head. By your logic, you should be fine because your eyes are closed and you can't see the fire. And since you are in control over your reaction. If you just ignore and don't react to the fire, you should be golden.

      Anyway, the place that Zoid spams propagates crack shit is on twitter, and you can't have actual discussion there. This is the only place to talk to him and try to convince him to stop shitting on the characters he claims to like.

    11. Okay, now you're just not making any sense anymore. who the hell is !Akemi? the person in the screenshot you gave me?

      "Your arguments has proof"? what arguments? that crack ship/shipper are bad for the fanbase? okay, show me the proof, details and "reasoning" then.

      Random labels? what the hell are you even talking about now? Do you even read my comment bud? "Crack ship/per are bad for the fanbase" IS an opinion, not everyone feels the same way as you. Maybe you wanna try to actually understand the word before spouting nonsense.
      Opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

      You never explain anything to me because we just "met" 1 day ago at best. And the fact that you're judging me despite never meeting me IRL really paints you in a better light dude. In that note, do explain your "REASONING" then, though I'm not expecting anything.

      You want to see where I made valid argument that has reasoning and explanation in it? do you see my first reply to you? there you have it.

      Why do I feel it's not worth trying to explain anything to you? well because I know you're insanely unreasonable based on your conversation with Zoid in his past article when you delightfully threatens him with DDoS and flooding his blog.

      And Zoid, if you're reading this then my apology for contributing to cluttering mess of a "debate".

    12. No, what I said makes perfect sense, and you're not fooling anyone at all. You for some retarded reason think that if you pretend posts you are replying to are impossible to understand that you some how make the other posts look bad, and you don't look stupid yourself for not failing to understand something simple.

      You claimed that you read the previous thread where someone said they would DDoS the blog, and then you pretend you've never seen the arguments that prove crack shit is damaging to the fan base. Save for, how it's bad was explain in that thread AND in this one. You just refuse to actually address anything.

      >Random labels? what the hell are you even talking about now?
      >IS an opinion
      That. You just try to call something an opinion in order to dismiss it without actually addressing what's said. It's how you ALWAYS act. It's literally the only thing you do. Just because you say something is an opinion doesn't mean it is. And just because not everyone feels the same way about something doesn't mean that something is an opinion. You don't feel like 2+2 equals 4. But it does. And you are factually wrong. It's not an opinion that you're wrong, you just are.

      The more you keep trying to beg that you're not the same person who always spams crack shit the more obvious it is who you are. Stop trying to give yourself verbal alibis.
      But again, you claim it was never explained how crack is objectively bad, and you also claim to have the previous thread here, which means you are blatantly contradicting yourself. Literally all you're trying to do is make it look like more than one person has a problem with people being against your shipping cancer.

    13. Just...

      Okay y'know what, I can barely even muster the energy to write this comment. There's a limit of how much stupidity I can take and I think I've reached that limit.

      I'm done with you, I prefer not continuing this debate with someone who can't even address me correctly. And for someone who think that insulting people is wrong, you sure love to call people "retarded" and "stupid".

      Have a nice day wherever you live kiddo, I'm out :)

    14. It's funny how you always stop replying when you are told to directly explain yourself.
      And like always, you are the ONLY person who is so fucking consumed with the fact you are called a samefag that it blocks out everything else and you refuse to actually answer anything anyone says.

      You ARE retarded, as you lack the mental capability to learn simple things. There is nothing wrong with stating facts.

      >gets told to explain why something is an opinion
      >out right refuses to do so
      >the whole crux of his argument is that X is wrong because it's an opinion
      See the flaws in your posts here?

  2. Actually Zoid, it is people.
    Remember a while back when you asked publicly on twitter if people had a problem with crack shipping and faceless man doujin? And then when you got a lot of people telling you yes and that you were wrong, you blocked and muted at least a dozen different twitter accounts?

    I can only assume you've blocked more, as well. Because you can't stand when people say you're wrong and don't cater to your safe space.

  3. The irony of talking about safe spaces but getting upset over what a guy chooses to post on his social media

    1. The irony of trying to pretend you're right while being so stupid you can't even read.

      If you had actually read anything that's been said, you'd understand that it doesn't matter where he posts it, because no matter where it's posted, it's still being spread and propagated throughout the fanbase. As, again, the fan base is a collective whole.

  4. Do you know what a safe space is because that's basically what you're complaining about, things you don't like infecting the fanbase

    1. I laugh at how you keep changing your name.

      Anyway. Do you realize there is a very drastic difference between safe space and clean space?
      While it's a given I don't like crack shit, what I like or dislike has nothing to do with what's right and wrong. And crack shit is objectively something wrong. How has been explained many times over.

      Crack shippers are essentially like rabid dogs shitting in your living room. Obviously in this analogy the living room is the fan base, dogs are the crack shippers and the shit is the crack images.

  5. For people who don't know and tried to reply to ACK, this guy is a notorious hypocritical troll who accuse other of crack shipping while he himself indulge in crack ship and degenerate the character themselves.

    A thorough explanation of his notorious actions is compiled here:

    He will accuse you of being Troid or !Akemi if you argue with him, pretend that you are a single person, and said things you never said to attack you. He will move goalpost and generally being annoying and hypocritical in order to incite you and make you reply to his comments

    As long as you reply to him, he won't stop. His action had made him banned in multiple 4chan boards, dynasty-scan's forum, and numerous other fan site. His constant harassments had also force yurireview to move away from its original blog site.

    He won't stop commenting, he will use multiple account to argue with you and evade ban, he will harass you, slander you, and if he can he will stalk your online activity, send multiple spams, and other malicious actions.

    If you find his comment(s), do not reply. Ignore him. he will then use multiple account and pretend people agreeing with him. Ignore those too.

    For site owner, if you can delete his comments, delete them. If you can ban him, ban him immediately. Remain vigilant, for he is not known to admit defeat. Except when it comes to his scanlation site.

    Again, he won't stop his action and the only way to prevent him from destroying your community is by taking all possible measure to prevent him from participating in it.

    1. Hey, !Akemi (aka Dimas AP). You are the only person in the world who tries to pretend that your kiwifarms threads that you made yourself is actually proof of anything. You literally just link random posts of people saying things you don't like and accuse them of being your boogieman which you have no proof even exists in the first place. You openly admit to trying to harass people constantly, and that's why people take so much issue with you. It's not that you post crack shit, it's that you spam it for the sole purpose of trying to harass and attack people. This all started because when someone told you off, you would spam more crack to try and "get back" at them for telling you off. But you posting more crack shit to try and get back at people leads to threads getting more and more damaged because you are posting more and more bad content.

      You will be "accused" of being !Akemi when you have !Akemi's tells, like you do. Such as trying to use your word as proof on the internet, like you constantly do, always, and refuse to stop. Another one of your tells is that you try to pretend that if someone tells you off for samefagging, that it means everything else said in their post is somehow invalid and not correct just because they said something you dislike.

      The only reason people who are against crack shit get banned from 4chan and Dynasty scans is because of Troid, and him abusing his mod powers.

      You accuse "ack" of doing all these things, yet you have posted proof of none of it. It's funny how you try to accuse "me" of slander, when you are just making up random shit with literally no proof at all. "force yurireview to move away from its original blog site.", like? What the fuck? Where are you even getting this from?

      You seem to think that if you just make baseless claims with no proof at all that anyone will just listen to you regardless. But anyone who actually reads the posts of people are you accusing of being "ack" they'll see that they are just making posts with valid arguments and explaining the reasoning behind their claims. You just spamming random [bad word adjectives] at people doesn't actually change that.

      There is literally nothing wrong with what I or anyone else against crack is doing.
      And what makes it insanely obvious who you are is that you ignore how you, the crack spamming shitposter, has admitted himself many times that you openly post crack shit to attack and harass people.
      Apparently making valid arguments and proving why what you like is wrong and the worst sin a human could do. But you openly admitting you are trying to attack and harass people is perfectly fine to the point you won't even mention it or acknowledge it.

      >while he himself indulge in crack ship and degenerate the character themselves.
      Haha, what? First off, I don't even post crack shit, and I actively rail against it. Even if I did support crack shit, which by god I don't because I'm not sub human like you, that wouldn't change anything at all about my arguments. Because my arguments are about how crack is objectively wrong and damaging to the fan base.

      Also, rape spammer, you ESL mongoloid retard. It's not "degenerate the character", it's degrade, stop using English sites until you learn English.

  6. Can anyone tell me what this says?

    1. You guys can we just ignore this argument and answer questions about the game like i don't know... mine.

    2. It says you don't have enough AP to play the quest!

  7. Happy Birthday Shirabe!
    (Sorry I missed your birthday Miku >_<)

  8. Jesus christ what is this shitshow of comments lmao

  9. holy fucking shit dude

  10. I appreciate the info on this blog, but the comment sections on these articles are hilarious. Pages of comments quarreling over what? If you're itching for a debate, study some informal logic and the philosophy of language, and then discuss something that actually matters.

  11. Why does ACK even still exist? Don't they ever get tired of being so obnoxious?