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The Ongoing Symphogear GX Keyword Compendium

An ongoing collection of the keywords posted to the Symphogear GX website. 
Although I hope to update this with proper translations weekly, you can follow my twitter for summaries of the new keywords when the official site updates each Friday.

The Symphogear System
Based on the "Sakurai Theory" established by the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Division 2's former technology expert, Sakurai Ryouko, "Symphogear" is the name of a special, counter-measure FG-type armor that was created using sacrists as a base.

The individuals who utilize this system are referred to as "adaptors."

Responding to the synthetic vibration resonance created by the fighting spirit of the adaptor, the Symphogear's greatest trait is its internal functionality to play a certain melody. By synchronizing that melody with the adaptor through singing, the Symphogear displays an incredibly high level of battle potential.

In fact, the Symphogear system has 301,655,722 different varieties of locks applied to it. Depending on the adaptor's level of skill and their personal battle style, there is a systematic progression of phases that they go through to release the locks.

The Lunar Attack
Senki Zesshou Symphogear's Main Episode

This is the name given to the events that occurred when the Symphogear adaptors clashed against the spirit "Fine" during her attempt to destroy the moon in order to stop the Curse of Balal from obstructing humanity's mutual understanding.

At the current moment, the crisis that threatened the Earth has been avoided, but it's been acknowledged that this event has become the starting point for numerous paradigm shifts.

The Frontier Incident
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G's Main Episode

This is the name given to the series of events that occurred as a result of the Lunar Attack. Due to the threat of the moon crashing into the Earth, a group sought to ensure humanity's survival by awakening a prehistoric ruin that slept deep within the Japan Sea - known as "Frontier."

Due to complex ulterior motives of both the world's countries and certain individuals, it's safe to say that the full story will never become clear.

The designated "Singular Disaster"
This is the term given to the phenomenon where humans are spontaneously broken down into carbon dust. It has been intermittently observed since ancient times throughout the world.

Although the exact cause of the phenomenon is wrapped in mystery, it was declared a "Singular Disaster" by the U.N. and later became known as the work of "Noise."

At the climax of the Frontier Incident, the Symphogear adaptors succeed in dealing a major blow to the "Treasury of Babylonia," which was the source of the Noise.

Since then, there have be no further sightings of the Noise and officials are hopeful that they can soon declare an end to the disaster.

This is a term which refers to ancient weapons and tools with hidden supernatural powers that appear in myths and folklore from all around the world. They are impossible to produce with today's technology, and exist in a crystallized form created through black arts tech, which have been discovered throughout various ruins.

Due to the passing of time these artifacts have suffered much deterioration and damage. Even through large-scale excavation projects, finding pieces that are completely intact is incredibly rare. Therefore, in most cases, only "sacrist fragments" have been recovered.

Sacrists that are in a grounded state can shift into an active state through the power of song, thereby releasing their inner power.

The Adaptor's Pendant
The pendants that the adaptors keep on them at all times, are equipped with a converter function that forms the Symphogear around them, using the energy that is produced by the sacrist as its core.

In order to activate the pendant, phrases that are called “Chants” which the adaptors sing to themselves are necessary.

Individuals whose songs resonate with a sacrist are capable of producing the "Chant" necessary to activate the Symphogear - they are called "Harmonizers."

Currently there are three categories of Harmonizers.

The first type are individuals like Tsubasa, Chris and Serena. They are born with an inherent aptitude which can become stable through proper training.

The second type are individuals like Kanade, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika. Although they are born with an inherent aptitude, training alone is not enough and they require doses of drugs in order to temporarily raise their link coefficient.

The third type is unique to a single individual, Hibiki. At first she became an Adaptor as a result of her body fusing with her sacrist after an accident. However, in Earth's eleventh hour, she became a true Harmonizer not through training or drugs, but by forcibly taking the necessary amount of link coefficiency.

Her transformation from a Sacrist Fusion to a Harmonizer is still a complete mystery. Despite attempts to research it, there has been little progress, and currently it is simply considered a miracle.

An abbreviation that stands for "Squad Of Nexus Guardians."

As a result of the shuttle rescue, the Singular Disaster Anti-riot Unit Division 2 was officially put under the supervision of the United Nations. It was then reformed into a Paranormal Disaster Anti-riot Taskforce.

Japan's Security Council established a new set of rules in response to this that allowed the members of the taskforce to begin their work overseas.

On the surface, the reason for this change was to enable the taskforce to deal with the immense scale of paranormal disasters after they faced both the Lunar Attack and the Frontier Incident. However, on the other side, the countries of the world wanted to be able to keep Japan's black arts tech in a place where they could monitor it.

The Tactical Commander, Genjuro Kazanari, along with the majority of the members from Div 2 were moved and appointed members of the taskforce. As a result, it can be surmised that it is an organization with a very high level of capability.

Dvergr Dáain's Legacy
An inheritance possessed by Elfnein, who appears to be on the run.

Something remains locked inside the box she carries, but at this point it is unclear exactly what.

Elfnein believes that she can atone for something by delivering this, however it is likely something extremely dangerous or unusually powerful, because the runes on the Lemarchand styled box form a millennium puzzle to keep it sealed.

LIVE GenesiX
A charity concert event that was intentionally planned to relive grieving families and the bereaved souls of victims from the paranormal disasters that have occurred, including the attacks by the Noise.

Many artists from around the world agreed to participate including Tsubasa Kazanari, who had traveled to England thanks to Tony Glazer, Metro Music’s capable producer.

Furthermore the hero and savior, Maria Cadenzavna Eve, was allowed to participate as an agent of the U.N. The collaborative unit she formed with Tsubasa Kazanari made sweeping news across the world.

“Celestial Stars Galaxy Cross” which had been released prior to the concert, ranked at the top of each nation’s music charts, and is becoming a hot topic.

Currently only 2 of these terrifying automatons have been seen. Leiur, who pursues the fleeing Elfnein. And Phara, who assaulted Maria at the concert.

They have immense fighting strength, so much so that Tsubasa Kazanari, even armed with Ame no Habakiri, declared Phara to be a monster.

The names they were given appear to reflect special attributes and characteristics they hold, and it seems their creator Carol focused foremost on their functionality during the design process. In fact, despite being automatons, they are capable of speaking and expressing themselves almost exactly like a human. This is due to the fact that Carol used individual parts of her own psyche a base for each of their AIs.

Château de Tiffauges
A gigantic device that takes its name from a taboo castle, where acts of immorality occurred nightly. It is also the residence of Carol and her dolls, created by using various sacrists and black arts technology as patchwork. Currently it remains under construction, however all that remains are the trigger parts necessary to activate and control the machine, and once that is complete it can be used as a World Destructor.

A gear created from a sacrist fragment brought to the Federal Institute of Sacrists (F.I.S.) by Fine. The source of the black arts tech that utilized the fragment were known to Professor Nastassja, but since her death it is a Symphogear that remains shrouded in mystery. In the beginning, the gear was worn by Serena, however currently its shine has been inherited by her older sister, Maria.

A medicinal herb that is said to grow deep in the recesses of mountains. It’s effect is so strong that it has also been referred to as Xiancao. In the past, Carol’s father Isaac extracted the chemicals it contained and used them to make a medicine which cured a prevalent disease and saved many people of nearby villages. It was part of his pride as an alchemist that the cure was not due to god or other supernatural causes, but rather human hands that successfully struggled against fate.

The power source of Carol and the Auto-Scorer’s alchemy. Their personal experiences that are stored in the brain as memories can be used and turned into combat potential. However, in order to obtain enough memories to make this system efficient they have been forcibly stealing and collecting memories from other people’s minds. Garie, who possess the holy grail, is the most skilled at handling memories and in addition to collecting them, is also capable of sharing them among the other Auto-Scorers. Leiur and Phara are not capable of sharing any memories, however they can forcibly collect them from humans. Micha, the doll specifically designed for combat, can not gather memories on her own and as long as she does not receive any from Garie, has no other means of collecting enough to make herself functional.

Faust Robe
Utilizing the energy converted from sacrist fragments, the Faust Robe is a protector created through alchemy techniques. From this description, one may say it is an object that is incredibly similar to the Symphogear. However, there is a significant difference. A song (chant) is not necessary to activate it. In Carol’s case it normally took the form of a harp, the same as one talked of in legend, however when she plucked the strings the harp changed form and adorned to her body. The sound produced by the strings not only amplified Carol’s alchemic powers, but also proved incredibly flexible and useful in battle. A swing of the strings created an intense slashing attack capable of bisecting objects, and demonstrated various capabilities in battle by changing its form. It exhibited a combat potential that did not lose out even when faced against multiple adaptors.

Dur da Blá
The harp used by one of the chief gods of Celtic mythology, Dagda. Presently it had been thought to only exist as a sacrist fragment, but Carol took possession of it and made it into a weapon that she played upon the battlefield.

Ignite Module
When the damaged gears were restored, this was added as a combat booster. It utilizes the “Berserk” mechanism that had been analyzed after previously being observed in cases of sacrist/human fusions. As a result, the module is capable of bringing out energy levels on par with that of the berserk mode. However, because it also offers the ability for the user to retain their presence of mind and utilize their fighting techniques, it can be considered a considerable improvement in fighting strength outside of measureable values. The large increase in output does more than simply raise offensive strength, it also raises defensive power which reduces the burden the adaptors feel from the backfire, increasing their durability. This change in offensive and defensive power makes this a trump card useful for getting out of difficult situations.

The Ignite Module grants the user a high increase in energy output and durability for a short period of time. Because the threats that accompany the berserk form are still present, the module is furnished with 3 different levels of safeties to ensure that the adaptor will not lose their mind when using it. Each time a safety is released, the berserk energy is more purely focused into the user’s combat potential. However there is a time limit attached (a count of 999), this starts from when the first stage of Unsheathe is activated. From there if the user proceeds to the second grade or beyond, the energy gets used up at an even faster rate and upon use will naturally exhaust the count faster. When the count becomes 0 the system will forcibly cancel the Symphogear, even if the user is in the middle of a battle, and therefore depending on the circumstances may expose them to even further danger.

Dr. Ver
In order to save face for the organizations and individuals involved, the truth of the Frontier Incident was swept entirely under the rug.

As a fundamental part of those events, John Wayne Vercingetorix (aka Dr. Ver) was not given a trial in a court of law, but rather locked away in the Dragon Shrine in the abyss under the pretense that he wasn’t human, but rather a part of the dangerous complete relic known as the “Nephilim.”

His left arm and the power of the Nephilim that resides inside of it, remain perfectly functional. It still retains the ability to consume, assimilate, and control other relics.

However, there is a sharp downside to that incredible ability in that it has absolutely no effect on any power or device that is not derived from a relic at its source. For this reason, Dr. Ver’s isolated cell was constructed almost exactly the same as those in a common prison.

Akira Tachibana
Hibiki’s father. Formerly known as Akira Morisaki.

Exposed to unbearable amounts of stress both in and outside of his home, he cast aside his family and his workplace and then disappeared.

After he distanced himself from Tokyo he scraped together a living by working various part-time jobs and moving from place to place. When he eventually settled briefly in Ibaraki Prefecture he was working at a gas station when by a twist of fate he encountered a girl who he recognized that used to play with his daughter, along with Hibiki, his actual daughter.

His personality was that of a cheerful, doting parent. He had a strong sense of responsibility, and was a positive problem-solver. However…over time he lost that outlook and began wearing a superficial smile, which eventually lead to him completely averting from the pain and stress of the situation, almost like a different person.

However, he was inspired by his chance meeting with Hibiki and contacted her. He decided he could come face-to-face with her, if nothing else. Was that decision made because somewhere within his heart, the passion he once held might still smolder inside?

Chris’s Circumstances
Her father, Masanori Yukine, was a violinist.
Her mother, Sonnet M. Yukine, was a vocalist.

As part of a non-government volunteer organization the two parents took a very young Chris with them to a republic that recently suffered from a coup and had suspended all diplomatic relations with other countries: the Val Verde Commonwealth. They entered the country through Guatemala and put on public music performances in different places while traveling with the ultimate goal of lending aid to refugees. At first, they traveled along with delegates from the United Nations but they eventually got trapped by the expanding front-lines of the ongoing war and became isolated from their organization. They were later declared missing. Shortly after that, Masanori and Sonnet deaths were confirmed by outside sources, and after some time Chris made her return to Japan while being used by Fine.

Generally speaking, Chris had grown up in a situation where her relations with other people were incredibly confined. Even when compared to Shirabe and Kirika, who grew up isolated in the FIS’s White Orphanage, and especially when compared to girls of her same age. Due to this, Chris has developed what would best be considered a type of “fear” when it comes to relations with other people. She has an inclination to be incredibly cautious when around others.

When she met with Hibiki and the others, they extended their hands out to her and she considers her bonds with them to be very precious. However at the same time, when she reaches her own hand out to others she finds it very awkward and that fact casts a shadow on her heart.

With the arrival of new students and new gear users younger than her, Chris found herself anguishing over a perceived need to fill the role of “senpai.” As she worried over this she would ask herself the same questions over and over in the hopes of coming up with an answer. However the answer was not to be found inside of her, and she came to realize that thanks to her younger peers who she had inadvertently ignored.

Chris came to understand that being able to accept other people is a way of forming bonds with them. At that moment, she lost the conditioned “fear” she had of making relationships and the wall that isolated her from the rest of the world came tumbling down.

And at the same time, she finally understood the feelings of her parents who wished for world peace through their songs.

Hermes Trismegistus
A three-layered defensive technique exhibited by Carol.

The name, which means “Thrice-greatest Hermes,” is the name of a legendary alchemist of the highest caliber who was responsible for the creation of the Emerald Tablet.

This technique can only be completed by joining three distinct arts as one. Apart from alchemy this includes demon summoning and celestial mechanics. In addition to the user needing the necessary skills, this technique requires advanced preparation and is not by any means considered easy to use.

However, in exchange for that, the defensive potential of the technique is exceedingly high. It can be used as a barrier that will block out any deadly attacks and give the user an upper hand in breaking a deadlock.

Carol’s use of the technique was actually very clever and logical, in terms of strategy she completely read her opponent’s movements and sought to block them off. However, Hibiki had lit a fire within herself and brought a swift end to the technique with no regard to its origin or effects, simply by thinking “don’t know, don’t care.”


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