Thursday, July 9, 2015

The "Best of Symphogear"

From the official site, the staff and cast were asked to select and comment on their favorite scene from either season 1 or season 2. The results are as follows: 

Noriyasu Agematsu (Creator, Music Producer)

Scene from Episode 12 of Season 1

I really love the direction of this scene. I love the fact that Fine’s repeated questions all ultimately lead to the answer “Symphogear” and it’s coupled perfectly with the long introduction of "Synchrogazer -Aufwachen Form-" 

Akifumi Kaneko (Creator, Writer)

Scene from Senki Zesshoushinai Symphogear OVA

Episodes 8 and 12 of season 1. Episodes 4 and 10 of season 2. Certainly, within the context of the story they are deeply memorable and emotionally striking. However, on the other side of that “Zesshoushinai” presented scenes of their precious everyday life that added something special to the series. I’m incredibly happy we were able to create and release “Zesshoushinai!” 

Katsumi Ono (Director)

Scene from Episode 8 of Season 2

There are many great scenes in the series, but there is one in particular that surprised me during production. One of the goals of the series is to fuse the songs and the battle scenes together, and so to accomplish that usually when we finish the storyboards we try to match them up with the song, and if necessary have the actor record more content before we edit it all together. However, this scene alone was different, all we had to do was put the song in. From the start of the battle to the climax where Maria faces the reality that she’s fighting and spilling the blood of other humans, at that moment the song fades into a sad melody. It just snapped into place like a puzzle, I was so surprised. It was the moment when I thought that this series was truly blessed by the gods. Of course, thanks to that there was less work for me to do…but surely that was the gods cutting me a break! 

Dan Yoshii (Original Designs)

Scene from Episode 4 of Season 2

Well, first of all this is one of those important “everyday life” scenes. And secondly, it was really fun to design Ban and all the cosplay outfits for the girls (lol). Why does the cosplay for “Snatch Mantis” include sickles you have to hold, instead of making them a part of the costume itself? When I think back to it, it’s a mystery how it ended up that way. It’s hard for the character to hold their microphone isn’t it, I’m sorry. For battle scenes they are always making use of my ideas, and visualizing them in a way that surpasses my imagination, so I’m constantly surprised. 

Satoru Fujimoto (Animation Director)

Scene from Episode 10 of Season 1

During production I was constantly listening to this song, and when I saw the storyboards for this scene I cried. During the first concert as well, when I heard the song I remembered this scene and cried. 

Fumiaki Kouta (Action Director)

Scene from Episode 13 of Season 1

In this scene the girls look happy as they sing their battle song, as if they’re truly enjoying it. Within the series up until now, this is the only scene where that happens. It’s presented very well, it makes the viewer think “they must really love singing.” And of course, no matter how many times you watch it, the flashbacks always draw some tears. 

Yukiyoshi Shikiji (Main Animator)

Transformation Scene from Season 2

I had grown a strong emotional attachment during season 1, so I took that and really hammered it into the scenes I worked on. I drew the “Bang!” for this scene but when I saw the final product it exceeded my expectations, so it really hyped me up! 

Aoi Yuki (Hibiki)

Scene from Episode 13 of Season 1

(She also selected the same scene that Yuka Iguchi did, from Episode 10 of Season 2)

Whenever I record a fighting scene as Hibiki, I try to do things like reflect back on all of the opponents that she defeated. In both of these scenes, the battles are something that become deeply tied to Hibiki’s beliefs afterwards, so they are incredibly memorable for me. 

Nana Mizuki (Tsubasa)

Scene from Episode 12 of Season 1

The scene where Tsubasa inherits Kanade’s will and reaches a major turning point in her development. Her appearance here always gives me the shivers!! Many times I was deeply moved and motivated by this scene – first when I read the script, then when I acted the lines, and again when I saw it on TV! 

Ayahi Takagaki (Chris)

Scene from Episode 4 of Season 2

In this scene Chris’s personal feelings finally come out through the song “Classroom Monochrome” and being able to see her sing happily amidst the scenes of her school life was just incredibly fulfilling. She finally finds a welcoming place she can belong to and it’s so moving, just a truly happy scene. 

Yoko Hikasa (Maria)

Scene from Episode 13 of Season 2

Up until this point Maria had struggled, pretending to be someone she wasn’t, all for the sake of saving humanity. On top of that, she loses a person who was incredibly important to her. Yet through it all, she meets Hibiki and the others who swear to protect her and it changes her life for the better. 

Nanjo Yoshino (Shirabe)

Scene from Episode 12 of Season 2

The dialog here is what leaves the biggest impression, to say the least. Although it can come off as an exaggerated lover’s spat (lol). But I love the scene because it really shows just how deep the relationship between Shirabe and Kirika is. 

Ai Kayano (Kirika)

Scene from Episode 4 of Season 2

I like this scene because it’s adorable to watch Kirika frolic around and get scolded by Shirabe. It really made me feel that for each of them, the other is a person that they just can’t live without!

Yuka Iguchi (Miku)

Scene from Episode 10 of Season 2

This scene where Miku’s feelings of not wanting to let Hibiki fight, to not let her do anything dangerous, boil to the point where she becomes a gear user and ends up fighting with Hibiki herself, has such an emotional impact! When I first heard about it from the staff my first thought was: “Miku is finally going to get a gear!” I remember it caused all sorts of emotions to well up inside me. Then when it finally came time to record, I was really nervous. When I read the script I saw that upon wearing the gear Miku cries out “UWOOOOOH!” and I was so surprised. I thought: “This is a Miku we’ve never seen before! She’s on a rampage! Born out of love!!!” Finally, during the G concert when I said the chant they showed Miku’s transformation scene, which wasn’t included in the anime. When I saw that I really felt the love from the staff, the way the gear goes on her in that scene is just so cool!

Hideo Ishikawa (Genjuro)

Scene from Episode 11 of Season 1

Well I had to pick this, since it's the scene that proved Genjuro is the world's strongest. But ever since then, he’s mostly just been giving out orders. I’d really like to see him go all out one more time. …So, what am I going to be singing next? (lol)

Soichiro Hoshi (Ogawa)

Scene from Episode 9 of Season 1

In season 1, Ogawa had many appearances in his manager persona. The way he handles Tsubasa’s attitude, and the way he always thinks ahead about what’s best for her…seeing him put forth that effort really leaves a strong impression, I think.


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