Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Small updates, big announcement to come

Check out H&D subs for episode 1 - Translated by yours truly. Updates on the blog will be infrequent, as always my twitter is where things will come first. Galaxy Cross is released tomorrow and an announcement will come later tonight after the nico broadcast. In the mean time, here's some merch info.

Upcoming Publications

July 10th
Animedia August Issue – New art spread, interview with director Katsumi Ono
Newtype August Issue – New art spread, interview with creator Noriyasu Agematsu
Seiyuu Animedia August Issue – Nana Mizuki photoshoot and interview
Seiyuu Grandprix August Issue – Yoko Hikasa photoshoot and interview

July 15th
AniKan Free Vol. 150 – Article

July 16th
Megami Magazine Special! – New pinup poster

July 18th
CUT Magazine August Issue – Photoshoot and interview with main 6 actresses

Blu-ray Release Information

Volume 1 – September 30th 6,500 Yen
Includes: Episodes 1+2, Radiant Force CD, Footage from Premiere Event
Volume 2 – October 28th 6,500 Yen
Includes: Episodes 3+4, more planned
Volume 3 – November 25th 6,500 Yen
Includes: Episodes 5+6, more planned
Volume 4 – December 23rd 6,500 Yen
Includes: Episodes 7+8, more planned
Volume 5 – January 27th 6,500 Yen
Includes: Episodes 9+10, more planned
Volume 6 – February 24th 7,500 Yen
Includes: Episodes 11, 12+13, more planned

CD Updates:

Maria X Tsubasa
Track 1: Celestial Stars Galaxy Cross (Seiten Galaxy Cross)
Track 2: Celestial Stars Galaxy Cross TV size version
Track 3: Celestial Stars Galaxy Cross off vocal version

Track 1: Break the limit G-beat (Genkai Toppa G-beat)
Track 2: Little Miracle –Grip it tight–
Track 3: Break the limit G-beat off vocal version
Track 4: Little Miracle –Grip it tight– off vocal version

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  1. Very good job in the H&D subs. I'll waiting for the next.
    Really, thank you very much for all info, songs and all.

    Oh, right! I leave you a link where you can already find the first Character Song (Seiten Galaxy Cross).

    See later ^^